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Chen Xiang and Yan Yanran were still in the City of the King, so they were hiding in the most secluded area.

City Lord was killed, causing a sensation in the entire city, even the surrounding cities were shocked. City Lord's strength was not considered strong, but the power behind the City Lord was strong, it was equivalent to provoking a super power.

"Yanran, what happened?" Chen Xiang caressed Yan Yanran's mature and charming cheeks.

Yan Yanran and Chen Xiang were hiding in a very old house, sitting on a stone table. She sighed lightly, "I have been expelled by the Beast Martial School, and without the protection of the Beast Martial School, even with my current strength, I can only swallow my anger."

"Don't we still have Sister Lan?" With your relationship with her, she can make Blue Blood Race protect you! " frowned, previously Yan Yanran said that something had happened to Lan Lan, and he prayed that nothing big would happen to Lan Lan.

"A year ago, when Flying Immortal School's youngest son, Wu Jingsheng, came to City of the King, he took a fancy to Lan Lan and entangled him in every way possible. In the end, he even used an extremely despicable method to drug Lan Lan. Then, she came to me and joined hands with me to cripple Wu Jingsheng. "

Chen Xiang sensed Yan Yanran's aura and discovered that Yan Yanran was actually in the Nirvana Realm.

Yan Yanran continued: "After crippling Wu Jingsheng, both Lan Lan and I were captured, and at that time, I was kicked out of Beast Martial School, so Beast Martial School didn't want to offend Flying Immortal School. That old fellow from the Blue Blood Race came out and asked for Lan Lan back, but I was still imprisoned in the Flying Immortal School. "

"Leader of the Flying Immortal School forced Lan Lan to marry Wu Jingsheng, or else he would kill me. Lan Lan felt that this matter was caused by her, so she agreed. She went to Flying Immortal School a year ago and decided to get married the moment Wu Jingsheng recovered from his injuries. "

Chen Xiang raised his eyebrows, "Didn't Sister Lan's grandfather love her a lot? Why don't you help her get you back? And when Lan Lan was drugged, her grandfather did not help? "

"Her grandfather had gone into closed-door training, and those old fellows usually hated Lan Lan. They all wanted him to marry out as soon as possible, and Lan Lan had even said that the matter of the forced marriage was related to those old fellows. I was going to look for you, but you've been having a lot of big things these days … " Yan Yanran suddenly grabbed Chen Xiang's hand, with tears in her beautiful eyes, she said: "Chen Xiang, you cannot let Lan Lan marry that guy, I beg you … …"

Chen Xiang used his thumb to wipe away the tears on her face, and nodded: "You are all from the Dragon Subduing School, how can I, the Leader, sit idly by and do nothing? I will definitely save her, let's do it now! "

"I have a grudge with Flying Immortal School."

Yan Yanran dried his eyes and revealed a charming smile to Chen Xiang.

Something big happened in the City of the King, it alarmed the Flying Immortal School, and they sent many people to find Yan Yanran, who was together with Chen Xiang, it was extremely safe.

"Yanran, I will go to Flying Immortal School by myself. I will bring you to the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall at Pill City. You will be very safe there." Chen Xiang said.

Yan Yanran now completely listened to Chen Xiang's arrangements. Previously, she was already extremely worried that something would happen to Chen Xiang inside the Ten Heavenly Sacred Mountain, but now that Chen Xiang was able to return and make the Dragon Subduing School into an unfathomable sect, she was very happy in her heart.

Chen Xiang brought Yan Yanran to the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall in Pill City and even arranged for Yan Yanran to do some things. For example, he wanted to investigate the sales situation and prices of the other large medicine stores.

At this time, a piece of bad news came. It was that Lan Lan of the Blue Blood Race and Wu Jingsheng of the Flying Immortal School were preparing to hold a big wedding at the Flying Immortal School, inviting many famous clans and aristocrats here. It was said that most of the ancient powers in the south had been invited.

The Flying Immortal School was originally hidden deep in the ancient mountains, but now the entire vicinity of the mountain gate was filled with cities. Chen Xiang followed a group of people and used the Transmission array to teleport to the Flying Immortal City.

Chen Xiang knew from Yan Yanran that the authority over City of the King was something that the Divine Martial Palace sold to him. Martial families and Blue Blood Race normally did not bother with these matters, so he did not object, allowing the power of the Flying Immortal School to grow.

He only worried that he would be besieged by a group of rankers in the Flying Immortal School. One must know that there were a lot of people who came to attend the Flying Immortal School's grand wedding, and there were even some immortals who would definitely not allow such things to happen in the Flying Immortal School. Furthermore, the Flying Immortal School itself did not allow such things to happen.

Furthermore, Yan Yanran had been saved by an expert, they knew of the relationship between Yan Yanran and Lan Lan. If Yan Yanran sent that expert to save Lan Lan, it would be a very normal thing.

In order to allow Lan Lan to marry out successfully, the Blue Blood Race had brought along many strong experts. Now, even the Flying Immortal City was very strict, and the disciples of the Flying Immortal School could often be seen pa.s.sing by on the streets.

Standing on the towers in the Flying Immortal School, one could see that in the distance, there was a mountain covered by clouds and mist. The Flying Immortal School's base was on the summit of this mountain, and it was not long ago either.

And in the forests near this mountain, all of them were disciples of the Flying Immortal School, those who were not invited could not enter this forest, otherwise they would definitely be apprehended.

At this time, only people with status pa.s.sed through the gates to the mountain forest. They were invited by the Flying Immortal School to partic.i.p.ate in the wedding, and Chen Xiang discovered a few strong old fellows.

Many people stood there and watched as the others went to attend the wedding. At the same time, they also wanted to see the glory of the disciples of the famous sects. Chen Xiang suddenly sensed a very familiar aura, and if he was not very meticulous in his senses, he might not have noticed it.

Chen Xiang immediately looked at a middle aged man among the crowd. This middle-aged man had a moustache that had been cut in two, and his expression was sluggish.

Chen Xiang walked over, patted the middle aged man's shoulders, and then said with sound transmission: "Intestine, what are you doing here?"

Seeing that Chen Xiang had turned into a refined and refined scholar, he secretly cursed in his heart and replied: "Chen Xiang, why is it that you discover me first every time?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "If you had discovered me, I would not have lived past today!"

"Last time, I said that I would dig out the ancestor's grave of Flying Immortal School. This time, I think it's a chance for them to get married." Duan Sanchang whispered to Chen Xiang.

The corner of Chen Xiang's mouth twitched. To think that this fellow would take the chance to dig up someone's ancestral grave after someone else's wedding.

However, this was a good thing. If on the same day, Flying Immortal School's wedding was destroyed and his ancestral grave dug out by someone, Flying Immortal School would definitely die from laughter. To an ancient power, this would be an enormous humiliation.

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