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After Chen Xiang left the Evil Dragon Graveyard, he went to find Li Baojun and the others, and brought them outside the Evil Dragon Graveyard.

"Leader, are you sure that nothing will happen if we enter?" Duan Sanchang asked because Chen Xiang wanted to take them to see the Dragon Subduing School inside.

Lan Lan saw the terrifying gigantic black dragon from afar and couldn't help but to shake Yan Yanran's hand. Yan Yanran did the same as well, feeling the terrifying Evil Qi that the black dragon released, and feeling a chill down their spines.

Let alone them, even an expert like Li Baojun was scared witless by the black dragon's eyes, so when they heard that they needed to enter this terrifying place, they were a little nervous. It was not that they did not trust Chen Xiang, but the Evil Dragon Graveyard was too terrifying.

"Don't worry, although I am not able to completely control the power of this Evil Dragon Graveyard, there is no problem at all when I bring you all in safely!" Chen Xiang laughed, and touched Lan Lan's delicate face, which was filled with fear.

Just like that, the four of them followed behind Chen Xiang, fearfully walking towards the Evil Dragon Graveyard. They mustered up their courage and stepped into the black houses, but upon entering, they realized that the dense and black Evil Qi was like a door that opened, revealing a bright path. This made the four of them feel more at ease.

When they walked out of the tunnel, they immediately saw the shocking city walls, two gigantic black dragons were crawling on the ground surrounding a city, two gigantic dragon heads that were over two hundred feet tall were facing them, their mouths were wide open, baring their fangs that were like small hills, four huge eyes that were like blood suns, flickering with an evil red light, it made people's hearts tremble.

The door opened automatically, and Li Baojun and the other three were so shocked that they couldn't speak. They walked forward stiffly, following closely behind Chen Xiang, until they arrived in front of the door.

The door automatically opened, and when Yan Yanran and Lan Lan saw the countless of buildings inside, they covered their mouths at the same time, and exclaimed in shock.

Duan Sanchang shouted loudly!

"This was originally there, or was it built by you recently?" Duan Sanchang felt that it was impossible to ask. How could they build such a city in such a short period of time? Although the city was big, there were many places that were not used for living, such as training, teaching, martial arts compet.i.tion, etc.

"Hehe, this was just recently built. I was also shocked when I first saw it! This is directly above the dragon vein, and deep below us, is a huge dragon made of Spar. Because there are a few friends below us that do not want to accept too many strangers for the time being, we'll introduce you guys to them next time. " Chen Xiang said.

Duan Sanchang's eyes suddenly became round, and he exclaimed: "Could it be that Iron-Lion Army?"

The Iron-Lion Army? Just thinking about it, Chen Xiang could already guess that Duan Sanchang was talking about Earth's Core Race, and that Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was a lion. That kind of address he had given Earth's Core Race at that time wasn't anything unusual, it was indeed a very domineering name!

"I didn't expect them to have inherited it, and it's still under here!" If it's them, then it's not surprising at all! " Duan Sanchang clearly understood the situation in the Earth's Core Race very well.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "They have received a curse, they cannot be exposed to the sunlight!"

"Ai!" Duan Sanchang just let out a long sigh, and didn't say anything more.

"What is the Iron-Lion Army?" Lan Lan asked curiously.

"Back then, the army of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and the various major cities were turned into an iron strike by the Army of G.o.d, and they were the hidden main force of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord in their campaign against the Nine Heavens and Ten Earth." Duan Sanchang said with a face full of worship. He had heard of these legends since he was young.

Bathing in the sunlight, the central Dragon Subduing School of the Evil Dragon Graveyard appeared even more vigorous and magnificent. It was just that she lacked a bit of life force, there would definitely be something in the future.

"There's only us few elders in such a big place? We'll have to put in a lot of effort to make this place more lively. " As an elder of the Dragon Subduing School, she had to work hard or else she would not be able to follow Chen Xiang's footsteps in the future.

At this time, everyone had such a feeling, which made them make a painful decision. They had to work hard to improve themselves, otherwise, they would not be able to match this Dragon Subduing School Elder's ident.i.ty!

"I will have them build a city in the vicinity. That will be the Dragon Subduing City, and then we will use the Dragon Subduing City to recruit disciples. This will take a long time, and it's not urgent at all! This place will definitely become the most flourishing place in the Nine Heavens and Ten h.e.l.ls! " Chen Xiang's voice was filled with confidence.

Walking out of the Evil Dragon Graveyard, Li Baojun and the others saw Chen Xiang controlling some of the black qi to leak out of the Evil Dragon Graveyard, enveloping a large area. The black qi was leaked from the Evil Dragon Graveyard, but it was still terrifying.

"We want to liven up the entire Dragon Subduing City before the Three Realms Talk, and then partic.i.p.ate in the Three Realms Talk, and show off our strength! Yanran and Lan Lan, you two must make the best use of your time to raise your strength. If you have time, go and investigate the powers in the Dan Alliance, investigate the factions that are extremely dissatisfied with them, investigate the enemies of the ancient powers, and investigate the important figures of the Feng Clan … "

"Chang Zi, if it's possible … …" Contact your great-uncle to see if they have any thoughts of joining us! "

"Elder Li, try your best to recruit as many s as possible. It's fine even if the conditions are higher. I will let the people from Dan Fragrance Pure Land contact you and let them exchange their experiences in managing the medicine industry."

Chen Xiang looked into the distance and continued, "I will make a trip back to the Chen Martial Continent, we have simply too few people!"

After that, everyone went to do their own stuff, while Chen Xiang went to the bottom of the dragon vein to tell them that he had already drawn up the area, giving them the detailed directions. He even made a path for them in the black mist inside the Evil Dragon Graveyard, telling them to go to the place where he wanted to establish the Dragon Subduing City.

There were many major events that happened in Pill City and most of them were related to Chen Xiang. The matters concerning Dragon Subduing Dan Hall was also the same, but many people did not know about it.

The Dan Alliance once again took control of Pill City's business, controlling the rise in the price of the pills to a steady pace. Furthermore, the price of the pills had generally risen, all for the sake of replenishing the one trillion Spar s. Although Pill City was full of complaints, there was no helping it, the pill shops in Pill City had all united together to raise the price.

It was difficult for the small medicine shop to compete against those large forces for the same high price. However, for the sake of quickly getting back that ten billion yuan, many small medicine stores had to raise the price, and many businesses had to be concentrated in the hands of these large forces.

This was his chance. If the Dragon Subduing City was successfully constructed, he had the confidence to attract many people to the city, and even to the small forces that had joined the Dan Alliance to withdraw from the alliance!

He used the Transmission array of Pill City to come to Super Martial School! Yun Xiaodao and the others were all good seedlings, after joining the Dragon Subduing School, they had the cultivation method of the medicinal pellets that Li Baojun provided them.

The most important thing was that Yun Xiaodao was worthy of his trust. Given his current situation, it would be difficult for him to find anyone that was worthy of his trust, so he had no choice but to take the risk of being scolded by Gu Dongchen and dig his own grave.

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