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Rather, he taught Yan Yanran and Lan Lan some of the techniques needed to break through the array. Seeing him diligently guide Yan Yanran and Lan Lan, Chen Xiang wondered if this little grave robber wanted to train these two women to be female grave robbers.

Chen Xiang had been refining creation divine liquid or cultivating Innate Qi all day in Dragon Subduing Dan Hall. He had only gone through the second stage of Nirvana Tribulation, so he was still far from being able to reach the top.

If the Dragon Subduing School wanted to become stronger, Li Baojun would need to hold on to it alone, and even have a group of strong young warriors as the foundation. Thus, he had to provide a large number of high levelled pills, so that Lan Lan and the others could quickly raise their strength.

In these two months, Chen Xiang condensed many creation divine liquid, and his Innate Qi had also increased by a lot, since he had only refined Five Elements Profound Dan. In order to speed up his cultivation, he had no choice but to use this pill.

Chen Xiang would look for Li Baojun every once in a while. Knowing that the best medicine to sell was in Pill City, he asked Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou to duplicate a large amount of medicinal herbs inside.

The most expensive one was of course, the Zhuji Dan s. Although the Human Realm had become very big, the Zhuji Dan s still lacked the necessary ingredients, and even though they could be bought from the market, they were extremely expensive. The Zhuji Dan s were lower graded profound level pills, but their prices were higher than middle ranked profound level pills.

"The high quality Zhuji Dan have already risen to two million and a hundred fifty thousand. If they were to sell for two million and a half, there would still be people fighting for them," Yan Yanran said. These were all things that she and Lan Lan needed to find, and they were things that could only be bought by people who had a good relationship with these pill shops.

"The majority of medicinal ingredients come from purchases, and because Qingprofound fruit are not easy to grow, and also mature over a long period of time, that's why the price of Zhuji Dan is so high," Lan Lan said.

The more powerful Alchemist could at most refine two pieces of Zhuji Dan, and the quality couldn't be guaranteed yet, but Chen Xiang, this monster, could at least refine four of them of high quality in one furnace.

"Elder Li, I have a lot of Zhuji Dan s here. If you refine your own ingredients, can you make four of them in one furnace?" Chen Xiang asked.

Elder Li frowned slightly. "Three high quality pills in a pot is my limit."

Everyone present knew that Chen Xiang's pill refining skills were very high, they knew it just by looking at Li Baojun's expression. When Li Baojun compared the number of pills, they all felt that they were inferior.

Then, it will be selling for about two million each. Then, it will be selling for about four million each of the middle grade profound level s, and then it will be selling for about seven to eight million Spar s of upper grade. The sales volume of the Ground level Pellets are not high either, "Yan Yanran said.

The reason why the Ground level s were not sold was because there were too few of them, and not many could afford to buy them. Chen Xiang also planned to place emphasis on the profound level pills, because the difficulty of this level of the pill production was not high, it spread through the entire population, and there were not many creation divine liquid that were needed.

"We do not lack Spar now, we only lack a reputation. If we make the name of the Dragon Subduing School resounding, then in the future, many things will become very convenient. This will allow us to quickly strengthen our forces and rope in more powerful warriors," Chen Xiang said.

Yan Yanran, Lan Lan and the others knew that Chen Xiang had already obtained a dragon vein, so he didn't lack Spar s.

Chen Xiang laughed, "Of course, I will also be in charge of refining a few pills, I hope that Elder Li can recruit a few higher levelled Alchemist."

Although the Dan Fragrance Pure Land provided many medicinal ingredients, most of them were of lower quality and were unable to take over the market.

After Li Baojun received Chen Xiang's storage ring and saw the herbs inside, he was so shocked that he almost lost his balance. If he could refine them all, there would be more than ten thousand pills for each pellet.

"I say, Leader, after I finished refining these, even my old bones are going to fall apart," Li Baojun said as he laughed bitterly.

"Relax, it's not like I'm letting you finish refining all of them in one go, this is a very good selling pellet, release twenty of each every day, and if possible, try the method of bidding. Elder Li, you will be in charge of refining this pellet, but the other low levelled pellets will be left to the other Alchemist to refine," Chen Xiang said, "There are already a hundred Zhuji Dan, five hundred Chunyuan gold Dan, two hundred profoundyang fire Dan, a thousand Five elements Zhenyuan Dan, and five hundred Longevity Pellets inside.

Duan Sanchang, Lan Lan and Yan Yanran were all very surprised at where Chen Xiang had gotten these medicinal herbs from, and had even concocted so many pills. They could imagine that Chen Xiang normally eating medicinal pellets was like eating a meal.

He had eaten some of these previously refined by Chen Xiang himself, but he had only eaten them as candy. These low levelled pills did not have much effect on him, but to many low levelled warriors, they were treasures, things that the big sects were willing to spend a large number of Spar s to buy.

"Longevity Pills are relatively easy to sell and can be used for auction because a single pill can extend a person's life by three to fifty years. To many people, these are immortal pills," Yan Yanran said.

Chen Xiang nodded, and said to Li Baojun: "Elder Li, take this opportunity to consolidate your foundation, so that each furnace can produce even more pills."

Li Baojun was a dignified Dan King, and being warned by Chen Xiang like this made Lan Lan and the other two feel that it was a little bad. After all, they were all from Dan King, so they had to give them some face.

Li Baojun had once lost to Chen Xiang in pill refining, so he was completely convinced of Chen Xiang's capabilities. He nodded continuously, making Duan Sanchang and the others feel that it was hard to understand.

Chen Xiang looked at Duan Sanchang and the others, and laughed: "You guys are suspecting my pill refining skills, right?"

Lan Lan pouted her small mouth: "This Elder Li is a Dan King after all, he definitely won't be that much worse than you."

Duan Sanchang nodded, "That's right, and he is the true successor of Li Tianjun."

"Leader, I admit that I lost to you before, but in these few years, I have also improved, so I want to compete with you again. Although my cultivation and age is at a great disadvantage against you, but when the time comes, we should be clear about the outcome," Li Baojun thought about this matter and felt that this was a very good opportunity for a compet.i.tion.

"Elder Li, I feel that you will still lose to me. How about I show my skills, this is something I just learnt," Chen Xiang laughed. Although he had only learnt a little of the Great Thousand Refinements Art inside the Heavenly Alchemy and could refine ten times, it was still quite shocking.

Yan Yanran suddenly thought about the scene of Chen Xiang refining the City Lord into a pill. She suspected that Chen Xiang was planning to reveal this move.

"If you can force me to concede with just a move, then I want to see," Li Baojun said with a smile. "Then let's begin, let me broaden my horizons."

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