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In a small house in a secluded corner of the Pill City, Chen Xiang was refining ten batches of Zhuji Dan using his Dawan refining method in a secret room.

Right now in his mind, he was still in the process of refining ten batches of pills. This was different from the, since multiple Foreseeing Alchemy s were different from when he was refining a single batch of pills. After that, he would fuse the results of the ten batches of pills together and get the correct result.

had already failed six times, but every time he failed and started refining new pills, he would progress.

had already reached the final stage of condensing his core. He wanted to divide each ball of mist into four parts, and then condense them into cores.

This was an extremely difficult task, but Chen Xiang's consciousness had now improved by leaps and bounds, and the ten b.a.l.l.s of golden-green mist were slowly splitting apart. Not long later, inside each transparent Magic method furnace, there were four b.a.l.l.s of cyan colored small cyclones, and in the entire secret room, there were forty b.a.l.l.s of gas that were floating in a gold-green colored sea, shining like forty dazzling stars.

Right now, Chen Xiang had already reached the most critical juncture, Pill Condensation!

Although the ten Magic method furnace were transparent, they were still formed from condensed Fa Li and had substantial power. Currently, they appeared to be extremely unstable and they shook at the same time, causing the entire house to shake as well.

was covered in sweat, his head was in slight pain. At this time, his consciousness had already reached the limit of his control, if he continued to persevere, there would only be two results. His soul would either be injured, or his breakthrough successfully.

The wound to his soul was no trivial matter. He began to hesitate, whether he should persevere in condensing the pill or give up!

Now that he was at the final critical point of forming the core, he was only one step away from success. If he gave up now, he would miss this opportunity to break through.

Although his control over his spiritual sense had increased by a lot, it was still limited. He still could not completely control his powerful spiritual sense.

Chen Xiang clenched his teeth, let out a deep roar, and fully released all his strength. He released all his spiritual sense and magical power, and without thinking about any consequences, fused the two things together, forming a golden light that could be seen by the naked eye, enveloping the b.a.l.l.s of air.

"This is divine power. My spiritual sense and magic power have perfectly fused together to form this, so right now, I can only barely cultivate it!" This does not fit with common sense, his soul must have at least reached a superb realm to be able to cultivate and produce divine power! " Long Xueyi was extremely depressed. In order to cultivate G.o.d Power, she had to put in a lot of effort and only managed to learn the art of cultivating G.o.d Power because of her inherited memories and fate.

To step into perfection, spirit cultivation, especially for humans, was a must to step into perfection, and it was necessary to do so through 'enlightenment'.

"When did what happened to this little scoundrel make sense?" Su Meiyao laughed: "So you're saying that Little Scoundrel has entered the realm of perfection?"

"Not yet, but he's half a step into that level. I thought that he would need to become at least an immortal to be able to comprehend the Dao. I really didn't expect him to accidentally produce divine power while concocting pills." Long Xueyi was extremely unhappy, he snorted: "A blind cat has met a dead rat."

However, when she had stepped into the realm of perfection, she was still feeling extremely pleased with herself, because she was very satisfied with her own cultivation speed, thinking that she was even stronger than the Imperial Dragon Race Emperor, even though she had suffered a lot.

But now, Chen Xiang had figured out how to condense the divine power. This made her feel very comfortable, and very jealous!

Chen Xiang didn't know what had happened. Just now, in order to condense the pill, he used his spirit power and spirit power at all costs. In that instant, he only felt that he had entered a very strange state. He could clearly feel that the soul in his Sea of Consciousness was crazily absorbing the soul consciousness in the Sea of Consciousness, as if the soul and the Sea of Consciousness were fused together. The mana and the soul consciousness could easily fuse together into a very powerful invisible force, which made him feel like he could use this power to pull up some mountains.

The light rays from the secret room disappeared, and forty Zhuji Dan suspended in the air. Chen Xiang gathered his power, and all of them gathered towards him, and were placed into a jade box.

"They are all of high quality!" Chen Xiang said happily. Although something very strange had happened just now, he did not know that he had cultivated G.o.d Power so quickly.

Long Xueyi scoffed, "Little Scoundrel, you've cultivated G.o.dly strength, don't you know? Tell me what happened just now, and I'll give you some pointers. "

"Something really has happened. I feel like I can easily control those powerful mana and divine intents right now." Chen Xiang said.

"That's for sure, because those powers have all become divine powers, and you are the one controlling them. However, you have not completely transformed your sea of consciousness into Divine Sense Sea."

Chen Xiang told Long Xueyi about the changes in his sea of consciousness.

Long Xueyi exclaimed, "Little monster, you are actually starting to transform your sea of consciousness. It won't be long before you obtain the Divine Sense Sea.

Chen Xiang laughed: "So you're saying that I will soon enter the Heavenly Completion Stage?"

"I'm still far from being able to do that, but I'm sure that you will be able to attain perfection. Your Sea of Consciousness is very big, and it will take you a long time to transform it. What a little monster. The sea of consciousness is even larger than our Emperor Dragon, who is born to be a G.o.d. " Long Xueyi muttered: "This is all because of my guidance from Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord. "Yes, that must be it."

In terms of cultivating the divine way, Long Xueyi did contribute greatly, so Chen Xiang was very grateful to her as well.

"Many thanks, Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, come out and let me kneel down to thank you." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Humph, I'm going out to pinch your face? I won't do it, anyone can pinch the face of my Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord! " Long Xueyi snorted.

"But I've squeezed it many times."

"That's because I'm magnanimous. I won't argue with you, and I won't pinch you again in the future."

Chen Xiang only laughed, he decided that when Long Xueyi comes out, he would definitely rub her charming face, and even her chest …

"We should go out and see if our Dan King has found him."

He washed his body, changed his clothes, changed his appearance, and walked towards Pill Tower.

Li Baojun would wait outside the Pill Tower everyday. Although he did not know how Chen Xiang would find him, he had no other choice but to come here and squat every day.

The moment Chen Xiang got close to the Pill Tower, he felt a very familiar aura. This made him very happy, because Li Baojun had come.

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