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Primordial Pill G.o.d 96 _ Pride Pill G.o.d 96 _.

After Chen Xiang pa.s.sed through the Divine Soul Tribulation, the people that surrounded him earlier all returned. However, their expressions were ugly, the number of people had decreased by a large half, and the ones that returned were the big shots, some of the elders had already died.

Not to mention them, even Chen Xiang, who was cultivating his soul, would not have been so relaxed if Long Xueyi had not reminded him in time to use a technique from the Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra.

"These fellows are pretty smart. They actually know how to return immediately and are worried that I would sneak attack them! "It seems like they are not in a good situation right now." Chen Xiang fought face to face with these big shots and he had no way to retaliate. If he didn't come here secretly, he could make these guys die without a burial ground.

Chen Xiang stayed away from this place because among that group of Rankers, there were still many who wanted to take action against him. His current strength was still not a match for those big shots.

"Hehe, quite a lot of them died!" Gu Dongchen took joy in their misfortune. The elders who had pa.s.sed away were still very important to these powers, they were the stronger members of these powers.

Furthermore, their Devil Race was still in the Ancient Spirit Great Land, which was also the Ancient Spirit Clan's territory. It was just that the Ancient Spirit Clan was at peace with the world, otherwise, their Devil Race would have fought against the Ancient Spirit Clan long ago.

"Demon Empress, if you want to meet my Junior Martial Uncle, then come and find me." Gu Dongchen smiled to the Demon Empress and then flew away.

Some of them wanted to kill Chen Xiang even more, but there were some who wanted to befriend Chen Xiang so that they wouldn't be met with Chen Xiang's endless retaliation in the future.

Although the Heaven Devil King was engulfed by Chen Xiang, but the Heaven Thunder Purgatory was not safe! The White Tiger had said before that this place was a trap set up by a mysterious power for Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and his subordinates. The Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was even heavily injured here, and this was where his empire was started to be destroyed.

What Chen Xiang wanted to do now was to find Duan Sanchang's grandfather here. His grandfather knew a lot of things, and would definitely know that this place was dangerous for the Duan Clan.

"Little Naughty Dragon, why is my soul surrounded by a pearl?" Chen Xiang was extremely confused. Although he knew that it would do him no harm, he still felt that it was strange.

"Hmph, that's the Ocean Suppressing Orb. As long as you protect your soul well, your Divine Sense Sea will be very stable. This is a good thing, even I don't have one right now!" Long Xueyi's voice was filled with jealousy, "Not to mention me, many Imperial Dragon Race s don't have it. This is because we need to undergo tribulation before we can cultivate it. We don't even know how long the tribulation of our Imperial Dragon Race will last."

Chen Xiang curled his lips and said: "Little stupid dragon, back then, wasn't it enough for you to come out and undergo tribulation with me?"

"I already knew that I could refine the Ocean Suppressing Orb. Even without you saying anything, I would come out. I was just worried that it would affect you, wasn't it? But there won't be a next time! " Long Xueyi shook his head and sighed.

"That might not be the case. Humans are different from dragons, but we have the Nine Nirvana Tribulations. Maybe the next time I break through in the divine way, my soul will also experience a divine tribulation! " Chen Xiang laughed: "When the time comes, you can come out and face the tribulation with me. But with Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord by my side, I'm worried that the divine tribulation will be too scared to attack!"

"We'll talk about it next time. I'll teach you a sacred art now, and only those who have reached perfection will be able to use it." Although Long Xueyi bickered with Chen Xiang all day, the two of them had a very good relationship, like siblings who liked to bicker with each other all day long.

Chen Xiang suddenly stopped in his tracks and asked excitedly: "Teach me quickly what ability it is!"

"It's called Shadow Shift, this is a very interesting ability. For example, after you use it, you can instantly switch positions with a rock in the distance, or even a tree! If I merge it with my transformation technique, I can still change my position when I switch locations! " Long Xueyi laughed mischievously: "For example, if you were to fight with someone else, coincidentally, this fellow's son is right beside you. You can use this move to exchange his son's position with you, and then his son would be ruthlessly beaten by him!"

"Or when you exchanged places with a big rock, you turned into that rock, and that rock turned into your appearance. When others attacked you, they only broke a rock!"

Chen Xiang's face revealed a look of antic.i.p.ation, and laughed: "It is indeed interesting, which means to say, this sacred art is truly sinister!"

Long Xueyi immediately pa.s.sed down the cultivation method to him.

To Chen Xiang, learning this kind of sacred art wasn't difficult at all. Furthermore, using this kind of method to transmit knowledge made him feel as if he already had the ability to learn it in the first place.

In just six hours, Chen Xiang had almost mastered it. He switched positions with a block of wood inside the forest and then turned into that piece of wood.

This ability was too astonishing, Chen Xiang would not use it in front of others.

The Heaven Thunder Purgatory's spirit energy was very dense, and was circulating very smoothly in the air, but the moment Chen Xiang walked out of the forest, he felt the spirit energy in the air suddenly fluctuate for a bit, and although it was only a slight fluctuation, it alarmed Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi.

Chen Xiang had entered the realm of perfection, but compared to Long Xueyi, he was still lacking a little. He could only sense some movement, but Long Xueyi was able to discern what was going on.

"It's a giant eagle, and it has a very high concealment ability. This kind of eagle is an archaic beast, I think it's called the Unreal ghost eagle!" Long Xueyi said: "I don't know when this guy followed you, but he accidentally exposed his presence just now!"

Chen Xiang released an invisible divine power to scout the previous position he was at. As expected, he found something there, and this Unreal ghost eagle was powerful enough to make Chen Xiang unable to see how it had hidden itself, nor was he able to see its actual body.

"This guy has made his body transparent, so you can't see it. Furthermore, it's very good at concealment. If it wasn't for it accidentally causing the Spiritual Qi in the air to fluctuate, it would have been very difficult for us to discover it!" Long Xueyi said.

"Can you see how strong it is?" Chen Xiang was more concerned about this, if it wasn't very strong, he would destroy this guy.

"If you're not strong, you can beat him! "However, I suspect that this fellow was domesticated. Otherwise, he wouldn't be keeping an eye on people. If someone were to kill this rare and unique beast, someone might think that they have been cut off a piece of meat." Long Xueyi laughed.

It was actually sent by someone else! Chen Xiang wanted to know which power kept this thing. He felt that it must be an ancient power, because this Unreal ghost eagle was an archaic variant.

Chen Xiang continued to run. He did not use the Shrinking step because he had already locked onto the Unreal ghost eagle with his divine power, but the Unreal ghost eagle did not discover him.

"This guy's speed is very fast. It can instantly shoot down from the sky. Its claws are very powerful, and it can easily crush iron pieces!"

"Pride Pill G.o.d 961-, prideful Pill G.o.d."

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