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Chen Xiang was wandering around the core of the earth in search of the entrance to the Evil Dragon Graveyard. He had already made some progress and could clearly sense the place where things had changed.

However, at this time, a deafening dragon's roar shook the area and caused the Flame Essence to churn, causing it to become even hotter.

"What's the matter? Little Naughty Dragon, is this your royal dragon? "This dragon roar is too terrifying." Chen Xiang seemed to be in a violent undulating pool of water, finding it difficult to stabilize his body.

"This is not a normal dragon, but it is definitely a dragon's voice." Long Xueyi was also puzzled, and began to search through her vast inherited memories for relevant information.

"What do you mean not a normal dragon?" Chen Xiang asked, using his divine power to lock onto the confirmed location.

"An abnormal dragon?"

"You have no explanation." The fire had already stabilized, and he began to head upstream.

"Ordinary dragons are made of flesh and blood. Abnormally, they don't have flesh and blood, but they do have dragon souls. However, the dragon souls do not have consciousness! "Since there is a dragon soul, there must be a dragon body. However, the dragon body is not made of flesh and blood, it can be a ma.s.s of energy, it can be a river, it can be a mountain range …"

The dragon form is one of the perfect forms of all kinds of beasts that exist in this world. If the conditions allow, then this abnormal dragon will be born. These dragons do not have a living body, they cannot reproduce, and they will not exist forever. Long Xueyi explained in detail: "For the same reason, other forms of divine beasts will have them as well, but the number of dragons is relatively more."

"So there is such a dragon? Could it be a mine vein dragon? " Chen Xiang suddenly exclaimed. Although he did not know about the legend of becoming the Celestial Emperor, he knew that this vein was not ordinary.

"This is very possible. If it's really like this, then this mine will be very terrifying!" Even though Long Xueyi was from the Imperial Dragon Race, this form of a dragon was rarely seen. Even many of the old fellows in the Imperial Dragon Race had only heard of it.

"This dragon has already comprehended the great Dao and is evolving into a peerless ominous array on the great earth. Using this method to protect itself is certainly extraordinary!" Bai Youyou said, "Our Bai Family was built on the life vein of an immortal in the shape of a tiger. No one in the Heavenly Demon Realm can break it."

Chen Xiang swam to the top and b.u.mped into solid rocks. These stones had all been tempered and were extremely stiff, but they had no value in refining.

"There are many small holes!" Chen Xiang realized that there were many hair-sized holes on these stones, they were scattered widely, and the fire energy had come from these holes.

"Seems like that is the main reason for the formation of the Sparite vein. How do I go up?" Chen Xiang was in a difficult situation. He had initially planned to use the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword to cut a hole, but he was worried that it would cause the Flame Essence to spew out and destroy the Sparite vein.

Chen Xiang searched for an entire day before finally finding a relatively large hole that he could insert a nail into.

"Looks like I can only become a tiny ant." Ever since Chen Xiang's soul had reached perfection, he had not tried any new techniques.

It was very difficult to become larger in the Art of Transformation, and it was the same for smaller ones as well. Fortunately, he was able to cultivate his G.o.dly strength, so he was able to do this.

Chen Xiang became a very small ant and drilled into the hole. Only now did he realise how difficult it was to become an ant, as his spirit energy was drained really quickly.

The hot air gushed out from the small hole, forming a pushing force that pushed his ant-like body up and made him move forward rapidly through the small tunnel.

The center of the earth was very deep, and Chen Xiang was currently moving towards the surface. There was a very long distance between them, so he followed the force of the thrust straight up, and his speed was extremely fast. It took him no less than three days to arrive at an underground tunnel filled with hot water.

This underground pa.s.sage was naturally formed, it was as tall as two people, and when the two carriages traveled together, they did not feel crowded. Chen Xiang had reverted back to his human form, immersing himself in the warm water. He finally left the core of the earth, and in addition, turned into an ant and left.

"All of this water is formed from spiritual energy!" Chen Xiang stood in the pa.s.sage, and the warm and comfortable white water reached his waist. He carefully looked at the two sides of the pa.s.sage, and discovered many small holes in the wall.

"The fire energy in the earth's core has been transformed into rich spiritual energy from those hair-sized holes! It is very likely that the tunnel that led to this place is an Spirit grain s path, which allows the fire energy to turn into spirit energy and then condense it into liquid. " Chen Xiang guessed.

"There must be a lot of tunnels like this here. If we follow the flow of the water, the spiritual energy here is not rich enough. We still have to purify it before it will flow into a certain place." Su Meiyao said. If this Spirit Liquid was very pure, she would definitely let Chen Xiang get more.

However, even if they were to enter it, it would be of no use. The quality of the spirit liquid would slowly decline if it left the dragon's vein.

Moreover, this dragon vein was still constantly growing. Perhaps in the future, it might even become stronger!

"sister Meiyao, come out and wash up together with us." Chen Xiang said with an evil smile.

"It's not safe here. I can't be at ease." Su Meiyao's voice was charming and intoxicating, "Little scoundrel, big sister also wants to wash up with you a little."

Chen Xiang bathed in the water and allowed the water to carry him. This feeling made him feel good.

"I am finally here at Evil Dragon Graveyard. I wonder how I can start mining here!" Chen Xiang did not completely relax his guard, because when he was in the center of the earth, a dragon's roar came from there.

After six hours, Chen Xiang suddenly realised that the spirit liquid in the path was not going straight ahead, but was spiralling upwards.

"Listen, this sounds like a waterfall. Is it coming to an end?" Chen Xiang was shocked, he immediately used his divine power to allow himself to float, and then followed the flow of the water.

He quickly arrived at the entrance of the tunnel, and saw countless of such tunnels gushed out large amounts of white spirit liquid, falling into a deep pit filled with white mist. This pit was very big, and on the circular walls of the pit, there were circles after circles of the pa.s.sage.

It was hard to imagine that it was all formed naturally, the spirit liquid had flowed through the twisted tunnels and flowed into here, which was equivalent to flowing through a few Spirit grain s, and there were already changes occurring in the tunnels. Now that he had fallen into this bottomless pit, Chen Xiang felt that the paths were the meridians of a human body, and this deep pit was the dantian!

"Why can't I see the Sparite vein? Is this not the place?" Chen Xiang was suspicious.

"This place is still quite a distance away from the ground. If it were a normal person, they would have to dig for many years before they could reach here. The dragon's vein might not even be at this location. Maybe this is just a place to refine spirit liquids, so the situation here is too complicated. " Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang was floating at the entrance of the tunnel, when he suddenly saw a gold light flashing over. An old man appeared in front of him with a black hammer in his hand.

"Where did you come from?" The only entrance that can allow us to enter here is us. Could it be that you have been staying here all this time? " The old man's voice trembled.

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