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Chen Xiang placed a bounty order in the hall, and there were quite a few people who posted such items. The highest bounty was a few hundred million Spar.

Of course, he was not using the Longevity fruit as reward, he was only using it to lure Li Baojun out. However, the reward was not low either, it was a piece of profound energy Quenching body Dan, a high-grade Ground level Quenching body Dan, in the eyes of some people who urgently needed it, it was even more precious than the Relive Dan.

Chen Xiang had released a bounty on the old man so that he could appraise the pellet. The bounty had the old man's portrait and the image of the Longevity fruit on it, which meant the old man had refined the Longevity fruit into a pellet.

If he could find her, Chen Xiang promised to give her a piece of profound energy Quenching body Dan as compensation, so Dan Alliance quickly spread the news out.

No one recognized Li Baojun, but many of the old Alchemist s recognized the Longevity fruit, especially those Tong Tian Aristocratic Family s and sage realm Dan King s. They went in and out of the Pill Tower several times a day, wanting to meet Chen Xiang and see the appearance of the Longevity fruit with their own eyes.

To many people who could not break through, this was something that defied the will of the heavens. If the Dan Immortal could refine it into an immortal pellet and refine two of them, that would increase their lifespan by 20,000 years, even if a mortal lived for 20,000 years, let alone a cultivator.

There were many immortals in the Human Realm that came from there. Let alone these immortals, even the big shots of the big powers in the Heaven Realm would all s.n.a.t.c.h them away crazily.

Cultivating could help a person live for a long time, but it was not immortal, especially when one was unable to break through later on. As long as one was stuck for too long, they would die quickly, and if they could increase their lifespan, there would still be a chance for them to live for a long time.

This was the reaction that Chen Xiang needed. He knew that a lot of people would help to pa.s.s the news to him, at that time, even the Heaven Realm would probably help.

Even in Heaven Realm, there were very few medicinal ingredients. Now that he had the chance to refine the Immortal Grade's medicinal ingredients, even Dan Immortal would be unable to resist.

Chen Xiang reckoned that Li Baojun was just a Dan King, even if he could not refine an Immortal Pill, he would still be forced to come out due to this bounty. He had even left a secret signal inside the bounty, so the moment Li Baojun saw it, she would definitely recognize it as him.

In order to find Li Baojun, Chen Xiang had to stay in Pill City. He had originally planned to start learning how to refine high grade Ground level pills, but after trying it out with his dual Foreseeing Alchemy, he was immediately defeated. The difficulty was too great.

"Right now, you have only just mastered the second stage of Foreseeing Alchemy. When you are able to use the second stage to refine as you please, you can then learn the third stage of Foreseeing Alchemy." Su Meiyao said.

A high levelled pill was not only difficult to deal with with with with medicinal ingredients, there were also a lot of unknowns. Chen Xiang felt that even if he mastered the third stage of Foreseeing Alchemy, he would still not be able to refine a high levelled Ground level pill perfectly. At that time, like the other Alchemist, he would only be able to produce one pill.

He felt that if he wanted to make full use of the medicinal ingredients to refine pills, he would need to master at least the fourth stage of Foreseeing Alchemy. Only then would he be able to produce more high grade Ground level pills and easily use the medicinal ingredients.

Many of the Alchemist s were eager to gain benefits, they only wanted to obtain high quality pills and not quality pills, so the price of high quality pills was more than two times higher than the lower quality pills.

"I can take advantage of this time to learn Heavenly Alchemy s and G.o.d slain method s!"

Chen Xiang rented a small house and started to study the Heavenly Alchemy. After being immersed in studying it for a few days, he forgot to go to Dan Alliance to see if there was any news.

"It's too amazing, no wonder even Great Yan Jing only learned a little of it in ten days, this Heavenly Alchemy is really too powerful." Chen Xiang looked at it for a few days in succession as he exclaimed in shock.

"How powerful is it?" Su Meiyao was extremely curious, for the past two days she had been called Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang did not even pay attention to her.

"Refining the heavenly thunder into a pill, the mountains into a pill, the powerful beasts into a pill, the various energies in the world into a pill, the sun, moon and stars into a pill …" Chen Xiang muttered. If he did not own the Heavenly Alchemy, he would not have believed this ridiculous thought.

"This... Is this something a human can do? " Su Meiyao was also in disbelief, but this Heavenly Alchemy was something that he had learnt before in his life, and he had not even learned it yet.

"I don't know, maybe Ten Heavens Supreme Lord can do a small part of this!" Chen Xiang let out a long sigh. This Heavenly Alchemy was extremely profound, and required a very powerful force to feel it.

"Isn't the Heavenly Alchemy useless for you right now? Is there any pill forging technique suitable for people to learn? " Su Meiyao scoffed, she felt that only a G.o.d would be able to do what Chen Xiang had said before.

"Yes, it is a small trick. It is to refine multiple medicinal ingredients at the same time, allowing one to produce many pills in one go!" Moreover, you do not need to rely on the pill refining furnace to refine it. I can improve it a little and add Yanlong furnace s. Chen Xiang said.

"That's not bad. It can increase the speed of refining pills in Alchemist, especially for you!" Su Meiyao praised.

Chen Xiang also thought that this method was pretty good, because he had a lot of herbs. To support a sect or a pill shop, it would be very difficult for him to refine pills by himself.

"Anything else?" Su Meiyao asked again.

Chen Xiang shook his head: "I did not read the rest. All I saw were the pills used to concoct the pills, I will try to concoct more of them first."

He told Su Meiyao to process the three sets of Zhuji Dan's medicinal ingredients. If he wanted to open a sect, a large number of Zhuji Dan would be indispensable.

Zhuji Dan s were low grade profound level pills, and concocting one furnace was the easiest for Chen Xiang, but right now he wanted to concoct three batches at the same time.

Previously, Chen Xiang had tried to use both the Magic method furnace and the Pill Refining Furnace to refine it at the same time, but now he was going to use three of the Magic method furnace to concoct three batches of pills, which had very high requirements for his spiritual sense.

The Heavenly Alchemy originally needed someone with a strong spiritual sense to learn it, otherwise, it wouldn't be placed together with the G.o.d slain method.

The three floating medicinal ingredients were placed in three separate transparent pill furnaces. Chen Xiang released a flame and began to refine the medicinal ingredients.

When Chen Xiang went through his ultimate tribulation, he fused with the seed of fire, causing the Heaven fire soul to become even stronger. The Heaven fire he released out, under his exquisite control, instantly melted the Zhuji Dan's medicine, and the Medicine aura and the medicine powder were separated out.

This was the benefit of Fire Soul. Although flames could instantly refine medicinal herbs, they would not be affected by it.

The three b.a.l.l.s of azure light rotated within the secret chamber. Each time they revolved, the azure light would shine fiercely and dazzlingly, as if they were the three stars in the night sky.

"What kind of pill forging technique is this?" If you don't know Magic method furnace s, can you learn it? " Su Meiyao's heart itched from looking at the ring, he wished that he could start to learn now.

"This is called the Dawan refining method, at most, you can refine 10,000 sets at the same time, hehe, it's very scary isn't it? But according to the Heavenly Alchemy, this is not used to refine pills, but the things I mentioned before … "

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