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Li Baojun sucked in a small breath. He had only heard of Longevity fruit, but didn't know that the Longevity fruit grew up to be like this. Chen Xiang actually had two!

Compared to Longevity fruit, Eternal Dan was like a grain of rice or a mountain. How could a person with a Longevity fruit not be able to afford it?

Everyone was sure that this was the person who issued the bounty order a while ago to ask for other people's help in refining pills. They had looked for him with much difficulty, especially the people from the Feng Clan. Reading Net

Right now, there were a lot of people who wanted to capture Chen Xiang, but no one dared to make a move, since the other party dared to casually bring out the Longevity fruit, they must have some skills, no one wanted to be the leader.

Now, no one dared to say that they were the strongest in this area. Even the Demon Empress, who was extremely powerful, had suffered a great loss in the Evil Dragon Graveyard.

"Demon Empress, I have ten or so Face Preserving Pills here, all of them high quality ones from the Ground level. If you need them, I can sell them to you right now." Chen Xiang chuckled.

"No need." He could buy the Face Preserving Pill in the Heaven Realm.

Li Baojun deliberately coughed twice, and said: "90 billion, is there anyone else who wants to increase the bid?"

After Li Baojun finished speaking, he purposely paused for a bit longer. The Little Demon Empress clenched her teeth and shouted, "Ninety five billion!"

Chen Xiang did not add anything else. He felt that it was worth it to sell a Eternal Dan at this price. At the same time, it could allow Dragon Subduing School to own up to a trillion Spar as a resource for development.

"Looks like this Demon Empress has many enemies in the Heaven Realm. She was injured here, and she wants to rest here before going up, in case she gets chased by the enemy and is unable to retaliate." Su Meiyao guessed that if she was the one doing the same, she would also think of a way to recover from her injuries before going up.

Many people thought of this and were secretly amazed at the terror of the Evil Dragon Graveyard. The Little Demon Empress had only used her power to investigate for a bit, but she was already hit by such a serious counterattack.

Chen Xiang quickly left the street, getting rid of the people following him. He believed that it wouldn't be long before the place became even more lively. Li Baojun had the ninety five billion Spar as his foundation, making it convenient for him to purchase large amounts of medicinal ingredients and recruit Alchemist.

Chen Xiang had even secretly sent a message to the Dan Fragrance Pure Land to cooperate with him and provide him with medicine as much as possible. In any case, the medicine shop business of the Dan Fragrance Pure Land here was only average.

When Dan Fragrance Pure Land receives Chen Xiang's message, he will do so because the communication method Chen Xiang uses is only available to Dan Fragrance Pure Land s, this is equivalent to being an order from Leader.

Chen Xiang came to the City of the King. It was the oldest city in the Continent of the King, so it was very cheap to go to Pill City from here.

The City of the King was also considered to be one of the larger cities in the south. Chen Xiang had come here to find Lan Lan and Yan Yanran, and at that time, Chen Xiang had invited them to join the Dragon Subduing School.

At first, Beast Martial School was evenly matched with Super Martial School. However, because of the appearance of Huang Jintian, Super Martial School became more and more powerful, and left many sects in Chen Martial Continent far behind.

The Beast Martial School did not have a lot of businesses here, and only had a store that specialized in selling beasts. Chen Xiang had heard Yan Yanran say that she was the owner of this shop before, and that she had used her own Spar to support this shop. It had nothing to do with the Beast Martial School anymore.

This shop was a little deserted, because there were too many of these shops. If Yan Yanran was not a famous beauty, she would not have been able to manage this shop a long time ago.

and Lan Lan's potential were both pretty good, and they could be trusted. They had once lived together for a period of time.

"Yan Yanran, your shop has expired. If you want to continue running your shop, you have to hand in your Spar." A man shouted sinisterly, his eyes carrying a hint of evil, making Yan Yanran very angry.

Even though Yan Yanran was wearing a simple yellow dress, she was as charming as ever. Her temperament was not affected in the slightest by the cheap clothes.

Chen Xiang stood at the entrance of the shop, and upon seeing this scene, he slightly frowned.

"As I said before, this shop belongs to me forever. There is no such thing as not expiring and expiring. I also pay taxes every year on time. Do you come here every two or three days to cause trouble for me? Do you think I don't know what your intentions are?" Yan Yanran said coldly.

"Hmph, it's true that you bought this land, but you didn't. The sky above this land is always the sky and the flying beasts you tamed often flew above it. It can be considered as you taking over the sky. That would be a total of one billion Spar for one year. " The golden robed man said.

"One billion Spar for a year? You're not going to s.n.a.t.c.h it from me like that! " Yan Yanran was enraged, her ten jade fingers suddenly revealed sharp claws, like a cat's claws.

"You dare to attack me? Heh heh, don't you see how many people I've brought!? " The golden-robed man laughed heartily and then shouted out, "Someone, arrest this woman and try to attack me!"

"Yes, my lord!" An armoured soldier shouted, and then brought a few people to walk towards Yan Yanran.

Chen Xiang didn't know why he was bullied like that when he was doing so badly. He guessed that Yan Yanran must be on bad terms with the Beast Martial School, maybe he had already been expelled, but wasn't she on good terms with Lan Lan? No power in the Continent of the King would dare to bully a Blue Blood Race that relied on Lan Lan.

"Hey, can't you see the people from City Lord's Mansion are here on official business? Get out of here! " The golden robed man was extremely arrogant, shouting at Chen Xiang.

When Chen Xiang stepped into the shop, he released his G.o.d Power and controlled the door to close up.

"You …" When he saw Chen Xiang's expression, he knew that Chen Xiang was rushing towards him.

Chen Xiang extended his hand and summoned several of them. At the same time, he grabbed towards the few soldiers that were near to Yan Yanran. Like sharp blades, they instantly pierced through the hard armor on their bodies and left behind b.l.o.o.d.y holes.

Chen Xiang swung his power and threw these people out from the roof!

The golden-robed man's face was filled with anger, his arrogance remained. Just as he was about to speak, Chen Xiang interrupted him.

"Don't tell me who your father is, it will only make you get beaten up even more."

As he spoke, Chen Xiang slapped out his palm. Even though he was still quite a few steps away from the golden-robed man, he struck out with his palm, accurately hitting the man's face.

The man screamed and flew to a cabinet. His face was no longer the same as before, and he was slapped hard by Chen Xiang using his Devil Subduing Method.

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