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Chen Xiang did not stop and quickly walked into the black mist. However, he suddenly heard something: "Everyone, please follow me."

Whoever followed him in would be courting death.

"Is there a dragon vein inside?" This was the voice of the Demon Empress, and upon seeing the Demon Empress speak, everyone was secretly happy, because they thought that the Demon Empress might have a way to take down the Dragon Subduing School.

"That's right, do you want it? This was discovered by our Dragon Subduing School, and we have built a sect inside, and begun to harvest Spar s. " Chen Xiang did not come out from the black mist. Although he had transformed into the White Tiger, he did not have the strength of the White Tiger.

"This kind of thing has always been first come first served. I believe everyone should know about this rule! I believe that everyone here is here for the Dragon Meridian. Since the Dragon Meridian already has an owner, please go back. " Chen Xiang's voice sounded out.

"Hmph, this was nurtured by nature, it was bestowed to everyone by nature, what kind of Dragon Subduing School can you take over?" The one who spoke was an elder of the Feng Clan.

Chen Xiang laughed: "With our power to resist these evil beings, if you have the ability, you can come in and mine! But according to you, another day, can our Dragon Subduing School also go to your mines to mine Spar s? "

"We of the Demon Charming a.s.sociation do not have any intention to fight, we just want to talk to the Leader s of your sect. I will go to You Ming Deep Abyss to find him. " The Demon Empress said.

"That's right, our Flying Immortal School only wants to make friends with your sect, one more friend and one more power. We hope that he will be able to appear in our Three Realms Talk." The Flying Immortal School said.

Chen Xiang laughed: "It's getting late, everyone please go back." After he finished this sentence, he no longer spoke to these people.

This Dragon Subduing School was very mysterious. Before she knew the exact strength of the poison, Snake would not foolishly do such a vicious thing, and she did not have any thoughts of seizing the dragon vein right now, because she knew that this Evil Dragon Graveyard was very powerful, and she had only released her own soul consciousness, yet she had suffered such a heavy injury.

Someone who could control the Evil Dragon Graveyard might even be able to make the Evil Dragon Graveyard release a huge amount of power.

"Who exactly is this Leader of the Dragon Subduing School? If an evil person were to talk about the dragon vein, it would be a disaster. " An old man said.

After Duan Kong heard this, he laughed coldly, "It was only a disaster if traitors like you obtained the dragon's vein! This Dragon Subduing School seems to have more of a conscience than you guys, just now he could have lured us in and attacked us, but he didn't do so! "

"You will never be able to obtain the dragon fountain in your lifetime. You traitors will get your retribution sooner or later."

Chen Xiang slipped out from the other side, and headed towards Pill City to look for Li Baojun. He wanted to see how Li Baojun was doing, and there were still a lot of people guarding outside the Evil Dragon Graveyard.

Some people returned to Pill City, and some people went to Chen Martial Continent to look for that You Ming Deep Abyss, to see if there were any more Black Tortoise Divine Weapons.

It was said that it was the largest pill shop in the entire Pill City. Just the pill shop itself took up two sides of a street, and on both sides of the street were three to four floors with pavilions on three sides. Behind these pavilions were large amounts of medicinal plants growing in medicine gardens and the residences of many workers.

Although this pill shop was very big and shocking, it did not have any compet.i.tive power. Because it was no longer the most popular place in the Pill City, it only made many people curious in the beginning. However, after that, no one cared about it.

This pill shop had always had no name, but today, it suddenly had a name. Moreover, this name was very shocking, even the old people in the pill shop were shocked that this pill shop would actually be called Dragon Subduing Dan Hall!

The Evil Dragon Graveyard was occupied by the Dragon Subduing School, so many people knew about this matter. After all, there were many people present today, and now even the matter of the dragon's vein was known to many. Now that this pill shop was suddenly called the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall, they couldn't help but think about it.

Dragon Subduing School restrained Evil Dragon Graveyard and also took over the dragon vein, so the name "Subduing Dragon" didn't sound arrogant at all, because Dragon Subduing School had done it.

Chen Xiang was now in the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall, in a pavilion at the end of a street, Li Baojun was there, he was the pavilion master and even an elder of the Dragon Subduing School, he had bought this place, and had used his outstanding alchemy skills to recruit some of the Alchemist s to concoct pills, in order to thank him for the Longevity fruit that Chen Xiang had gifted to him. Li Baojun had even contributed a lot of spirit medicine to concoct pills, and inside the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall, there were many rare pills that Li Baojun had brought out.

"Hehe, I knew you had a way to improve your business! I hope no one comes to cause trouble, or else I'll slap them to death. " Li Baojun stood on the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall and looked at the lively shops on both sides of the street, his face full of smiles.

Chen Xiang could not just let Li Baojun maintain the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall, he himself had to contribute a lot as well. Furthermore, it was not difficult for him at all.

"Elder Li, send someone to investigate the prices and quant.i.ty of the Zhuji Dan in the Elixir Shop in Pill City. I have quite a few Zhuji Dan with me." Chen Xiang said. He planned to go into closed-door training for a period of time to get a few more precious medicines that would be popular and attract a lot of people over. He would not release a lot of them with his surname, as he would have a method to sell them at a very high price, which would attract a lot of people and at the same time make a lot of money.

"Investigate... I didn't think about it. I'm going to get someone to do it now. " Li Baojun said.

Chen Xiang thought for a while, then laughed: "I have a suitable candidate, I will look for him myself."

He took out a pill and handed it over to Li Baojun, saying: "This is a high quality Eternal Dan, prepare to auction it here. We need to make this remote area more lively, and make the lively area in Pill City more deserted."

"Middle Heaven level pill, Eternal Dan, its quality is very good, and it also has a bit of immortal energy, it should be made by a deity! Although there are a lot of Dan King in Dan City, the number of people who can refine Eternal Dan are probably not many, and can be counted on one's fingers. " Li Baojun laughed: "Leave this matter to me."

Just then, Li Baojun and Chen Xiang saw many old fellows bringing some young handsome handsome men and women to the corner of the street. They were chatting and laughing as they walked over.

"Looks like there's no need to plan anymore. This bunch of fellows are probably here to cause trouble. However, no one will go against the pills, hehe!" Li Baojun laughed sinisterly.

Chen Xiang had already known from the beginning that Li Tianjun was a sinister fellow, so his disciple was naturally no exception.

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