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The world below the ground was illuminated brightly by the huge dragon head made of spirit energy. Chen Xiang saw many houses made of stone on top of the ground in front of you, which should be the Earth's Core Race's village.

Chen Xiang had the Imperial Crystal in his hands, but he still did not fully understand the Earth's Core Race, so he decided to first check the strength of the Earth's Core Race.

"Old mister, if you were to bring the Imperial Crystal from the dragon's mouth into the inner parts of the dragon vein, what would happen?" Chen Xiang wanted to ask because he had to enter the dragon vein.

"We have to ask the old people in Earth's Core Race." said. Earth's Core Race was very hospitable, even though they needed Spar s a lot, they did not ask Chen Xiang for them.

Tie Li knew that for Chen Xiang to be able to come to this kind of place by himself, he must be someone with decent strength. At the beginning, he was also very cautious, but later he saw that Chen Xiang was aiming for the dragon vein.

For many years, Tie Li and the others had been waiting for an external Ranker to obtain the dragon fountain. This way, their Earth's Core Race would be free, which was why Chen Xiang had become their Earth's Core Race's hope.

When Chen Xiang entered the village, he was looked at with curious eyes. The people of Earth's Core Race were all very polite, and when they saw Chen Xiang, they all smiled.

The clothes that the people here wore were all black, and were all made from a kind of silk called the Black Crystal Silkworm. Chen Xiang saw a small portion of the people from Earth's Core Race, and realised that these people were all simple and honest.

The Earth's Core Race had been isolated from the world for many years, and it was a place that was completely free of pollution. There weren't many schemes, tricks, and struggles inside, which made Chen Xiang sigh in his heart.

Chen Xiang brought Chen Xiang into a stone house, and after entering, Chen Xiang saw three old men with withered bodies. Their faces were covered in layers of wrinkles, and they sat on the ground peacefully.

When Chen Xiang walked in, they all opened their eyes abruptly. Being stared by these six pairs of eyes, Chen Xiang felt that he was enveloped by an extremely strong mental pressure.

The three elders looked like they were about to run out of oil and oil, but when they released their powerful auras, Chen Xiang could not help but think that these three elders were three beasts with strong vitality, "Finally, outsiders have come." An old man said. Although his voice was low, it was filled with a power that could make people tremble.

Chen Xiang's heart trembled. The three elders in front of him were so old that they were unable to speak, and the elder's voice just now was completely produced from the energy in his body.

"Junior Chen Xiang greets the three seniors." Chen Xiang saluted. The three elders in front of him were like living fossils, who knows how long they had been alive, and were extremely powerful, making it difficult for Chen Xiang to see through them.

"If there's anything you need to ask, if you can save the Earth's Core Race, we will definitely follow you!" One of the elders didn't say anything, but his body was trembling slightly as his voice came out from the trembling of his body.

"Follow?" said in confusion. Previously, he had thought of working together with the Earth's Core Race after controlling the dragon veins and having them help him mine the Spar. Then, he would give them a safe living environment and a large amount of food.

"Di Tian was reborn. The person who obtained the dragon bloodline can become a great Emperor in the future. Our Earth's Core Race had once followed the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, and was thus cursed." An old man said.

Chen Xiang opened his eyes wide and sucked in a deep breath, "About that … I do have a Imperial Crystal, but I don't know how to do it! "

Hearing about the Imperial Crystal, Tie Li became excited, and the eyes of the three elder lit up as if they were on fire.

"The Imperial Crystal will guide you forward. Whether or not you can subdue the dragon's vein, will depend on yourself!" An old man said.

"Subdue the dragon fountain, I can become a great Emperor in the future?" Chen Xiang asked because the old man was very sure about what he said.

"Of course. Back then, the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord obtained a dragon vein, and at that time, it was our Earth's Core Race that was in charge of mining it. Later on, the heavens changed and all the clans that followed the Emperor were cursed, and from now on, we are truly the Earth's Core Race." The old man said.

"Even if you don't want to become the emperor, it is still impossible. The moment you obtain the dragon fountain, you will be surrounded and annihilated by the strong forces of the Nine Heavens and Ten Territories. If the dragon fountain continues to grow and the Spar transforms into a Spiritual crystal, then history might repeat itself."

Not to mention obtaining this dragon vein, Chen Xiang had even made enemies with many ancient powers before, and these ancient powers were the same ones that had betrayed the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord back then.

"I'll give it a try now. Chief Iron, please lead the way." Chen Xiang nodded his head, although he still had time to get to Three Realms Talk, he wanted to make sufficient preparations.

was extremely respectful to Chen Xiang now. Imperial Crystal s were something that was very hard to tame, and it wasn't that they belonged to whoever got them, it had to be seen whether the Imperial Crystal recognized you or not. Whether it was in Heaven Realm or the Heaven Realm, the Imperial Crystal was a legend, and very few people had ever seen it.

Other than being able to search for mines, Imperial Crystal s were actually also able to have the approval of the dragon vein. This was something that Chen Xiang and the others had never thought of before.

Tie Li brought Chen Xiang along on the road in the village, and when many people saw that Tie Li was bringing Chen Xiang to the dragon head, they all stopped what they were doing and went back to the main street, chanting some ancient language, but no one knew what they were talking about.

Very quickly, the twenty thousand people of Earth's Core Race stood at the two sides of the road, and stood up to chant some ancient language. These ancient language made Chen Xiang feel that it was similar to the incantations used by Heavenly dragon seal.

Ten thousand people were chanting in unison. Although they could not understand the ancient language, they were still filled with energy. They did not desperately shout out, but they only lightly chanted. They appeared to be br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy, causing their blood to boil.

"Chief Iron, what are they reciting?" Chen Xiang asked in a low voice.

"They are sending you off. This is a war song. Whenever a brave warrior from the tribe goes out to fight, his clansmen will do the same." Tie Li said.

As they moved further away from the village, they got closer and closer to the gigantic dragon head. It was as if a huge mountain was standing there. The dragon's head was raised, and the imposing aura it gave off made people's souls tremble.

"Ahh …" Tie Li suddenly shouted out, his entire being was flung away by a powerful force.

While Chen Xiang was fine, he could feel that there was a very powerful, formless barrier here.

Seeing that Chen Xiang could cross the barrier, although Tie Li fell to the ground, his face was full of excitement, because he knew that Earth's Core Race could be saved!

"It's all up to you!" Tie Li said in a heavy tone.

Chen Xiang nodded, stepping on the Shrinking step, he quickly entered the light haze released by the dragon head.

"If I can control this dragon vein, then I must build the Dragon Subduing School on top of it." Chen Xiang stood under the dragon head and with a fierce leap, he jumped into the dragon's mouth that was slightly open, and stood inside a large set of teeth.

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