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After walking out of the Heaven Thunder City, Chen Xiang and the others were closely watched. Anyone who was slightly slower or was looking around would be scolded by the elders who escorted them. Along the way, everyone was running at a very uniform speed, slowly approaching the Heaven Thunder Purgatory.

During their journey, the escorts would not allow these experts to talk to each other. As long as they saw someone making a sound in the group and communicating with them through eyes, they would all be glared at by these powerhouses. Therefore, no one dared to speak on the way back.

This was the first time these hundred odd people had gone to the Heaven Thunder Purgatory. If they had known earlier that their treatment was so poor, that they had paid a million Spar, and even received such treatment, they would definitely not have come.

None of the people who went to Heaven Thunder Purgatory before had returned, so they naturally did not know that such a thing would happen during the escort mission.

The sealing of cities by major powers had caused many people to be dissatisfied. They originally thought that this would be a way to leave the city, but they never expected that it would actually turn into something akin to a slave.

"Little Naughty Dragon, use the Heaven tour method. See if you can find another city and spread this news!" Chen Xiang saw that these big powers were pushing things too far, and used this method to guarantee that he could take over the Heaven Thunder Purgatory by himself. Now that he had taken over someone else's Spar, he still had to treat them like this.

The strength of the people in the group was not very strong, and there were only a few in the Nirvana Stage, so their speed was very slow. After a few days, everyone finally reached the bottom of the Heaven Thunder Purgatory.

In the sky was a huge vortex formed by the golden mist, and in the middle of the vortex was a two to three hundred feet wide black hole, which was the place to enter Heaven Thunder Purgatory.

The whirlpool was extremely huge, covering a wide expanse of land. However, the center of the whirlpool was extremely small, which was quite surprising.

Standing under the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, the sound of thunder continuously sounded out, within the faint golden mist, flashes of lightning could be seen. Chen Xiang observed carefully, and discovered that there was a strange energy in the center that was absorbing the dense Spirit Qi around, when a large amount of Spirit Qi gathered over, it was even purified and refined, thus turning it into a faint gold!

A large amount of spiritual energy gathered in the air and revolved around the center. The dense spiritual energy collided with each other and rubbed against each other, which was why it produced endless lightning and sometimes even struck the ground.

"This spiritual energy has been absorbed into the hole at the center. The inside of the hole should be a world, and it can be maintained by absorbing energy from the outside!" Long Xueyi guessed that she had already found two cities and used the Divine Power she had released to transform into a human to spread the news about Heaven Thunder Purgatory.

It took them three days to reach the center of the Heaven Thunder Purgatory. The ten escorting Rankers each took out a round flying disc that could fit about ten people.

After everyone stood on their respective platforms, the disc slowly floated up and flew towards the bottomless black hole.

After about an hour, they pa.s.sed through the black hole and entered the Heaven Thunder Purgatory without a hitch, appearing on an empty land.

There were more than ten elders standing guard on this empty field, preventing anyone from escaping through this entrance!

After arriving here, everyone was even more furious because they did not encounter any dangers along the way. They let these large forces earn a million Spar for nothing!

Forget about the city walls, they still had to pay a million Spar to exit the city, and they were even scolded along the way. Everyone wished that they could kill all the experts that came along with them, but their strength was insufficient.

Chen Xiang looked at the black hole behind him. When they came in just now, they pa.s.sed through it in an instant, and he didn't feel the black hole absorbing a large amount of energy at all. He guessed that the energy must have seeped in from somewhere else.

Everyone looked around. Even though this was an empty area, they could only see mountains and rivers in the distance. Eagles were flying high in the blue sky, and the sound of raging river waves and the rumbling of waterfalls could be heard in the distance.

This was such a beautiful world! There was a world of difference between this and the rumors!

"What do you want? Don't just walk around, follow us! " An old man saw that the crowd had dispersed and immediately let out a roar, releasing a terrifying pressure.

"Can't we walk freely now?" A middle-aged man said angrily. He had paid a million Spar to come here and not be someone's slave.

"Humph, you are just courting death by walking around randomly. Come with us quickly. We will arrange some work for you!" An old man laughed coldly.

Everyone was immediately angered. They had indeed been tricked into being slaves. Now, they understood why many of the rogue cultivators that came here had not returned. It was because they had been restricted.

"If you want to die, then go ahead and try!" An old man's face was filled with killing intent.

"Purple Moon Imperial Land is a well-known power in the east, you guys are bullying us too much!" someone shouted.

"So what? You guys have the strength, but you can bully us like this!" Even if we kill all of you here, it would only be the same as killing a hundred ants.

Everyone was about to explode from anger. Many big guys wanted to take action, but resisting was just suicide. Right now, they could only give in and find an opportunity to escape.

The Sheng Domain in the east was similar to the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family in annihilating evil, specifically bullying the weak. Chen Xiang wished that these powers could be annihilated one by one.

"Purple Moon Imperial Land, you tricked me, Chen Xiang, today, it's equivalent to becoming enemies with me!" Killing intent surged in Chen Xiang's heart. Seeing the anger on everyone's faces, he had already made up his mind. This Purple Moon Realm was the first ancient power that he was going to attack from the east.

Everyone was filled with anger as they followed the few elders and entered a large mountain. There were many caves, and a few raggedy people brought out Storage bag s, handing them over to a man.

Seeing this scene, everyone immediately understood that they were here to excavate, the Heaven Thunder Purgatory was rich in mines, but if they were to mine it, the big powers would not be willing to use their own disciples, so they used such despicable methods, not only tricked the millions of Spar, but also made them come here to work!

The man in charge of collecting Storage bag was lying on a very luxurious chair. After he took the Storage bag from the hands of the laborers, he would give them an empty s.p.a.ce and let them continue mining.

This man was dressed in purple, and on top of his purple robe was a silver purple full moon. One could tell with a glance that he was an important figure of the Purple Moon Imperial Land, and he might even be the Heavenly Son of the Purple Moon Imperial Land!

"Come here and hand over your Storage magic treasure. Then, you can harvest the Storage bag to mine!" The purple-robed man shouted to Chen Xiang and the rest.

He still had to hand over the Storage magic treasure? How could the crowd allow this? Just as they were about to resist, more than ten burly men suddenly rushed over and surrounded the hundred of them!

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