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Chen Xiang lightly knocked on the door, only to hear Lan Lan shouting: "Get out of here, I want to have some peace and quiet!"

Chen Xiang laughed, and signaled an elder who was following him to open the door, Chen Xiang was unable to open the door, because there was the force of the barrier.

Seeing the door open, and the Wu Jingsheng she hated the most, Lan Lan shouted: "Don't come over, if not I will … "I …"

Lan Lan wanted to kill herself, but she was also worried about Yan Yanran, so she could only bear with it.

"Sister Blue, it's me!" I've become that guy's face! " Chen Xiang's expression did not change at all as he sent a sound transmission to Lan Lan. Then, he waved to the old man beside him, signaling him to leave.

The old man retreated and closed the door.

Lan Lan stood there dumbly, his face filled with disbelief.

"Have you forgotten? We made a trade with you in the Evil Demon, and you are even an elder of the Dragon Subduing School. " Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Lan Lan again with a smile on his face.

"Bad brother, it's really you!" Lan Lan almost pounced over, but when he saw that it was the annoying Wu Jingsheng, he could not help but snort: "You've turned into that guy's appearance, it's really annoying, I really want to beat you up!"

Chen Xiang chuckled, and returned to his original appearance. When Lan Lan saw that Chen Xiang was even younger and more handsome than before, she could not help but laugh. "Bad brother, I knew that when you came, you would save me.

Lan Lan threw himself into Chen Xiang's embrace, using her well-developed chest that did not match her outer appearance to rub against Chen Xiang. "No wonder Big Sister Yanya mentioned you from time to time, this cat demon is completely enchanted by you."

"Stupid girl, say bad things about her behind her back. Be careful that I don't tell her." Chen Xiang pinched her cute face and laughed.

"By the way, how is she now? I haven't seen her in a long time. " Lan Lan's face was full of worry.

"She was rescued by me a few days ago, and the entire City of the King knows that she is being saved but that Wu Jingsheng is still lying to you."

Chen Xiang's words caused Lan Lan to fly into a rage.

"This guy is too despicable!" When Lan Lan saw Chen Xiang, his mood became much better. "Bad brother, this place is heavily guarded, do you have any way to bring me out?"

"Of course, I have so many ways..."

Suddenly, Long Xueyi said: "The real Wu Jingsheng is back, he is actually back!"

Chen Xiang's expression changed, this would definitely expose his intentions, he had to quickly bring Lan Lan away.

"Cooperate with me a bit, and come with me!" Wu Jingsheng is coming back! " Chen Xiang said anxiously, and then changed into Wu Jingsheng's appearance again.

"If you pretend to faint, I'll carry you out and make those old guys think that I'm going to do something to you!" Chen Xiang laughed awkwardly.

Lan Lan giggled, and then immediately fell back onto Chen Xiang's suspicion, and said tenderly: "Bad brother, don't be mean to me!" With that, he fainted.

Chen Xiang carried Lan Lan and opened the door, then hastily walked down the stairs. When he arrived at the door, an old man couldn't help but be surprised when he saw how anxious Lan Lan was, but his face was filled with an ambiguous smile.

"I will leave first. I will bring this girl back before daybreak." Chen Xiang deliberately let out a few evil laughs, then rushed out while carrying Lan Lan.

After confirming that there was no one watching, Chen Xiang put Lan Lan down and let out a sigh of relief.

"Bad brother, you're so awesome! Flying Immortal School is so strict, you actually came in so easily, and took me away so easily! "

Lan Lan pinched Chen Xiang's handsome face as if he was a child. One must know that Lan Lan was much older than Chen Xiang, it was just that she wasn't very old, and looked like a girl. Her stomach full of schemes would sometimes give Chen Xiang a headache.

"We haven't left the Flying Immortal School yet!" Just as Chen Xiang was about to fly away with Lan Lan, he heard Wu Jingsheng's angry shout from the paG.o.da.

"We've been discovered!" Lan Lan stuck out her tongue, she did not look the least bit worried. She felt that with Chen Xiang here, no matter how big the problem was, it could be solved.

"Not good, they've activated the great formation. Their movements are really fast!" Chen Xiang looked at the sky. The entire Flying Immortal School was enveloped in an extremely strong array, this was a formation that originated from the ancient times. It was extremely difficult to resist such power, and it was not easy to leave this place.

Following that, crisp and clear bell sounds rang out. Chen Xiang sent out his divine power to scout in all four directions, and discovered that the disciples of the Flying Immortal School were flying everywhere, looking for him and Lan Lan.

In just a short few moments, the entire Flying Immortal School was enveloped in an extremely tense atmosphere, because Lan Lan was saved.

Flying Immortal School's Leader was named Wu Xu, he was a delicate and pretty teenager, his face was filled with anger, he had already known that Lan Lan was saved by an extremely skilled disguise technique, that person had changed into Wu Jingsheng's appearance, and was even able to simulate Wu Jingsheng's Qi, so he entered the tower very easily to take Lan Lan away.

What made Wu Xu the most furious was that there was actually someone who could infiltrate the Flying Immortal School without making a sound. Although the great formation of the Flying Immortal School was not activated, it was still not easy to enter.

"Bad brother, when I'm invisible, I can also make you invisible so that they won't be able to find us." Lan Lan pulled Chen Xiang's hand.

Chen Xiang shook his head and said: "No, there is a big array here. If they can't find us, it will be hard to get us out, so I suddenly thought of a way!"

With that, Chen Xiang brought Lan Lan to the flowers in the courtyard and dived towards a direction.

Chen Xiang came to a relatively remote place in the Flying Immortal School. There were a few demon beasts raised there that were specially used for eating.

"This guy is the new chief disciple of the Flying Immortal School, his name is Chen Chong. He's a very annoying guy, and he used to be the one who often came to cause trouble for me with Wu Jingsheng!" Lan Lan sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang. Right now, she wanted to rush over and give Chen Xiang a good beating. The two of them were hiding in a field of flowers.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Alright, I will teach this guy a lesson tonight, wait here!"

"Be careful!"

Just as Lan Lan finished speaking, Chen Xiang appeared behind Chen Chong, and gently patted on Chen Chong's shoulder, scaring him out of his wits.

"Little gongzi? "Why are you here …"

Pow! Before Chen Chong could finish his question, Chen Xiang had already sent a slap towards him. When he had just released his palm, he had already released a fist which flew towards Chen Chong's dantian.

"Yes …" Dragon Power! " Chen Chong's mouth was slanted and blood kept flowing out. Looking at the terrifying Dragon Power condensed on Chen Xiang's hands, he could already guess who it was that pretended to be Wu Jingsheng.

"You actually crippled me!" Chen Chong's face became ugly. Chen Xiang's strength was terrifying, the punch just now had shattered his Dantian.

"So what? This isn't the first time I have made a move against the head disciple of a Flying Immortal School. " Chen Xiang laughed, he grabbed Chen Chong and threw him towards the tower in the distance, causing the barrier around Chen Chong to tremble.

Chen Xiang held Lan Lan's hand and rushed into the house where the Spirit Demons were kept, then shouted: "If you dare come in, I will kill this little girl!"

There were already many experts standing outside, surrounding the room.

Chen Xiang did it on purpose, it was part of his plan. Even if his plan failed, he could easily get rid of these Rankers.

"Did you come to save her?" Wu Xu asked. He was the Leader, he had to take care of this matter properly, if Lan Lan died, the wedding ceremony would not be possible, the Flying Immortal School would lose face.

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