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As Duan Sanchang listened to the heads talking, who were filled with killing intent, a voice suddenly sounded out in his mind, causing him to stumble over his words.

"Chang Zi, then what is the background of the Demon Empress? Ask her if she's willing to lead the goblins behind her to be my slave? " Chen Xiang really asked.

for the Demon Empress and the Demon Charming a.s.sociation's strongest spirit to be his female slaves? Duan Sanchang was scared silly, he was really worried that the Demon Empress would know about his sound transmission. At the same time, he was also antic.i.p.ating the reaction the Little Demon Empress would have when she heard him.

"She's so beautiful. She needs a b.u.t.t, a chest, a face, and even a group of little beauties to follow her. Why does she look like she's injured?" Chen Xiang said again.

Duan Sanchang took a deep breath to calm himself down.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, that's the Demon Charming a.s.sociation's Demon Empress. Those who come down from the Heaven Realm, not to mention the Heaven Realm's Demon Empress, even the Demon Realm's Little Demon Empress is extremely terrifying." Duan Sanchang hurriedly replied.

Chen Xiang did not think so, and laughed: "What's wrong with that? Ask her, what's her name? "

Duan Sanchang snorted, "If you want to know, ask yourself. No one here would dare to take liberties with the Demon Empress.

"Oh yeah, why aren't you dead yet?"

"Do I look like someone who died casually?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"You call that casual? After entering the Ten Heavenly Sacred Mountain, the Feng Clan's Son of Heaven and the Blood Wolf Demonic Clan's experts have all been wiped out. " Duan Sanchang said snappily.

"The son of the Feng Clan's master deserves to die. The people who were chasing after me did not even have a good ending."

Duan Sanchang suddenly looked around, following through the divine power that Chen Xiang had left in his mind, he used his divine sense to reply: "Where are you? Why can't I see you! "

"I'm in Evil Dragon Graveyard, do you want to come in and take a look?" Chen Xiang chuckled.

"What?" In the Evil Dragon Graveyard, so the thing that was shot out just now was you! " Previously, he was regretting that Chen Xiang did not obtain the dragon's vein, but now, Chen Xiang was inside the Evil Dragon Graveyard, and he was even safe and sound.

"What do you mean by shot out the thing that's me?" Don't make it sound so bad, I am a future Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. " Chen Xiang said in a stinky voice. He realized that after staying with Long Xueyi for a while, his brain would occasionally go crazy.

"But you don't have the Venerable One at all." Although Duan Sanchang said this, he was actually very happy in his heart. If Chen Xiang were to become a Ten Heavens Supreme Lord in the future, then he might be able to become a general or something.

Chen Xiang said: "I'm not talking nonsense with you. I'm going to appear and scare them."

Duan Sanchang still wanted to know how Chen Xiang managed to enter the Evil Dragon Graveyard. However, Chen Xiang had already appeared, not with his original appearance, but with the appearance of a white tiger.

Chen Xiang planned to pretend to be an expert with his White Tiger's appearance. He wondered what kind of mood he would have if the White Tiger knew that Chen Xiang had used his looks to trick him.

Someone came out, someone shouted with all his might. There was no need for him to shout, many people had already seen it.

"Everyone, I wonder what business do you have in coming to my Dragon Subduing School's territory?" Chen Xiang said. The voice and appearance he used now was that of a white tiger.

Dragon Subduing School? This is the territory of the Dragon Subduing School, so the dragon fountain belongs to the Dragon Subduing School? However, no one had ever heard of this Dragon Subduing School, nor had they heard of it. What right did they have to have the entire dragon fountain? This caused many ancient powers to feel extremely unhappy, wishing that they could immediately smash this person to death.

Hearing the words Dragon Subduing School, everyone looked at each other and shook their heads.

"I am the Great Clan Elder of the Dragon Subduing School. If there is anything the Leader has to do, I will be going out. He said that he has gone to the You Ming Deep Abyss." Chen Xiang said. There was a Super Old Fire Beast at the bottom of the You Ming Deep Abyss, Chen Xiang felt that these ancient powers should know of it.

"If you need anything, wait for Leader to come back first!"

Long Xueyi snorted: "The Great Clan Elder is mine, the big white cat can at most be a little elder."

Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Duan Sanchang, asking him to act together with him.

He didn't feel any pressure to act in front of the younger generation, but now that he was in front of a lot of antiques, he was willing to go all out.

"Senior, do you know why your Leader is going to the You Ming Deep Abyss? That is a land of great calamity. A few years ago, I pa.s.sed by that place and discovered that there seemed to be a tomb there, but I didn't dare to go down … " Duan Sanchang said: "I am just curious, who's tomb is that, to actually have your esteemed sect's Leader go there!"

Even though no one in the Dragon Subduing School had heard of this before, it was impressive enough that he was able to enter the Evil Dragon Graveyard. Just now, the Demon Empress had only used her consciousness to check and she had nearly died.

"I don't mind telling you, because other than our Leader, no one else can go to the bottom of the You Ming Deep Abyss." Chen Xiang laughed: "There really is a tomb there, maybe you know that a profound Marital profound Realm appeared not far from there!"

When Chen Xiang obtained the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword from a profound Realm, many people knew about it. Other than the Vermillion Bird profound Realm, who did not appear, the other three profound Realm s also appeared, and Chen Xiang was involved.

However, until now, everyone had only seen Chen Xiang use Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s and had never seen the Divine Black Tortoise and White Tiger Divine Weapon appear before.

No one in the White Tiger Divine Weapon knew about it, profoundwu diamond armour normally would not even come out of their bodies, of course no one would know. Moreover, many people only knew that the Azure Dragon Divine Weapon was a blade, and no one knew what the other three Divine Weapons were.

Duan Sanchang inhaled a breath of cold air, "Could it be that there is a Black Tortoise Divine Weapon in the You Ming Deep Abyss? No wonder the Black Tortoise Divine Weapon did not appear when the profound Marital profound Realm opened it! "

These words were all taught to Duan Sanchang by Chen Xiang, and now even Duan Sanchang was almost tricked.

Although they could not confirm whether what Chen Xiang said was true or false, many people present had their suspicions. Some of them had decided to go to the You Ming Deep Abyss to take a look once the things here were settled.

"Everyone, if there's nothing else, please leave." Chen Xiang cupped his hands to everyone.

Go back? How could this be? This was a dragon vein, that was why Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was able to dominate the nine heavens and the ten earth because of this. Who wouldn't want to take over this dragon vein now? However, this dragon vein already had a master, and it seemed very powerful. Now that everyone had left, it wasn't as good as gone either.

"Elder of the Dragon Subduing School, I wonder if we can experience the glory of the Evil Dragon Graveyard, we are very curious about it." An old man from the Feng Clan laughed.

"Of course not!"

These words made everyone happy, but Chen Xiang then said: "If everyone can resist the Evil Mist, then follow me!"

Everyone cursed in their hearts. If they had the ability to go in, they would have already killed their way in.

Seeing Chen Xiang turning around and walking into the black mist, everyone panicked. One of them anxiously shouted, "Stop!"

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