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Just like the others, Chen Xiang clenched his fists and wanted to attack!

The purple-robed man stood up and slowly walked over. He had a handsome face, and his eyes under his sword-like eyebrows were filled with disdain. His expression was extremely arrogant, making people want to ruthlessly trample on his face.

"So? If we don't cooperate, you guys will die. Let me tell you, below your feet, there is a lot of flesh and blood of idiots! " The purple-robed man looked at the crowd as though he was looking at an ant.

"Elders, you've all worked hard. Go and rest first. Leave this place to me!"

"Thank you for your concern, Son of Heaven, then we will take our leave first!" An old man said respectfully, and the few elders left.

Her strength should be around the same as the other Heavenly Sons of the Sheng Domain and Tong Tian Aristocratic Family, but in Chen Xiang's eyes, she was nothing more than a fart.

The fact that these girls had such strong powers at such a young age meant that they had great potential and a bright future ahead of them. Therefore, the elders respected them a lot, and if they were to become the ones in power in the future, they would gain a lot of benefits.

"That's right, I am the Purple Moon Imperial Land's Zi Yue Tian Zi, Zhuang Jiu Rong! Purple Moon Imperial Land's Leader is my grandfather, you should feel honored to be my slaves! If you all are to attempt to resist, I will make you all wish you were dead! " Zhuang JiuRong said very arrogantly, "You're just a bunch of ants, you have no chance to resist!"

Chen Xiang could feel that the few clan elders had walked far away, they started to investigate the hidden warriors around, surrounding the ten st.u.r.dy men, but they had just pa.s.sed Nirvana Stage, with one palm strike, he could kill one of them!

"Hurry up and hand over your Storage magic treasure. If you cooperate, you can avoid suffering! Dregs, what are you looking at? Do you really want to go back on your word? Just with your strength alone, I can squash you with one finger! " Zhuang Jiu Rong's voice was cold and his eyes were filled with viciousness as a purple long whip suddenly appeared in his hand.

Chen Xiang suddenly walked out with a beautiful storage ring in his hand. With one look, he knew that it was not a simple item, upon seeing it, Zhuang Jiu Rong's expression became gentler, and he laughed lightly: "A wise man knows when to stop, it's all futile for you guys to resist me!"

When Zhuang Jiugrong saw the beautiful storage ring, his eyes flashed with greed, but when Chen Xiang arrived in front of him, he did not immediately hand it over. Instead, he tightly clenched his fists.

"You want to rebel against me?" Zhuang JiuRong sneered and swung his purple whip, shooting out a beam of light towards a huge boulder in the distance. The boulder turned into powder.

Chen Xiang said slowly and calmly: "I have never thought of rebelling against you. From the moment I saw you, you were already a dead man in my eyes!"

Finished speaking, Chen Xiang's body suddenly shook, a holy gold light suddenly appeared on his body, shining resplendently with multicolored light that shot in all directions, like the bottom of a G.o.d.

His figure suddenly made everyone feel extremely tall and big, and the aura he exuded made people feel as if he was an emperor that looked down on the heavens, causing people to be unable to help themselves from wanting to follow him.

"This is …" Devil-suppressing holy power, who are you? " Even though Zhuang JiuRong was shocked, he wasn't slow at all as he whipped his long whip towards Chen Xiang's face.

"You are the devil that I behead and exterminate Demons, I will kill you!" Chen Xiang let out a loud roar that shook the entire endless mountains and rivers. For some reason, everyone felt that every single mountain here seemed to be trembling, as if they were providing power to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang's voice had actually broke the Purple Moon Heaven Child's whip into several pieces. Chen Xiang's body was shining with a golden light and no one could feel any energy fluctuations from it, but they were all subdued by the Venerable Emperor's aura, causing the hundreds of mountains and rivers around him to tremble.

This was the Ground killing, using the power of mountains and rivers on earth to slay Immortals and G.o.ds, slaying demons and devils!

Chen Xiang reached out and grabbed Zhuang Jiu Rong's neck, and squeezed hard. With a crack, Zhuang Jiu Rong's head suddenly tilted to the side.

"I am the Son of Zi Yue … If you kill me, the Purple Moon Imperial Land will chase you to the ends of the earth! "

"Purple Moon Imperial Land, this is just the beginning! You don't need them to chase me down, I will annihilate them myself. Rest a.s.sured, go and die, I will send more disciples of the Purple Moon Imperial Land to find you in the future! " Chen Xiang struck his palm towards Zhuang JiuRong's head, causing the ground to vibrate and crack. Zhuang JiuRong's entire body was also shaken up a few times, and he was sent flying into the air.

It was only then that the ten men reacted, but Chen Xiang was already stepping on the Shrinking step, and in a few blinks of an eye, he had already pa.s.sed by the ten men, and these ten men were all smashed into ashes by Chen Xiang's palm strike, accompanied with a strong flame.

A lot of people ran out from the cave. Seeing that the arrogant Zhuang JiuRong had been dismembered, Chen Xiang was ecstatic, and released the many Storage magic treasure s in his storage ring.

"All of you come here to claim your things, and then take away your millions of Spar, no one is allowed to take more!"

Seeing Chen Xiang's strength, the rest did not dare have any other thoughts as they all walked up. Even the people who came with him could take away their million Spar.

"Senior, thank you for saving us. Otherwise, we would still be trapped for who knows how long!" A young man said gratefully.

"Senior, you should hurry up and leave. The people from Purple Moon Imperial Land are coming over soon!" An old man said.

Chen Xiang's expression slightly changed, "You guys should hurry up and leave. Don't even think about leaving this place for the time being. Go and find the forces above Super Martial School or even those above Chen Martial Continent first.

With that, a few old men suddenly appeared and surrounded the group. These were all immortals that had pa.s.sed through the Nirvana Stage!

Looking at the scattered corpses on the ground, the few elders were stunned.

Chen Xiang didn't wait for them to explain before taking out his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and fiercely hacking down with it. Five green blade shadows flashed as they attacked the five elders from the Purple Moon Imperial Land like five great cyan dragons.

"It's the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, this person is Chen Xiang, catch him!" One of the clan elders bellowed in anger, while Chen Xiang stepped on his Shrinking step, escaping in one direction.

When Chen Xiang appeared, these five elders did not care about the people they tricked into becoming slaves anymore and quickly chased after him. In their eyes, the value of Chen Xiang in their eyes, far surpa.s.sed the value of the small and medium-sized mines, especially the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword!

They had heard of Chen Xiang's incident before, but most of it was a fabricated story designed to discredit Chen Xiang. Now, everyone understood why Chen Xiang was enemies with the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family and Sheng Domain, because these ancient powers were all bad stuff!

They had already decided that after they left, they would spread this matter to the entire Human Realm, and let everyone unite to fight against such a powerful force!

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