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Li Baojun was a little surprised to hear that Chen Xiang was going to look for a large scale mine.

"That's not easy to find, right? Many large sects might even search for one or two years." Li Baojun said: "Large scale pill shop is no problem, how can large scale mines be so easy to find?"

Chen Xiang had told him before that the Three Realms Talk would begin in a year.

"Don't worry, it won't be difficult for me."

He had Imperial Crystal, so it was obviously not difficult. Moreover, with the Tenth Heaven's reconstruction, he was confident that he would be able to find them within a year.

"I will go to the Pill City to get a pill shop now. With my strength, I should be fine."

Chen Xiang was very confident with Li Baojun, he was not afraid that Li Baojun would run away with the Longevity fruit, so he bid farewell to Li Baojun and ran in the direction of the Earth's Core Fire Realm.

The area that Earth's Core Fire Realm covered was very wide, the earth was always burning, it was caused by the eruption of the earth's core. He had been to the earth's core before, and knew that the stones in the earth's core were not simple, so he felt that he could try his luck near the Earth's Core Fire Realm.

The Earth's Core Fire Realm was very close to the Pill City. If it was night time, as long as they were at a high place in the Pill City, they would be able to see the light of the Earth's Core Fire Realm's fire.

There was a large forest near the Earth's Core Fire Realm. Last time, Chen Xiang killed the Five Sons of Wolf King here, and after he came here, he took out the Imperial Crystal and wandered around randomly, expanding the scope of the Imperial Crystal.

Right now, he wanted to create a sect not just for partic.i.p.ating in Three Realms Talk s.

This was the Tenth Heaven, and there might be a day when he could make a comeback. He would be able to build a solid foundation here, and by the end of the day, there would be many benefits, not to mention that he was at odds with many ancient powers. There were no powerful forces, and it would be hard for him to fight them all by himself, unless he had the power of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord to destroy the heavens with a lift of his hand.

Chen Xiang did not enter the Earth's Core Fire Realm to search for it. Even if he had found a vein deep within the Earth's Core Fire Realm, it would not be easy to mine it.

He had circled around the mountains outside of the Earth's Core Fire Realm to search for the mines. He felt that this was better than aimlessly searching for the mines.

After several days, he did not have any harvest at all. He had met many families that specialized in finding mines in these mountains. These families all specialized in finding mines, and they had a lot of experience.

Chen Xiang also understood that these families had indeed found a few medium-sized mines. They did not want these small and medium-sized mines, and they sold them to some small and medium-sized sects.

"Seems like there really are a lot of mineral resources around Earth's Core Fire Realm!"

Chen Xiang held onto the Imperial Crystal, and stood at the top of a tall mountain. Although he did not obtain anything, he was still very calm and collected, as he knew that it was not the first or second day searching for a large scale mine, and he did not have the vast knowledge of the prospectors, but he did have the Imperial Crystal, so as long as they were near the vein, he could feel them.

"Someone is coming? It seems to be that group of prospectors again. " Chen Xiang immediately turned into a rock and hid himself.

Five of them had the highest status, and the middle-aged men who had followed them should have been there to protect them, as well as to learn their mining skills.

"Uncle, the Xia Clan has found another medium grade vein, but we only found a few smaller ones. They are much weaker than us! What are we doing in a land of great desolation like this? There are no mines in this kind of terrain. " A middle-aged man said in a low voice to the old man leading the group.

The old man laughed coldly, "What do you know? Those few exploration families have sent out those old fellows, and they are still looking for the Emperor in the mines?" There are so many small and medium-sized mines around here, and they are not formed naturally, but are affected by external forces! "

"What?" The Emperor of the Mine? " A middle-aged man was extremely surprised. He looked at the serious expressions on their faces and immediately understood why the clan had invited these few old fellows out.

"This is real. Moreover, we have confirmed where the super great mine is, but it is a dangerous place. The Mine Emperor has comprehended the natural way and used the power he has to draw out a super great formation under the earth. There is only death in there."

"Therefore, we prospectors found many small and medium-sized mines to destroy that formation, but it was to no avail."

Chen Xiang was stunned, for the past few days he had been eavesdropping on the conversations of these families, he only knew that many of the smaller and smaller mines were being discovered nearby the Earth's Core Fire Realm, but he had not heard anything about these super mines.

"That dangerous place... Could it be the Earth's Core Fire Realm?! " The middle-aged man cried out in shock.

Chen Xiang also thought so, the center of Earth's Core Fire Realm was really a place of great danger, he felt that it was necessary to investigate.

"It's not the Earth's Core Fire Realm, but we believe that if we want to enter the heart of the super mine, we have to go through the center of the Earth's Core Fire Realm."

"Uncle, who is so powerful as to penetrate Earth's Core Fire Realm?" The middle-aged man sucked in a breath of cold air.

"No matter who it is, he will definitely die. Therefore, this method will not work. We can only choose to break through the formation, but our chances are slim. "

Chen Xiang was secretly happy, he had the profoundwu diamond armour, maybe he could go through the pa.s.sage below the Earth's Core Fire Realm to take a look at the super mine.

"Where is the super mine vein?" The middle-aged man asked again, which was what Chen Xiang wanted to ask.

"A thousand miles east of Pill City …"

The name of a dangerous place immediately surfaced in Chen Xiang's mind!

"Evil Dragon Graveyard!" The middle-aged man exclaimed.

Chen Xiang also did not expect that the super mine would actually be at that d.a.m.ned place.

It was indeed a ghastly place, devoid of any resources. There was a large piece of broken bones of strange beasts outside, and the surroundings were deathly still. The interior was shrouded in a thick fog all year round.

It was hard to imagine that it was a super mine!

"A while ago, a few immortals joined hands to throw a few giant mountains in, but after touching that formation, they all disappeared without a trace!"

"They even jointly attacked the dragon head formed by the black mist in the air. In the end, they infuriated the formation, so none of these old fellows came back! In the past, it could fly over Evil Dragon Graveyard, but now, it can't.

The Fire Region and the Evil Dragon Graveyard were three thousand kilometers apart but these people were searching for a way to break the formation. This was one way out.

"Could it be that we can go to the Evil Dragon Graveyard from the Earth's core? I wonder what the heart of that super mine will be like? We must go and take a look. " After this group of people left, Chen Xiang immediately headed to the Fire Region.

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