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Chen Xiang stepped on the Shrinking step, and in only three days, he arrived at the area covered in white flames. The last time he was here, he had spent a lot of time.

Previously, when he was undergoing his tribulation here, he killed a few important old fellows and caused the death of a Dan King.

Thus, he guessed that the white colored fire domain's next level would be the golden fire domain. He had cultivated until his Immortal Devil Body had reached large success, so entering the golden fire domain wouldn't be too difficult for him.

Right now, he was only relying on his body's defensive power, he did not use the profoundwu diamond armour s.

With Shrinking step, he traversed the white domain of fire within two hours and arrived at an area that was fiercely burning with golden fire. The temperature here was more than a hundred times hotter than the white domain from before.

Someone had done a Earth's Core Fire Realm survey and discovered that the Earth's Core Fire Realm's area was very large, equivalent to more than two Continent of the King s. Luckily, this fiery domain appeared at the side of Continent of the King, otherwise, the entire Continent of the King would have been destroyed. Even so, the Continent of the King still suffered heavy losses.

This Earth's Core Fire Realm was circular, and different colored flames revolved around it. Outside, the low level flames occupied the most land, while the center occupied the least land, but the temperature was the highest.

Chen Xiang had already arrived at the region of the Golden Fire Domain and the immortal could endure it. He estimated the distance he had traveled and guessed his position, discovering that he still had a long way to go before reaching the center.

The golden flames here were already so terrifying. Moreover, he felt that there were several layers behind them.

That kind of flame was like black and red blood, and when it came to this place his skin would even burn painfully. He immediately released his profoundwu diamond armour to defend, and if he was any slower, he might have been burned to death.

"What a terrifying black flame!" Su Meiyao exclaimed.

Chen Xiang continued to walk and found out that the flames in this area were black. Previously, it was because he was near the region of the Golden Fire Region that made his beard red.

"Could it be that the Core of the Earth is the strongest source of power for Di Tian? This black flame can easily burn those little immortals to death. " Long Xueyi's voice carried a trace of fear, her consciousness did not even dare to run around, as if she would be burnt the moment she went out.

Although he was in a very hot place, Chen Xiang felt a chill down his spine. Within the black fiery domain, he couldn't even see his five fingers in front of him.

"What's the next fire domain?" Chen Xiang felt that even if he had profoundwu diamond armour s, he wouldn't dare to stay here for too long. Otherwise, his mind would collapse from that invisible pressure.

The flames in the depths of Earth's Core Fire Realm could actually attack the mind!

Chen Xiang knew that the current Core of the Earth was completely different from the one he had gone to before. The Core of the Earth now was the complete Core of the Earth.

It was very possible that the power that allowed Di Tian to reconstruct and be reborn came from the earth's core.

"I can actually feel the heat now? From the soul, or from the flesh? Could it be that even profoundwu diamond armour are unable to withstand this flame? " Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart.

The three women inside the ring didn't dare to use their soul consciousness now, otherwise they would be attacked.

Chen Xiang's soul was currently very strong. Previously, when he was still trying to shake off the influence of the illusion array in the Lion Mountain, he was actually under attack here!

In his sea of consciousness, his soul shone with a golden light, resisting the incoming Flame power s made him feel better, and he could continue forward.

Since he was already here, he definitely couldn't give up halfway, he wanted to seize the super mineral vein earlier!

Chen Xiang knew that all of the Mining Clan Clans worked hard for those ancient powers. If those large powers obtained them, it would be very disadvantageous to him in the future.

"If it really is a super large mine, as long as I have this one, I can match up to ten or even a hundred of them!" Chen Xiang gritted his teeth as he stepped on his Shrinking step and advanced quickly.

After a difficult day, he finally pa.s.sed through the black fiery domain and arrived at an even more terrifying fiery domain.

"This is …" The Five elements heavenly fire! " Long Xueyi said in shock, "Even though you can create the Five Elements Flame, it's just an ordinary flame. It's very different from Sky Fire!"

Chen Xiang was now standing in the middle of a fiery domain composed of green, white, red, yellow and black flames!

"If this continues, I'm guessing that it will be the seven-colored heavenly fire. The one behind the seven-colored heavenly fire is definitely the Heaven and Earth Sacred Flame, and the one behind the Heaven and Earth Sacred Flame is probably the Chaos Flame. If this continues, the profoundwu diamond armour will not be able to hold on. " Currently, only Long Xueyi was able to communicate with him. As long as Su Meiyao and his consciousness left the Serene Jade Ring, it would instantly burn.

"He … I've painstakingly made it here, but I still haven't reached the center!" Chen Xiang's body was very warm, causing him great discomfort.

"According to what you said, I'm afraid that the chaos fire isn't the end!" When Long Xueyi said the names of all those flames, it was because of the inherited memories. She didn't know that much in the past.

"So what's the end? What other flame is more powerful than the primal chaos fire? " Chen Xiang took one step at a time, he did not dare use Shrinking step now, if he suddenly went to the terrifying place in front of him, he was dead for sure.

"I don't know, but there's one more layer!" Long Xueyi said, "It looks like you won't be able to get there. Rainbow Heaven Fire is your limit."

After a few days, Chen Xiang finally arrived at the next fire domain. It was indeed a seven-colored heavenly fire, the colors of the fire interweaving together, giving Chen Xiang a dazzling, burning pain all over his body.

"Isn't profoundwu diamond armour divine armor? Why is it so weak! " Chen Xiang said with his voice.

"It's true that it's a divine armor, but that depends on who uses it. Your current strength cannot be displayed." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang looked at the ground and realized that the ground was the most powerful one, to actually be able to endure this kind of incineration. Long Xueyi had also said before, these stiff floors were all melted, then mutated after being tempered by the flames before solidifying.

After walking for a long time, Chen Xiang suddenly felt that his vision blurred. In front of him, there was actually a lake, the water was multicolored and emitted a gentle multicolored light.

The Colorful Heaven Fire Realm did not have any flames, only endless multicolored light, but that was its most terrifying firepower.

"How beautiful, I really want to jump in and cool off!" Chen Xiang stood by the side of the Rainbow Lake. Although he said it like this, he knew that these water-like things all spouted out from the center of the earth.

This was equivalent to the density of spiritual energy turning into water.

"Maybe by infiltrating into the core of the earth and then entering the bottom of the Evil Dragon Graveyard, it is possible that the Evil Dragon Graveyard's super mineral vein is formed by absorbing the energy of the core of the earth. Maybe there will be a natural pa.s.sage." Long Xueyi said.

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