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Down? Chen Xiang shivered. He was about to die from the heat, and if he continued standing at the side, he might even burn all his hair.

Right now, his entire body was wrapped in profoundwu diamond armour s, the shining golden armor looked dim in the Colorful Heaven Fire Realm, but his defense was still very strong.

"If the strongest flame was inside, could it be that this place is the center of Di Tian and is very close to here?" Chen Xiang was suspicious. Legend has it that the Super Old Sacred Land was near the center.

"Not necessarily. The center is very difficult to determine. Moreover, Di Tian has just reorganized himself, so the change is huge." Long Xueyi said: "Jump down, it might be painful in the beginning, but if you find a path down there, you can quickly head to Evil Dragon Graveyard."

Chen Xiang gritted his teeth as he screamed and jumped into the Rainbow Lake. The moment he fell into the lake, the terrifying fire energy penetrated through the profoundwu diamond armour and burned his flesh, making him feel as if he was about to disappear.

In just a split-second, he was severely injured. His bones, meridians, flesh, and vital organs were all burned, making his injuries extremely severe.

In the blink of an eye, he had recovered by half, and this was all thanks to his powerful Bone soul and Yulong blood.

His body was repeatedly ravaged for nearly half a day. The intense pain almost made him faint several times. He couldn't even cultivate.

Underneath the earth's core was the same as the deep sea. As he struggled in the hot liquid, his consciousness became fuzzy, let alone searching for a tunnel.

"I have to hurry up or I'm dead for sure!" Chen Xiang hurriedly swam upstream, but his speed was extremely slow.

"Is this the end? Darn you Little Naughty Dragon, you have truly caused my death! " Chen Xiang thought.

"Quick... Use the Chaos fire. " Long Xueyi suddenly shouted.

Chen Xiang used all of his strength to summon out the two Chaos fire s that he had fused with. Holding them in his palms, the Chaos fire immediately released a silver white sacred flame which wrapped around his body, causing him to suddenly feel much better.

"This thing is really powerful!" Chen Xiang let out a long sigh: "I still have five Chaos fire that I haven't mixed with. I wonder what will happen after I fuse them?"

This Chaos fire was very mysterious and required a bit of dragon blood to fuse with. Chen Xiang only had that little bit of dragon blood on him, and that was enough to fuse it.

Fortunately, Long Xueyi was able to discern the direction, and allowed him to swim towards the direction of the Evil Dragon Graveyard.

The color of the Flame Essence below was the same, but the temperature was many times hotter. As he was swimming towards the back, and was far from the center, Chen Xiang became more and more relaxed. He never thought that the ground below was actually this wide.

As Chen Xiang swam, Long Xueyi calculated the distance between them. After seven or eight days, Long Xueyi shouted, "It should be up here, take a look and see if there are any pa.s.sages."

The Fire Essence here was the most ordinary red color, but the temperature was still very high. If he did not have a profoundwu diamond armour, he would definitely turn into mist.

If Chen Xiang were to head upwards now, he would run into a very hard boulder. It would be very difficult to find a tunnel below.

"You search while we think of a solution." Long Xueyi said: "I hope there really is a path up there."

Chen Xiang said: "If there isn't anything, I will cut it open!"

"There has to be. If you want to form a super large vein, there must be a hole that will leak out energy. Countless years later, by chance, the soil on it will turn into mineral ores that you can mine." Long Xueyi said with certainty.

In order to form a mine, one had to have an innate advantage in terms of terrain. For example, a mountain in a mountain range could form a natural Spirit grain and form a formation to absorb the power of the sun, moon, and stars, triggering a formation to absorb the spiritual energy from the earth and earth, causing a large area of land to crystallize and form a Spar mine, or some other precious ores.

Those exploration aristocratic families combined the terrain and the star formations in the sky to search for the vein of mines. This required a very profound knowledge, and they also needed Spirit grain s that were proficient in natural stars to be able to see through the spirit of the mountains.

Chen Xiang took out the Imperial Crystal, but the Imperial Crystal still did not have any reaction, which made him suspicious.

The s.p.a.ce in the Core of the Earth was extremely firm. Even if Chen Xiang used the Luotian Gate s, he still wouldn't be able to open up the s.p.a.ce, not to mention that he was inside the Flame Essence.

"Calm down. Use your divine power to sense it and see if there are any weak changes." Long Xueyi said.

It was very easy for Chen Xiang to release his divine power here. The divine power he released was only to sense the changes in his surroundings, so he couldn't see it. If he used it to attack, it would turn golden.

He had been planning to give up for a few days, but he suddenly realized that there was a very weak change in one place. He felt that the fire essence in that direction would suddenly weaken a little bit, but it quickly recovered because there was an endless amount of fire essence in the earth's core.

If he had not tried it for a few days, he would not have noticed it and would have immediately swam towards that direction. However, he only knew the direction, it did not represent the exact location.

He was moving very slowly, keeping an eye on the subtle changes in order to find the place.

------ Chen Xiang had already been in the Fire Domain for a month, but the area around the Fire Domain was bustling with noise and excitement. More and more Mining Clan Clans came, because the few Mining Clan Clans that had just arrived were discovering more and more small and medium-sized mines.

Even many people came here to try their luck and see if they could dig up some very rare ores.

Only those great ancient powers knew the true inner workings of this place. Those exploration families were not searching for the vein of the mine, but for a natural divine formation. However, the hope was very slim.

In the beginning, the prospectors thought that it was only a part of the formation, but now that the mines had been broken, the Evil Dragon Graveyard was still unbreakable and looked even more powerful than the Ten Heavenly Holy Mountains.

The countless terrifying Lion Mountain in the Ten Heavenly Sacred Mountain could at least get a point in entry, but Evil Dragon Graveyard would be in danger as long as they got close to it. However, the Ten Heavenly Sacred Mountain was not the real tomb of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. If it was the place where the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was buried, then maybe it would be just as terrifying as the place he was buried.

In a mountain outside the Evil Dragon Graveyard, an elder stood on top of a mountain, looking at the raised black dragon head in the distance.

"Dad, is Evil Dragon Graveyard really the tomb of an evil dragon?" Duan Sanchang asked Duan Kong.

Duan Kong was Duan Sanchang's great-uncle, and also the Duan Clan's great-uncle. Duan Sanchang's grandfather's whereabouts were unknown a long time ago, and Duan Sanchang had only met his grandfather once when he was young. He was originally his grandfather's Patriarch, but now Duan Kong had replaced him.

Duan Kong also liked Duan Sanchang a lot, so he often brought Duan Sanchang on trips to the north and south.

Duan Kong looked at the black dragon formed by the black energy, and shook his head: "That is not the Evil Dragon's tomb, it is just a dragon shaped Sparite vein under the ground, and it is very large too!"

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