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Although there were a dozen or so Dan King in each force, these were all carefully nurtured by them over the years. Once one was lost, it would be difficult to cultivate them in a short period of time.

The three words "Dragon Subduing School" would once again engulf the entire Pill City, even the entire southern region, and actually dare to blatantly kill the Dan King of another power. Even if there were conflicts between different powers and the Dan King, it would all be resolved in secret, so even if that power lost the Dan King and did not seek revenge, it would still be reasonable in terms of face, because no one knew who did it.

Now that the Dragon Subduing School had brazenly killed the Dan King, it was like a declaration of war on the part of the Feng Clan!

Other than Chen Xiang and the others, no one knew the strength of the Dragon Subduing School, because the Dragon Subduing School had suddenly appeared. It occupied the entire dragon vein and even had a Dragon Subduing Dan Hall that was comparable to a large medicine shop.

The Dragon Subduing School gave off a mysterious feeling. It was very powerful, because this Dragon Subduing School had one dragon vein, and was hidden inside the Evil Dragon Graveyard. No one knew what kind of experts were inside, but many people didn't think that the Evil Dragon Graveyard was weak.

Chen Xiang and Li Baojun wanted others to think that the Dragon Subduing School was very strong. Now that they were this strong, many people thought that it was true.

The Dragon Subduing Dan Hall had become very cold and cheerless. Those who dared to come here to buy pills all had some ability, in fact, the entire Pill City had suddenly become very quiet, like a ghost city, shrouded in a solemn aura.

The Dan King was killed in the afternoon, but after just over two hours, a dozen white haired old men in blue robes appeared in the Transmission array Plaza in Dan City. These ten old men came with expressionless faces, their bodies overflowing with waves of cold wind, causing their blue robes to flutter as they walked, their steps slow and steady, a formless killing intent that was accompanied by the cold wind that silently covered the cold streets.

The war was about to begin! Many of the people hiding in front of the houses were extremely nervous. Some of them had already started to run out of the city!

Although it was prohibited to start wars in Pill City, the Feng Clan was still one of the people who did. Since the Dan Alliance did not stop him, it meant that the Feng Clan had obtained his tacit approval to go against him!

The Dan Alliance was formed by a group of powerful Dan King s, and it affected the business of many shops. It meant that they were challenging the entire Dan Alliance, and now that the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall had killed the Dan King, the Feng Clan had sent their experts to take revenge. They were happy to see that.

Inside the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall, Li Baojun's expression was cold, his eyebrows knitted together slightly, he walked out of the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall, and saw the ten elders walking towards him, his body releasing a burst of blazing fire, after that, the fire turned into a vaguely visible Qilin, flying towards the street corner.

When the ten Feng Clan Rankers released that biting cold wind, they suffered a fierce impact from the Fire Qilin, and it exploded with a loud bang.

"Are you here to die?" Li Baojun's voice was calm, but the sound wave had reverberated in every street and carried a kind of oppressive might.

Chen Xiang had long ago sent Duan Sanchang, Lan Lan and Yan Yanran away, telling them to temporarily stay far away from the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall. Inside the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall, he was the only one looking for him.

Li Baojun had said before that he could handle it alone and fight against the heroes of Feng Clan alone.

"We are here to send you to your death, to kill the Dan King of my Feng Clan. You have guts, even if you obtain the dragon fountain, our Feng Clan will not be afraid of you!" An old man from the Feng Clan shouted. Standing at the street corner, he was over a hundred meters away as he waved his hand and released a palm strike. A black Qi vortex roared out like a devil, roaring towards Li Baojun.

The black wind attacked and swept away all the doors and stores on both sides of the street. The stone tiles on the ground were all lifted up, and after they came in contact with that terrifying black astral wind, they were all smashed into smithereens!

Li Baojun laughed coldly, what Feng Clan was best at was using all kinds of wind to attack, and what Li Baojun was best at dealing with was precisely this type of wind attributed attack. A fan covered in red crystal scales suddenly appeared in his hand!

The Kylin fan was a Holy level Artifact, it was as powerful as a Holy level Dragon Equipment. Chen Xiang had seen him use this fan to instantly exterminate a few strong warriors before.

Li Baojun held the Kylin fan in his hand, and his entire arm overflowed with multicolored light. One could tell that he was using the Five elements heavenly fire, and just as the terrifying black astral wind was about to hit him, he waved the Kylin fan with great force. The multicolored light suddenly exploded, and the light shot up to the sky as a huge Rainbow Qilin beast appeared in front of Li Baojun!

The Qilin was tall, powerful, robust and full of power. Its scales were shining with a rainbow light, looking extremely lifelike, as if Li Baojun had suddenly summoned it!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The black astral wind collided with the Rainbow Qilin's body, causing it to let out a furious roar. Then, with four robust and powerful legs stepping on top of its body, it rumbled as it madly rushed towards the street corner!

Not long ago, a few experts from the Feng Clan were killed by someone using a similar method outside the city. Now, many of the experts who were hiding at the side to watch immediately thought of this and were sure that it was Li Baojun and the other experts from the Feng Clan who killed them.

The Kylin fan in Li Baojun's hands made the eyes of many pract.i.tioners who were watching the battle blaze with pa.s.sion, causing them to wish that they could s.n.a.t.c.h it away. There were even some who recognized that it was the famous Kylin fan of Heaven Realm!

The ten old men did not dodge. Instead, they all began to circulate their powerful Innate Qi, letting out deep and low growls. The ten people all released their palms at the same time, releasing waves of roaring blue wind dragons.

The ten wind dragons blended together and covered the entire street as they charged towards the Rainbow Qilin. Although the two powers were extremely powerful, both sides were extremely skilled at controlling their strength and were unable to shatter the shops on both sides of the street.

"A bunch of idiots!" The moment he threw out the Rainbow Qilin beast, he had instantly flashed behind the ten elders. Just as the blue wind dragon and the Rainbow Qilin were about to collide, he sent out another wave of Five elements heavenly fire.

At the same time, the Rainbow Qilin and the blue wind dragon collided, but no one expected that they would be stimulated to such an earth-shattering degree. The blue wind dragon was swallowed by the rainbow colored Qilin, turning the rainbow colored Qilin into a surging wave of five-colored flames that rushed towards the ten old men.

The ten elders of the Feng Clan were attacked from two sides, drowned by Five elements heavenly fire s. Everyone was unsure whether they should live or die, but everyone could hear the waves of berserk roars coming out from inside!

"This guy actually knows Blink Steps. This is a mysterious footwork that consumes a huge amount of energy and traverses the void. Rumor has it that it can only be compared to the legendary Shrinking step!" The eyes of the Demon Empress, who was standing on top of a tall tower, shone, and she let out a faint smile. "This Dragon Subduing School is impressive indeed.

"Kylin fan, Instantaneous Steps, these things can cause quite a sensation even in the Heaven Realm!" Yao Shumei said in a low voice.

"Haha, Feng Clan has kicked an iron board! No …. Dan Alliance has kicked an iron plate! " Duan Kong did not even try to conceal his laughter, so that the entire Pill City could hear him.

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