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Li Baojun placed his hands behind his back and stood there leisurely, looking at the Five-coloured Heaven Flames burning fiercely at the end of the street. He had also controlled the ball of Heaven Flames to turn into a tall tower, adding to the ten elders of the Feng Clan, and used the Heaven Flames to refine them.

"Pavilion master, please show mercy. After all, it isn't easy for them to cultivate to this level!" A Middle-aged Man in Black Robe flew over from the sky and landed beside Li Baojun.

This man was Dan Alliance's Alliance Master, Ye Heng!

When Li Baojun saw that Ye Heng had arrived, he immediately held onto the Kylin fan tightly and glanced at him, "I don't care, whoever's at fault is the first. I won't be merciful. "

Li Baojun took out a green three-legged, giant cauldron, and shouted. The giant cauldron floating in the air suddenly flipped, and the huge mouth of the cauldron smashed towards the Five elements heavenly fire that was on the ground.

"You …" Ye Heng panicked, because the small cauldron suddenly shrunk and was taken away by Li Baojun.

"I will not kill them, their lives will be decided by my Dragon Subduing School's Leader!" Li Baojun glanced at Ye Heng coldly, "You are the Alliance Master. You have witnessed this group of people oppressing my Dragon Subduing Dan Hall several times. Are you with them? As the chief, not only did he not lead his chief to stop this group of people who violate the rules of the Pill City, he even helped the evildoers. "

Seeing Li Baojun holding onto the Kylin fan, Ye Heng took a few steps back. With the fan and Li Baojun's Five elements heavenly fire, the power was obvious.

"Hmph, didn't I just beat up one of your shopkeepers? You just killed a Dan King cultivator, what is your shopkeeper? If you take a bit of humiliation, you can take the life of a Dan King! " Ye Heng's face darkened, his voice was laced with killing intent.

They thought that the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall was done for today, but they did not expect Li Baojun to have a powerful being like the Kylin fan, and knew how to teleport. After killing the ten experts of the Feng Clan in a few breaths, not only did they not suppress the anger in the Dragon Subduing School, but the Dragon Subduing School had an opportunity to create momentum, they could not let the Dragon Subduing School's arrogance continue to grow.

Li Baojun's body shook, and released a burst of oppressive fire: "I gave that guy an almost, telling him to apologize to our manager, he didn't cherish it properly, who can you blame? To humiliate my Dragon Subduing School's disciple, is like humiliating my Dragon Subduing School. If my Leader were to do it again, he would definitely annihilate his entire family and return it a hundred times! "This is considered light!"

"I advise Feng Clan to quickly hide. When my Dragon Subduing School comes back, our clan will be exterminated!"

Li Baojun's words were filled with killing intent, the news spread throughout Dan City, causing many people in Feng Clan to panic. The ten experts of their Feng Clan were already sealed and burned in a cauldron, Li Baojun's strength had already deeply shocked them!

"You also have part in what happened today, but I'm not going to argue with you. Hurry up and leave, otherwise I will kill you too!" If you dare to hara.s.s my Dragon Subduing School again, I will burn the entire Pill City! " Li Baojun said coldly.

Chen Xiang secretly sighed in his heart: "Didn't this guy say that he was only a pill refiner? "He doesn't know how to fight, and even told me to not cause trouble. But now, he's the one who's fighting the most fiercely, and the one who's causing the most trouble is also him. But, that suits my taste!"

"Dragon Subduing School should have such an imposing aura. Otherwise, how could they have descended the dragon? Just wait a few more years for this Dragon Emperor to level with that Feng Clan. If anyone dares to insult my Dragon Subduing School's disciples, annihilate their entire family! " Long Xueyi clamored.

He was just a Dan King who had just pa.s.sed through the nine Nirvana Tribulations. Li Baojun's one slap from his fan was enough to kill him, so he didn't dare to stay any longer. A few days ago, Li Baojun had killed a few experts from the Feng Clan, and today, Li Baojun had killed another Dan King.

Just like that, Ye Heng, the alliance head of the Dan Alliance, left, causing many powers who hated the Dan Alliance to feel relieved. Duan Kong's bold laughter had even spread throughout the entire Pill City.

"If you really have the ability, then go attack the Dragon Subduing School's headquarters? What kind of hero was beating someone's shop? Furthermore, they have not even fought yet and their heads have already been chopped off! " Duan Kong laughed. As long as he had the chance, he would never give up ridiculing these traitors.

"Duan Kong, where is your grandnephew? Your Duan Clan has always only been a tomb robber, but you will never destroy the tombs of others. However, not only did your grandson Duan Sanchang dig out all of our ancestor's tombs, he even allowed the entire mausoleum to destroy them! " This was the voice of the Flying Immortal School s, Wu Xu.

Duan Sanchang who was inside the Pill City cursed in his heart. He did not even get a hair on his head, it was all because of his grandfather.

"This kid really broke our Duan Clan's rules. He was missing in terms of theft, so we've decided to kick him out of the Duan Clan. If you catch him in the future, we'll deal with him this way!" Duan Kong let out a long sigh. Although Duan Sanchang had done a good job, he had to follow the teachings of his ancestors, and the Duan Clan had dealt with many outstanding grave robbing eccentrics in this manner over the years. However, he was not worried about Duan Sanchang.

Duan Kong chuckled: "Oh right, Wu Xu, have you found the one who was teasing your son? "Although your son went to worship with the big black pig, it's fortunate that your son hasn't gotten married to that big black pig. Otherwise …"

"Shut up!" Wu Xu was furious, her voice was like thunder, shaking the entire Pill City.

This kind of gossip was something many people loved to hear. There were even rumors that Wu Xu's son had already gone into bed with the big black pig …

Ye Heng, who had just left not long ago, had returned with many Dan King following behind him.

Li Baojun had just kept the Kylin fan and now he took it out immediately. "Are you tired of living? Didn't you hear what I just said? "

"We are here to collect the land …"

"You can recycle the land that we bought. You should know the price of the land that we bought. Don't mess with me, I don't have time to play with you!" Li Baojun and Chen Xiang had predicted that something like this would happen.

"Here is the one trillion Spar …" Just as Ye Heng finished speaking, Li Baojun snorted in anger.

"Just Dragon Subduing Dan Hall alone is not enough, and furthermore, we have bought a large piece of land, haven't you heard it clearly? A hundred times the current value! " Li Baojun said loudly.

It was only because the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall was here that it was expensive, what was the value of this place if the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall moved away!

"This piece of land is at least worth a hundred billion. If our Dragon Subduing Dan Hall continues to stay here, if we buy land, we can definitely sell it for this price. If you take it back, it will be worth at least a trillion, or else don't even think about it!" Li Baojun held onto the Kylin fan tightly, his face was filled with anger.

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