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The dragon that the Spar turned into coiled around a huge pillar, so the tunnel inside the dragon's body spiraled downwards.

Chen Xiang guessed that the place he was going should be at Dragon Heart's location.

Although the dragon's mouth was huge, after Chen Xiang pa.s.sed through a curtain of light around the dragon's mouth, the pa.s.sage he saw was extremely small.

It was the equivalent of a small cave in a ma.s.sive mountain.

This pa.s.sage was too small compared to the dragon's head, but it was very big for humans. Chen Xiang felt that it was enough for an elephant to pa.s.s through.

"Is this place really formed naturally? I always felt it was man-made. " Chen Xiang walked along the pa.s.sage, where Spar were all around. It was unbelievable.

Although it was surrounded by Spar, he could not absorb the energy inside.

"It must have been formed naturally. Who could create such a place? Ten days in the Great Yan Jing was not enough! In the future, these Spar might even evolve into Spiritual crystal or immortal jades, and then they will become even more powerful. " Long Xueyi praised: "No wonder Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, this lion, has such great abilities. His luck has always been good! Since a lion can become an emperor, so can I. "

"I always feel that the death of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was persecuted by an even stronger power. Maybe the White Tiger's reincarnation also died during that mysterious period! That power is really strong, to be able to erase a large portion of the history of the nine heavens and ten earth, what exactly is it hiding? " Chen Xiang thought.

"It's easy, as long as you become the new Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, those guys might come looking for you. At that time, you'll know why! However, you don't have to worry about being like that lion, because with me, this Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, I will definitely work hand in hand with you to kill that group of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. " Long Xueyi laughed.

"I'll forget about it. With a Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord like you here, how could I dare to be the emperor?" Chen Xiang shook his head and laughed.

After carefully entering this pa.s.sage for more than two hours, Chen Xiang determined that there was nothing else, and then bravely stepped on his Shrinking step, quickly advancing.

At this moment, he was already in the enormous dragon body. According to Long Xueyi's estimation, he would very soon reach the location of Dragon Heart.

Although this dragon was formed from Spar, it was very similar to a living dragon.

"There is suddenly a large s.p.a.ce ahead. Could it be that the dragon's pearl was formed by the Imperial Crystal?" Long Xueyi discovered the result after he used Heaven tour method.

"As long as there's no danger." Chen Xiang was worried that a powerful guy would suddenly appear from the inside.

Chen Xiang arrived at the place where Long Xueyi had explored to be the largest. It was an extremely s.p.a.cious area, like a gigantic belly of the mountain that could hold up to a million people.

Above the center, there was a snow-white bead that floated in the air. Compared to this incomparably ma.s.sive dragon vein, this bead wasn't too big; it was something that a single person could carry.

Seeing this pearl, Chen Xiang was sure that it was the Imperial Crystal. However, it was much larger than the one he had obtained last time, and it was still growing.

"Could it be that when the Imperial Crystal grows in the future, it will occupy this place?" Chen Xiang looked around. At that time, the Imperial Crystal would definitely be as big as a mountain.

"Quickly take out your Imperial Crystal and see what happens." Long Xueyi urged, she really wanted to see what kind of benefits taking this dragon vein would bring.

Chen Xiang took out the small piece of Imperial Crystal. The moment he took it out in his hand, the dragon pearl that was floating in the air shot out a beam of white light, illuminating him.

After being illuminated by the white light, his body was lifted up by a gentle force, allowing him to slowly float towards the dragon pearl. At the same time, the Imperial Crystal in his hand shot out a ray of multicolored light, taking a picture of the dragon pearl.

The Imperial Crystal in Chen Xiang's hands suddenly struggled free, flying towards the dragon pearl and fusing into it. The dragon pearl that could have been carried by one person, suddenly became taller by two people!

This dragon pearl could indeed evolve!

The moment the dragon pearl grew larger, the depths of the Evil Dragon Graveyard began to shake. Following that, a dragon's roar could be heard, shaking the mountains and rivers!

"Huh?" After Long Xueyi heard the dragon's roar, he said, "It seems to carry a trace of life!"

Chen Xiang was even more surprised: "My Imperial Crystal … It was swallowed up, but luckily, this dragon pearl was built up to practice, but unfortunately, the dragon pearl can only stay here in the future! "

felt that even though he had lost his Imperial Crystal, he could still control this super mine. Moreover, when his strength reached a certain level, he would be able to take away this dragon pearl!

"Could it be that Imperial Crystal can condense dragons into pearls in the future and turn ordinary veins into dragons?" Long Xueyi said: "Your Imperial Crystal is only a little bit larger, but it actually made this dragon pearl grow several times larger!"

"Let's not worry about this first. Let me break free from these clouds of light first!" Chen Xiang was now locked on by the multicolored light emitted by the dragon pearl, preventing him from moving.

Chen Xiang could feel the connection between him and the dragon pearl now, but he was unable to control it.

Suddenly, the dragon pearl released a burst of force that sucked him in, causing Chen Xiang to turn pale in shock, but he was unable to resist. In front of that force, he was like an ant.

"What is he doing?" Do you want to swallow me up? " Chen Xiang was startled, half of his body had already merged with the dragon pearl.

Following that, his entire body entered the dragon pearl, and what made him more at ease was that he felt more comfortable inside the dragon pearl. However, his body could not control itself, and various gentle powers entered his body, as if entering into a contract with him.

"This is recognition, don't panic." Long Xueyi said in pleasant surprise: "Maybe you can control this Evil Dragon Graveyard in the future! There are many naturally formed super arrays in Evil Dragon Graveyard, it would be the best if we could place the Dragon Subduing School as a reward. "

The Evil Dragon Graveyard was very big, equivalent to half of a small continent. It was enough to build a sect.

A strange power seeped into Chen Xiang's body, causing him to feel extremely comfortable, as though there was a sudden gust of cool wind on a hot summer day.

------ Duan Kong, Duan Sanchang, Yao Shumei, Mu Jialan … Ever since they heard the first dragon roar a few days ago, the four of them did not intend to leave.

Duan Kong and Yao Shumei both took out their communication treasures, without hesitation, they used up a large amount of Innate Qi and activated their treasures to send the news back.

Yao Shumei had told the experts of the Peach Blossom Imperial Land to come. With the abnormal movement of the Evil Dragon Graveyard, with such an earth-shattering roar, it would definitely spread to Dan City. At that time, there would be a lot of people coming.

Even if she did not obtain the dragon's vein, she could still obtain a large number of Spar from it. As the Leader's Leader, she naturally had to seek benefits for the Peach Blossom Imperial Land.

But Duan Kong did not hesitate at all to stop these traitors from obtaining the dragon's vein, because this was something that only the new Sky Emperor had the right to obtain, and he must not let these traitors be tainted.

After the first dragon roar sounded out, a few days later, there was finally movement. And at this time, the mountains far away from Evil Dragon Graveyard were filled with people, and among them, the most were the ancient powers!

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