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The Heaven Devil King found Chen Xiang hard to deal with, furthermore, Chen Xiang had the same kind of power as the dragon in him. He didn't know how Chen Xiang managed to cultivate it. Moreover, it also carried a kind of anger that he hated the most. He did not know what kind of Fire Soul Chen Xiang had in his grasp, but he actually felt an inexplicable fear. Furthermore, when the three powers fuse together, it would be even more powerful, not to mention the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s.

Chen Xiang also felt that the Heaven Devil King was not easy to deal with. This time, he could be considered to be truly fighting with the Heaven Devil King, and the messages that the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword gave him were getting more and more numerous. He already knew that the Heaven Devil King did not have a corporeal body, and was only supported by an evil devil soul.

The Heaven Devil King relied on his powerful devil soul to devour all kinds of power before transforming into all kinds of shapes! Back then, when Heaven Devil King was at his peak state, he had actually exchanged over a hundred blows with him. After a hundred blows, he was slain by Ten Heavens Supreme Lord.

Tens of thousands of years later, the Heaven Devil King borrowed the remnants of a devil soul's rebirth to gather new strength.

Chen Xiang waved his Divine Blade and hacked at the Heaven Devil King frantically. That year, this was what the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord did, so he decided to give it a try, even though the effect was not very good, he could temporarily suppress the Heaven Devil King.

This won't work, this guy is in a state of devil soul, it's useless for you to use brute force, because there is a difference between you and him, and you are merely relying on the Devil-suppressing holy power and other things to suppress the demon! Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang naturally understood all of this, he felt that if he wanted to defeat the Heaven Devil King, he had to use the G.o.d slain method!

However, he had not mastered it yet, so it was impossible for him to execute it.

Five pairs of long arms suddenly appeared behind Heaven Devil King, stretching out towards Chen Xiang, with each of them wielding a blade made of black Qi, at the same time, wielding them crazily at Chen Xiang. Although the swords were formed from black Qi, Chen Xiang could feel the sharpness of the blade, and as they slashed towards him, they left behind trails and trails in the air.

The Green dragon demon-slain broadsword hummed like a dragon's roar as Chen Xiang brandished the Divine Blade to block the black blades of the Heaven Devil King.

The Heaven Devil King's ten arms were extremely nimble, and they could suddenly disappear, then suddenly appear. Chen Xiang swung his blade to block, but it was simply useless. In that moment when he brandished the blade, he could feel that there were a few vital points on his body that were locked by a few cold forces.

Unexpectedly, there were six blades thrusting over, Heaven Devil King's ten arms seemed to suddenly appear, causing Chen Xiang to not have enough time to dodge.

"Die!" The Heaven Devil King laughed sinisterly, thinking that his blades were going to pierce through Chen Xiang's body, but then he saw that Chen Xiang's body suddenly emitted a golden-red glow,'s body was suddenly covered by the gold-red scales, and the hand holding the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, had even turned into a dragon claw!

Chen Xiang now looked like a war G.o.d dressed in dragon armor. The golden-red scales of the fire lightning on his body pulsated, giving off a strong aura of fire and lightning that pervaded the area.

"Sure enough, those who cultivate the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu are all like this. This is his martial spirit, it seems like he was forced into a corner!" The Demon Empress said in a deep voice, her beautiful eyes seemed to be recalling something.

Chen Xiang released his martial spirit and merged it with his own body, allowing him to wear a dragon armor which produced a very strong defensive power. At the same time, his arm also turned into a dragon hand, allowing him to activate the power inside the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword.

"Fire and thunder attribute. Why is my martial spirit not the same as grandteacher's, the Five Elements Dragon Soul?" Gu Dongchen said.

"This brat is truly powerful, if it was any of us going up, I am afraid that he would have already been devoured by the Heaven Devil King, because Chen Xiang has the power to restrain these devils, and the evil force of the Heaven Devil King is unable to pose any threat to him, if not, with the difference between them, Chen Xiang would not even be able to take ten moves!" Although the Little Demon Empress did not plan to make a move on Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang did make her feel terrified.

What all the Rankers did not know was that under Chen Xiang's Dragon Armor, there were hidden profoundwu diamond armour s.

"You …" Heaven Devil King seemed to have discovered something. He could sense that there was something very terrifying hidden in Chen Xiang's body.

Chen Xiang's body trembled, the Devil-suppressing holy power surged out from his body, transforming into nine golden dragons, baring their fangs and brandishing their claws, roaring again and again. The nine dragons merged into one, transforming into a gigantic dragon head, burning the Heaven fire and fiercely smashing into Heaven Devil King's chest!

Boom! Boom! Boom!...

A burst of golden-red light wave shook out, and at the same time, a ball of golden-red flame exploded, engulfing Chen Xiang and the Heaven Devil King within it.

Within the flames, there were bursts of explosive sounds of golden-red lightning bolts. Streams of golden-red lightning bolts rained down like a torrential rain, producing thunderbolts that shook the hearts of the people. And every single lightning bolt contained the power of the ninth level of the Devil Subduing Method!

Chen Xiang had already nimbly used all of these martial arts, and could combine them together to form many different forms!

"Ninth level of the Devil Subduing Method, Devil-suppressing holy power, and... If my guess is not wrong, his flame should be the legendary Heaven and Earth Flame! " The Demon Empress was indeed an expert from the Heaven Realm, she saw more things than others.

When the experts heard the Little Demon Empress' words, they immediately let out a low sigh. Chen Xiang's flame was actually the Heaven and Earth Flame, the Zhi Zun among the pill refining flames.

"No wonder his pill forging skills are so incredible!" She had seen Chen Xiang concoct pills before, but Chen Xiang had only appeared as Li Renshan at that time.

When the Heaven Devil King was struck by the lightning, he released waves of angry roars. It could be seen that Chen Xiang's attack was not that effective, which was also very normal. Chen Xiang's cultivation was too inferior to the Heaven Devil King's, and he had to rely on his own strength to restrain the demon in order to come to this step.

Chen Xiang flew out from the sea of flames, his expression became serious, and the Devil-suppressing holy power on his body disappeared, he suddenly retracted his Spirit Qi, and just as the many experts were feeling suspicious, a powerful killing intent surged out!

All the experts quickly thought that Chen Xiang might be using the Heaven Earth Killing Method!

Legend has it that cultivating the Heaven Earth Killing Method requires a very terrifying killing intent, the killing intent released by Chen Xiang caused one's heart to tremble, it was hard to imagine that such a terrifying killing intent was hidden within Chen Xiang's small body, how did he do it?

Legend has it that because many people cultivate the Heaven Earth Killing Method, they all gather a large amount of killing intent and thus become Qu Mo Demons, but the young Chen Xiang was able to control the boundless killing intent very well, which was hard for people to understand.

"What are you doing?" Sensing this killing intent, Heaven Devil King suddenly thought back to the crazy slaughter that Ten Heavens Supreme Lord had done. Those powerful Purgatory Heavenly Demons were chopped like gra.s.s by the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord using their Green dragon demon-slain broadsword.


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