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No one knew what stage Chen Xiang's alchemy level had risen to, because the people who were currently being chased down by the whole world, would never show up to partic.i.p.ate in the alchemy compet.i.tions, nor would they go to the Dan Alliance to undergo the Alchemist level examination. Otherwise, if he appeared, he would have attracted the attention of many old fellows.

With regards to Chen Xiang's pill refining level, everyone only waited until he impersonated Li Renshan to be able to concoct a few types of mid-ranked Ground level pills. According to the Dan Alliance's rank, he could be considered a Great Alchemist.

In order for Chen Xiang to refine high grade Ground level pills, he would need to raise his Foreseeing Alchemy to the next three stages, and learning how to use the Heavenly Alchemy would allow him to strengthen his soul more quickly. This would be of great help to him in refining pills.

"You guys better watch carefully, don't blink," Chen Xiang waved his hand, and ten batches of Zhuji Dan's medicinal ingredients flew out, all of them floating in the air.

The following ten Magic method furnace were formed, but others could not see them.

Ten batches of processed medicinal ingredients all entered the Magic method furnace s, Chen Xiang waved his hands, and countless b.a.l.l.s of fire floated into the Magic method furnace s.

Seeing this scene, Li Baojun's mouth dropped. He knew what Chen Xiang was doing, he actually wanted to refine ten batches of Zhuji Dan at the same time.

Lan Lan and Yan Yanran also took a deep breath. Chen Xiang's unique skill of not using the pill furnace to refine pills had reappeared, and they were always this shocked when they saw it.

Duan Sanchang was so scared that he did not even dare to breathe.

After the Zhuji Dan's medicine was burned by the flames, it quickly melted. The green and gold light enveloped the room and turned into a sea of light, drowning everyone inside.

Li Baojun and the others did not feel any unbearably hot air, although they could see the flames dancing around, and could tell how ruthless Chen Xiang's attack was, not to mention that it was ten batches long. What shocked Li Baojun the most was that all of this was too brief, and after they saw the beautiful multicolored light, Chen Xiang had already entered the stage of condensing a core.

"It's actually ten pills! Ten batches of pills at the same time, and four pills at the same time …" Li Baojun screamed crazily in his heart, he could not believe it.

Now he understood why Chen Xiang wanted him to work so hard. He could only produce three pills in one furnace, but Chen Xiang could only concoct 40 pills, the difference was not even a little bit. He firmly believed that Chen Xiang could do the same thing in the future with high level pills, and he even had an even more shocking method.

Soon enough, the forty b.a.l.l.s of azure-gold Qi started to revolve rapidly, slowly searching and pressing, condensing into forty pellets in a sea of light. The light in the room also slowly went up, a rich medicinal fragrance filled the entire room, and Chen Xiang kept the forty pellets into a jade box.

Li Baojun's eyeb.a.l.l.s almost popped out of their sockets. He took the jade box and looked carefully, these Zhuji Dan were all of high quality.

"I also just learned this a while ago," Chen Xiang smirked.

Duan Sanchang gulped down his saliva. Forget about Chen Xiang having a large amount of medicinal ingredients, he could actually make them in batches during pill refining. He had already seen how the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall would shake the entire Pill City in the future.

"Elder Li, do you still want to compete with me?"

Li Baojun shook his head. Chen Xiang's control over pill refining had already far surpa.s.sed his own. Moreover, Chen Xiang's pursuit for perfection in pill refining was extremely difficult for him to compare to.

"Yanran, Lan Lan, you guys can rest for a while and cultivate in peace. Young people like us, we must increase our strength quickly, or else with our current strength, as elders and Leader s, it would be hard for us to convince the ma.s.ses."

did not have to worry too much about their cultivation. As for Duan Sanchang, he had his own cultivation method too.

In the next period of time, Chen Xiang spent all his time meditating on the G.o.d slain method, the technique of using "Spirit" to attack was extremely profound, it was extremely difficult for him to comprehend it, he could only rely on a little to comprehend it.

There was some news regarding the You Ming Deep Abyss that spread to Dan City. On that day, Chen Xiang had a play with Duan Sanchang and tricked many people to go to the You Ming Deep Abyss to look for the Black Tortoise Divine Weapon. However, many experts did not come up after they went down, Chen Xiang knew very well that there were some powerful people down there that no profoundwu diamond armour would be able to go down to.

Every time the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall released a rare pill, they would sell it at a different pill shop, causing the business in the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall to become better and better. Many sects would send people to guard here, and sometimes Li Baojun would even lower the price a lot in order to seize the market.

The large pill stores that were bustling with business before had now become deserted, because not only were the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall's pills cheap, they were many in quant.i.ty, of good quality, and extremely attractive. As long as a person had a Spar, they would always come here a second time to buy pills.

Chen Xiang's pills were not worth much, but the ones in those large pill stores were extremely valuable. They were all pills that they had spent a lot of effort to grow, so if they were to lower the price, they would definitely lose out.

The Dragon Subduing Dan Hall messed up the market price, which made many large pill shops extremely dissatisfied. These pill shops had already secretly joined together, planning to punish the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall.

Chen Xiang did it on purpose, because those good trading pill shops were all established by the ancient powers, and one of them was the Alliance Master's. He hated this group of people the most, if he had the chance to deal with this group of people, he would definitely not let them go.

This street of the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall had become very lively. The originally remote area had become a lively district due to the help of the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall. If this continued, the central region would be banned.

The most infuriating thing was that a large portion of shops and streets in this remote area had been bought by Dragon Subduing Dan Hall at a very low price.

The land bought by the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall was extremely vast, with the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall as the center, the hundred streets around were all occupied by the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall.

This was something that Chen Xiang and Li Baojun had planned. They did not lack Spar s, their goal was to expand their area of influence. If this continued, the location of the Pill City's bustling area would have to change.

The Dan Alliance's headquarters was originally the central area, and the large amount of shops around were controlled by the ancient powers. If there was no more commotion, those shops would naturally turn into a ghost shop, which many forces were not willing to see, and they had to prevent the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall from developing like this.

Chen Xiang was concocting pills in the secret room, while Li Baojun was standing outside. After Chen Xiang sensed his presence, he opened the door of the secret room.

"Those guys are here," Chen Xiang asked.

Li Baojun nodded his head, "There are a total of thirteen shops in the Dan King, as well as the chief of the Dan Alliance and some elders from various powers.

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