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When Su Meiyao thought about the Dawan refining method and refining the Myriad Cauldron Pill at the same time, he was shocked!

Chen Xiang had only made three batches, but that multicolored light had already given people a strong visual impact. Forget about ten thousand batches, even a hundred batches would be enough to scare them to death.

"Oh right, there are some Spirit grain s added on top of the Heavenly Alchemy, but I have yet to see that part!" Chen Xiang said. He had only tried to refine Congenital Jiuyuan Dan once before, and later on when he was refining the pills, he wanted to add a few Spirit grain s to increase the effect. However, he discovered that many of the array formations were not suitable for refining pills.

He had acc.u.mulated quite a bit regarding Spirit grain and formations. It could only be said that the number of Spirit grain used to concoct pills was too little. If necessary, he would have to develop them himself. Of course, if he were to learn that Divine Book, he might even have a big breakthrough.

"In other words, those Ten Heavens Supreme Lord s could not have been created by him using this method!" Long Xueyi guessed.

Chen Xiang was shocked and almost lost his focus, almost dispersing the three b.a.l.l.s of mist. However, with his rich experience in handling difficult problems, he managed to stabilize himself.

"It's very possible that the Heavenly Alchemy is not only capable of refining mountains and rivers into a pill, but it is also capable of refining mountains and rivers. It can absorb the energy of heaven and earth, and replace all living things from heaven and earth. Chen Xiang said.

"Too terrifying, looks like Ten Heavens Supreme Lord has learnt quite a lot!" Initially, she thought that it would take a very long time and a lot of manpower to create those Lion Mountain s. However, if she used that Heavenly Alchemy, she could create them by herself.

The three batches of Zhuji Dan soon succeeded, four of them for one barbecue, and there were twelve of them here!

In order to master the Dawan refining method, one had to first not rely on the furnace to concoct pills, then they had to simultaneously master multiple pill furnaces. It required some techniques to control fire, as well as spiritual sense, which were all recorded in the Dawan refining method.

Only refining three batches, to Chen Xiang, was still too simple, because he already had a foundation.

"Ten batches!" This should be very difficult. " Chen Xiang took out ten batches of Zhuji Dan's medicinal ingredients and used his mana to control these medicinal ingredients to float in the secret room. Then, he released ten Magic method furnace's and stored these medicinal ingredients.

"Ten batches of Zhuji Dan s are easy to refine. What about ten batches of Xuan Beast Pills?" Long Xueyi imagined how Chen Xiang would be able to concoct one hundred thousand profound beast cores at a time. At that time, the profound beast cores would be like a small mountain, and she would be able to roll on top of it.

Learning the Dawan refining method had another benefit, it was allowing him to become familiar with using his mind energy. Although he had a very strong mind energy, if he did not know how to use it, it would just be a decoration, for example, a strong man with a full body of strength who did not know how to use any martial skills, it would just be a waste of his strength.

Therefore, Chen Xiang needed to do a lot of practice in this area, allowing him to freely control his powerful spiritual sense.

The secret room was a little small, and the ten batches of Zhuji Dan were split into two rows. The ingredients had already been smelted into Medicine aura s, and Chen Xiang was currently controlling the Medicine aura s to fuse with the medicinal powder to form ten b.a.l.l.s of cyan light that flashed explosively. Like ten small cyan suns, the entire secret room was filled with cyan light.

Chen Xiang was drenched in sweat, his brows were still twitching, and he realised that he had a strong consciousness, but it was powerless to control it.

He had a vast mana and could use mana to display a very powerful Heavenly dragon seal. However, to make him carefully control and refine the Ten Furnace Pill was so difficult that it was difficult for him to do so!

"We failed!" This was the first time Chen Xiang felt this way. It was not that his consciousness was lacking, his strength was lacking, or that he lacked experience, it was that he could not display his true strength.

"Don't be discouraged, finding out your weakness is always good. At least you can correct it now, you can borrow the Dawan refining method to practice it properly." Su Meiyao was naturally clear about the reason for Chen Xiang's failure.

"Junior Sister is right, you've already done very well!" Bai Youyou encouraged others as well. These past few years, the two girls had always been this way, causing Chen Xiang to always have the motivation to act when he failed.

"If you learn it well, you might be able to use the Transformation Techniques to create more tricks. You can use this Dawan refining method to help you build a firm foundation, and after you successfully refine the Ten Furnace Pill, I'll teach you." Long Xueyi laughed.

Chen Xiang took out ten batches of Zhuji Dan s' medicinal ingredients. Starting from the start, those Medicine aura s just now had already dispersed. Only a few remained in the secret room.

Although it was difficult to control, he had already taken a step forward. Once he could refine the Zhuji Dan, he would try to obtain an even higher level pellet.

----- Pill City was once again bustling with noise and excitement. The first few times, it was because of Chen Xiang, but this time, it was because of the Longevity fruit. Many people had crooked thoughts and wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h it away.

No matter what the bounty was, no one had ever seen Li Baojun, especially those Dan King s. They knew that the person who issued the bounty orders appointed Li Baojun to refine the Longevity fruit into a pill, which meant that Li Baojun's pill refining level was very high. However, no one had ever seen someone like this.

It was a pity that the bounty token did not have a name. Otherwise, they would have been able to tell what the name was based on.

Longevity fruit s were regarded as the highest level medicine that had appeared before, because it was an Immortal Fruit. In Mortal Realm, there was such a thing, so everyone could not help but to question, did it really belong to the Mortal Realm?

Of course, many people now knew that this Mortal Realm used to stand above the Nine Heavens and Ten h.e.l.ls, and was called Di Tian. However, he had declined and many people still called him Mortal Realm.

The Pill Tower was bustling with activity, the people crowded inside were all waiting for the Longevity fruit master to appear. They wanted to see who it was.

This Pill City was a big city, and the people who stayed here were mostly rich and affluent people. Even the waiters who worked in the shops had plenty of Spar s.

"Why did this kid lure me out? Fortunately I already ate the Beauty Dan, otherwise, I would definitely be annoyed to death right now. "

He was the Li Baojun that Chen Xiang was looking for, and also the person that many of the great powers had sent large groups of people to look for.

Li Baojun had arrived very early, and on the third day after the bounty was issued, he arrived at Pill City. Because he was in the Continent of the King, he concealed his ident.i.ty and used the wealth left to him by his master Li Tianjun to purchase many spirit medicines to use in pill refining to raise his level.

Don't look at his shabby clothes, the pills inside his Storage magic treasure could make many Dan King s die from greed. It was probably only Chen Xiang who would not want his pills.

Li Baojun had naturally come for the Longevity fruit, as long as he was a Alchemist, there was nothing that he wouldn't be moved by it. Although he couldn't find Chen Xiang, he still patiently waited for him to come. He was glad that he recognized Chen Xiang, otherwise, it would be very difficult to get close to the Longevity fruit.

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