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If Dragon Subduing Dan Hall continued to stay here, then there would be no hope of making any more money from Dan Alliance's large scale medicine store. Therefore, they were all communicating with their consciousness right now, discussing whether or not to give Li Baojun ten billion.

A trillion was a large number, but if all the forces were to gather all of them, it wouldn't put a huge amount of pressure on them.

After a short while, another group of people arrived. These people were the representatives of the powers in the Dan Alliance, and many of the pill shops here wished to expel the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall, so they were willing to offer a set of Spar.

After waiting for no longer, Li Baojun collected a hundred thousand Spar. What surprised everyone was that he remained calm, as if being chased away was not a big deal.

They were not afraid of Dragon Subduing School setting up a city on the side. It was because there was a rule that other people could not build a city near other people's city, otherwise, they would be jointly sanctioned by many great powers.

The Evil Dragon Graveyard was not far from here, where they could build a city. However, the Dan Alliance was not worried, they felt that the attraction of the Dragon Subduing School was only for a small portion of people, and they felt that the Dragon Subduing School could not support a large amount of cheap pills with his own strength. Of course the other forces would not open their shops in Dragon Subduing School, because Dan Alliance did not allow this to happen.

Dan Alliance was only in a hurry to recover because he was worried that Dragon Subduing Dan Hall would change the central region of Pill City. It was because it was a very humiliating thing, they thought that Dragon Subduing Dan Hall's pills would only be able to sustain him for a short period of time, and during this period of time, it was possible that Dragon Subduing Dan Hall would become the most prosperous place in Pill City.

Li Baojun packed up the things inside the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall and left, while Duan Sanchang, Yan Yanran and Lan Lan continued to hide within Pill City.

Chen Xiang had already made a plan long ago, he was currently returning to the Evil Dragon Graveyard to see what those Earth's Core Race people had done to create the Dragon Subduing School.

The Evil Dragon Graveyard was enveloped by a giant black dragon and because of that, the entire dragon vein was protected, making it difficult for other people to take a step into it. Even if one wanted to use their consciousness to explore, they would be counterattacked by this giant black dragon's mysterious and powerful strength.

Chen Xiang entered the black mist and arrived at the center of the Evil Dragon Graveyard. What surprised him was that in just a few months, this central region had undergone a tremendous change!

Here, a city was built, the walls of the entire city were actually two huge black dragons, the dragon's height was two hundred meters, the black scales shone, and a strange power circulated around them. Two domineering dragon heads opened their huge mouths, facing the front of the city gate, one could see that there was something inside the dragon's mouth, as if it could condense a strong power and then shoot it out.

The city gate was shut tight, but when Chen Xiang walked to the bottom of the city gate, the black door opened, and all the simple and elegant houses entered his eyes. Standing at the entrance to the city, he looked out into the distance along a straight stone path, and a majestic aura immediately a.s.saulted his senses. In front of the palace was a towering, enormous palace, and in front of the palace were two huge stone pillars with a golden dragon coiled around it.

At that time, Chen Xiang did not say how the construction was planned, because he knew that the ancestors of the Earth's Core Race were actually the subordinates of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, responsible for mining Spar s and constructing houses. He did not expect them to be so powerful, he guessed that the entire Earth's Core Race had already been mobilized, and was rushing the work at night!

Chen Xiang did not find anyone from the Earth's Core Race here. He came to the grand and majestic building, and found a relatively large palace. There was a hole in the middle of the s.p.a.cious hall, which could be used to open up the dragon vein below.

In a large hall at the side, there was also a Transmission array that could be used to teleport people to the bottom!

When Chen Xiang arrived at the bottom of the dragon vein, he saw that the people of Earth's Core Race were very relaxed in mining the Spar. To them, this was as simple as playing with sand.

Seeing Chen Xiang coming over, Tie Li walked over with a smile.

"Leader, I remember that you mentioned that you want to establish a sect called Dragon Subduing School, so we did it like this, it's basically done, but it's a bit less lively here, you have to get some flowers, plants, and trees in, there are still many places to plant them, when that time comes, we don't need to use black fog to cover the entire place."

Chen Xiang praised, "Elder Tie, your Earth's Core Race is so awesome that it gave me a big shock!"

Tie Li laughed: This is nothing, we have been staying downstairs for a long time, and it is rare for us to have something to do, so everyone is working hard! The Dragon Subduing School above can hold around 200,000-300,000 people, and the elite soldiers of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord back then were around this number. "

Chen Xiang asked: "Did you all do this? How long has it been? And the materials used are all very good! "

"The building materials were all taken from the earth's core. The rocks underneath were very strong, and we've dug many tunnels over the years to store the rocks into bricks, so it's very convenient to use them when needed." Tie Li brought Chen Xiang to his residence.

Chen Xiang realised that the Earth's Core Race was not only good at mining, they also had some attainments in construction, forging and setting up arrays. For example, they knew how to set up Transmission array s, which was very ancient in nature.

When the Earth's Core Race followed the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord back then, it was extremely important. It could be said that the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord didn't have this group of people, and wouldn't have become an Emperor. That was why the Earth's Core Race was cursed, just like the Duan Clan.

As loyal subordinates of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, they were still able to pa.s.s on their legacy. From this, it could be seen that their strength was extraordinary, and there were even quite a few people in the Earth's Core Race.

Tie Li had long ago said that he would serve Chen Xiang, and now he also called Chen Xiang Leader, Master Elder of Dragon Subduing School, and Earth's Core Race was considered the first batch of disciples since the creation of Chen Xiang's Dragon Subduing School.

"Elder Iron, is there any way to rid your Earth's Core Race of its curse?" Chen Xiang couldn't help but sigh for the Earth's Core Race whenever he thought of the curses they had suffered for all these years.

"Only by reaching the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord can we do that, but we firmly believe that you can do it. We tenaciously survived because we were waiting for that rule!" Tie Li said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "One day, I will bring you all back to see the light of day!"

Afterwards, Chen Xiang and Tie Li discussed about creating a Dragon Subduing City near the Evil Dragon Graveyard. Tie Li wasn't happy if he heard this, because they felt bored mining Spar s all day, and didn't even need to go to these Spar s for now, so they couldn't eat that much. Furthermore, some of the buildings that they had planned for so many years could appear in the sunlight.

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