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However, Chen Xiang and Li Baojun were not worried at all. The moment they saw this group of people, they already knew that they had a way to deal with them. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] /.!

"Elder Li, this is a live auction, I will compete with these guys later, no matter what, I can't sell these Eternal Dan to them." Chen Xiang lowered his voice. "I think that the Demon Empress of the Demon Charming a.s.sociation might buy it."

The Demon Empress tested the waters of the Evil Dragon Graveyard and found that she was heavily injured. Although her complexion looked good, her injuries were severe and Chen Xiang could feel it.

Chen Xiang quietly left and blended into the crowd of spectators, preparing to join hands with Li Baojun to make the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall even more famous.

"Welcome to our side." Li Baojun laughed loudly above the pavilion.

There were more than two hundred people that had come, the Feng Clan, White Sea Imperial Land, Qin family, Peach Blossom Imperial Land, and the other ancient powers were still walking ahead aggressively. Since the people from Devil Realm and the Demon Realm did not come, they did not dare to walk around the place where there were more people.

Just as an elder of the Feng Clan was about to inquire about the Dragon Subduing School, he heard Li Baojun laugh and say: "It's rare for you all to be here, in order to welcome me, I will take out the Eternal Dan that I just refined, and start the auction, how about it?"

Eternal Dan! Hearing the name of this pill, many people immediately looked at how many Spar s they had and did not have the time to ask the Dragon Subduing School about it. Although they did not need any Eternal Dan right now, they could still use this pill for future uses, and the healing speed of this pill was much faster than the Relive Dan's, and it even contained a large amount of energy.

Although Dan City was a group of Dan King, Eternal Dan rarely appeared, and there were not many that could be refined. Since Li Baojun was able to take it out now, it meant that this Dragon Subduing Dan Hall had a very powerful Dan King.

Dan King s who could refine mid-grade Heaven level pills had a high level of wealth. Their pill refining level far exceeded those rookie Dan King s who could only refine low-grade Heaven level s.

Originally, many of the Dan King s who wanted to cause trouble had their heads lowered because they knew that Dan King had strength that far surpa.s.sed them. If they came here to create a scene, they would only smash their own toes.

Seeing everyone's expressions, Li Baojun secretly laughed, he was very satisfied with the result, he was also curious in his heart where Chen Xiang obtained the Eternal Dan.

"Pavilion Master Li, what is the quality of your Eternal Dan?" Her deep purple colored dress was extremely dazzling amongst the crowd, and coupled with her peerlessly beautiful face, of the girls in the crowd, only Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan, the mother and daughter could stand shoulder to shoulder with her.

"Good quality!" Li Baojun thought, the strength of this Demon Empress made him very uncomfortable. Even though she was injured, even though she was a delicate woman, the dense demonic energy in her body was extremely terrifying.

However, Li Baojun knew that the person Chen Xiang wanted to trap was the Demon Empress who came from the Heaven Realm. It was said that she was also one of the leaders of a large force in the Sky Demon Realm.

Although the Demon Empress was present, many of the giants of the ancient powers were unwilling to be outdone. They had at least inherited it for many years, and compared to their ancient inheritance, the Demon Empress was basically just a little girl.

"Since it's of high quality, I bid 300 billion Spar." The Demon Empress said lightly.

Everyone cursed in their hearts. If the Demon Empress had gone to the Heaven Realm, then this three hundred billion would be more than enough to purchase a Eternal Dan.

In the Mortal Realm, pills were much more expensive than those in the Sacred Dan Realm and the Heaven Realm. Because the medicinal resources in the Mortal Realm were much more scarce, it was difficult for everyone to understand why the Demon Empress did not directly return to the Heaven Realm to purchase pills, but instead s.n.a.t.c.hed pills from them here.

"I bid 350 billion!" Chen Xiang said calmly, he knew the reason why the Little Demon Empress wanted to buy the Eternal Dan was because the Eternal Dan was of high quality. This kind of quality was rarely seen even in the Heaven Realm, and it was extremely difficult to concoct pills with demons, so they would not let go if there was a chance to.

Chen Xiang also thought of another reason, which was that even if they used pills to refine pills, especially for the Heaven Realm Rankers, pills were the best. If they could gather a lot of high quality Heaven level pills, they could let the Dan Immortal refine them into higher ranked pills, or even concoct immortal pills.

"330 billion!" An old man shouted. To these ancient powers, hundreds of billions of Spar were no problem, they had been in their heritage for many years and had mined many Sparite vein.

Someone was arguing with the Demon Empress, so Chen Xiang didn't need to personally do anything. He just watched quietly from the side, while Li Baojun also arranged for some people to spread the news, letting the Alchemist in Pill City know that the Eternal Dan were being auctioned here. Even if this place became remote in the future, Dragon Subduing Dan Hall would still be very lively.

The compet.i.tion at the scene was extremely intense, and the only person who could continue to hold on was the Little Demon Empress. She offered a very high price, and every increase was very brutal, forcing many old fellows to retreat.

"900 billion!" It was said that the Demon Charming a.s.sociation occupied many large mines in the Demon Realm. It was said that there weren't many resources in the Demon Realm and they were all concentrated in some places. It was just that they were all occupied by the Demon Charming a.s.sociation.

The scene was completely silent. Eternal Dan was indeed very valuable, but if they were to continue fighting, many of the powers would not be able to accept it. If it was in the Sacred Dan Realm or Immortal World, it would at most be two to three hundred billion.

Just as the Demon Empress thought that no one could compete with her, Chen Xiang shouted calmly, "Ninety ten billion!"

The Demon Empress turned her head to look at Chen Xiang. She remembered that the first person to bid with her was this guy, and then he disappeared.

"This auction is being held on the spot, it makes people suspect that you were specially arranged by the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall, isn't that a scam?" The Little Demon Empress' expression was calm, and her voice was gentle, but it carried a hint of dissatisfaction. At this moment, everyone was looking at Li Baojun.

Chen Xiang had changed his appearance before, and he looked very ordinary, not like a rich person. However, looking at the calmness on which he increased the price, it should be something.

Chen Xiang smiled slightly, "Demon Empress, are you looking down on me? Don't think that just because you came down from the Heaven Realm that you are impressive. "

"I am not looking down on you. I am merely suspecting you in a very normal manner. It is likely that many people here are thinking the same thing." The Demon Empress said, "You have to take out some proof, or else the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall will send someone to help you raise the price. Even if you bought it, you wouldn't need to pay the Spar."

Chen Xiang was still smiling slightly, "Is the Little Demon Empress unable to afford the Eternal Dan? "Since you want the evidence, I'll show it to you."

Then, he took out a Longevity fruit and held it up high!

Seeing the Longevity fruit that was raised up high, everyone on the street was stunned like they were stone statues! Was this the Longevity fruit that caused an uproar in Dan City? This was a genuine immortal fruit, and one of them could concoct an immortal pill. Many people wished they could cut off Chen Xiang's hand and take it away with the Longevity fruit.

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