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Chen Xiang had long been called the "Son of Heaven" killer, and had made the people who killed the "Son of Heaven" and "Sky Woman" panic.

There were a lot of people that were tricked by the Purple Moon Imperial Land, and Chen Xiang only rescued a small portion of them, but there were more than three thousand of them. They did not leave their homes, but stayed together, as this would allow them to be much safer.

The disciples they brought were very few, and there were a lot of mines here, so if they wanted to get out quickly, they could only do this, in their eyes, those rogue cultivators were like pigs, they did not even see those rogue cultivators as human beings.

Chen Xiang calmly stepped on the Shrinking step, allowing the five elders of Purple Moon Imperial Land behind him to catch up to him. This way, he could ensure that the three thousand people would be able to walk a little further.

"Kill the Son of Heaven in my Purple Moon Imperial Land, I, Purple Moon Imperial Land, will never let you off!" An Elder shouted. Chen Xiang's strength was indeed astonishing, to think that he could break the Son of Heaven in an instant, but that was also because the Son of Zi Yue was too arrogant. He was intimidated by Chen Xiang's sudden explosive force until he had no power to resist.

Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "You should know the thing that your Purple Moon Imperial Land has done the best. Your Zi Yue Tian Zi wants to s.n.a.t.c.h my Storage magic treasure, there are over three thousand witnesses for this matter! We have paid a million Spar to come here, but you have bullied us and forced us to be laborers. Even if we exterminate your Purple Moon Imperial Land, many people would definitely applaud and cheer for me! "

"Evil sects like you are like a son of heaven, who knows how many people are thanking me!"

"Bullsh * t!" They realized that Chen Xiang's footwork was very strange. Chen Xiang had not reached the pinnacle of Shrinking step yet, so they could not tell that he was using it. They just felt that Chen Xiang was escaping very easily.

The few elders of the Purple Moon Imperial Land could no longer hold it in, and began attacking from a distance behind Chen Xiang, blasting out b.a.l.l.s after b.a.l.l.s of condensed berserk Innate Qi, striking towards Chen Xiang!

The moment Chen Xiang released his G.o.d Power, he could instantly determine the direction of the energy waves. He avoided them one by one, making them look extremely dangerous.

"You really are that Zi Yue Tian Zi's loyal old dogs. That brat is already dead, you should immediately go back to collect his corpse, and not chase after me!" Oh... That's right, to them, that brat is just someone who they can flatter in the future. Now that he's dead, you all naturally don't have anything to linger for, but it's my Green dragon demon-slain broadsword that is more attractive to you all! Hehe, it seems like you are not even comparable to dogs. A truly good dog will perform better after its master dies! "

Chen Xiang's words angered these few old fellows, causing them to release an even more terrifying attack. With every palm strike, they were able to destroy a mountain peak, and as they chased after him, the ground was a complete mess. Numerous shocking ravines filled a large area, and the forest here was completely destroyed by the five elders.

Suddenly, the five clan elders released a strong technique, condensing a huge purple fist, he punched towards Chen Xiang, producing a gigantic ditch on the ground that was like a big river, the explosive purple light covered the entire sky!

The rumbling sounds did not stop and echoed in the air. The rumbling sound was like thunder that swept out in all directions. Almost everyone in Heaven Thunder Purgatory could sense this terrifying sound.

If Chen Xiang did not understand the Shrinking step, he might have been captured alive by them. However, when that move was launched just now, although he dodged it, a lot of his meridians were broken by that powerful force, fortunately, he had already become a log, and followed that wave of Qi into the depths of the forest.

"Is he dead?" An old man floated high in the sky, staring at the messy ground.

"I don't know. He shouldn't have died so quickly. This guy is very evil, didn't you see that he was always fearless?" But my guess is that he must have been severely injured! "

Chen Xiang was in a forest with collapsed trees. He had already turned back into a human and hid under a patch of trees that had collapsed.

"Let's take a look over there!" An old man pointed at the forest that was shattered by the shock wave, then flew over.

"You must be from the Purple Moon Imperial Land! Look at what you all have done! " A clear voice came out, carrying a trace of anger, but within the anger was also gentleness. The moment Chen Xiang heard the voice, he knew that it was the demon who came later.

He did not expect the Demon Empress of the Demon Charming a.s.sociation to still be here and not return to the Heaven Realm. If the s.p.a.ce was firm, it would be difficult for her to return.

After the Demon Empress' voice sounded, the few elders that had appeared in Purple Moon Imperial Land became even stronger. She still had a few beautiful Spirit Demon beings with her, and from the auras of those Spirit Demon beings, one could tell that they were not weak.

"Hmph, if we were to attract the devils of purgatory, we would all be in trouble, you idiots!" The one who spoke was the Black Fiend Mountain's Bear King.

"Purple Moon Imperial Land, we have no objections to all of you tormenting us in your area, but if you want to destroy us, then we, the Qin family, will not hold back!"

They were all people that belonged to the Sheng Domain and the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family s. However, he did not see the power of the Chen Martial Continent s. He heard that the Princ.i.p.al of the Devil-subduing College s had also come, but he did not see anyone.

"Chen Xiang killed our Purple Moon Imperial Land's Son of Heaven. If it was you, you would do the same!" The Purple Moon Imperial Land elder said angrily, "Our Zi Yue Tian Zi has been dismembered by that brat. He was injured by us when he was trying to escape, so he might have already escaped!"

All the experts were startled, and all of their faces changed a little. Chen Xiang coming here, was not a good thing, because Chen Xiang's concealing ability was extremely strong, and with such a miraculous disguise technique, Chen Xiang coming here would only threaten many of the big powers, especially those who had enmity with Chen Xiang!

"Hmph, what are you doing? Don't think that I don't know? You tricked a large group of people, not only did you collect a million Spar, you stole their Storage magic treasure, and then forced them to mine Spar! If I was the one who got in here and received this kind of treatment, not to mention killing the Son of Heaven, I will kill all of you too. All the time, you humans would call us fiendish demons, but here, we are much cleaner than you! " The Demon Empress sneered, causing the ancient powers' faces to redden.

The Bear King laughed out loud, "That's right. In this aspect, we are much cleaner than you human beings. No wonder your Son of Heaven was killed. He should be alive!"

"Don't drag my Peach Blossom Imperial Land into this, we didn't do that!" Yao Shumei said indifferently.

"My Qin family did not do that, but I know that most of the ancient powers in the east did. There are also Feng Clan, Flying Immortal School, and Qian Xuan Mountain!" The patriarch of the Qin family said.

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