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Now, the White Tiger could tell that Chen Xiang did not come to find him because of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, but because of some other reason. Seeing Chen Xiang's sinister expression, he felt that he had unknowingly jumped into a trap and dug this dangerous place himself.

"Senior White Tiger is indeed worthy of being a Martial Saint. I don't need anything to make up for it. I only know how to make up for my mistakes." Chen Xiang laughed, changed the subject, and said: "But right now, I need senior to help me with a little, to senior, it's nothing more than a small matter."

The White Tiger felt that he owed Chen Xiang a lot even if he had been in the White Tiger Divine Weapon, because even he couldn't bring out the other half of the White Tiger Divine Weapon right now.

"What kind of help? As long as it's within my capabilities, I will definitely help you. " The White Tiger agreed straightforwardly.

Chen Xiang chuckled: "I want to partic.i.p.ate in the meetings held by the strong powers in the third region of the Human Demon Realm, but if I want to partic.i.p.ate, I need some conditions, I need a strong person to stand guard over. If it's inconvenient for Senior, you can lend me a powerful person."

"The matter of the Three Realms Talk you mentioned? I know a bit about it too. Since this is a Great a.s.sembly of Humans and Demons, I wish to take a look as well. The White Tiger nodded. This wasn't anything difficult for him.

Chen Xiang expressed his thanks again and again, but he was extremely happy and almost shouted out loud in joy.

"This... "This brat has stirred up quite a lot of people outside. When the time comes, quite a few people will come to find trouble with me, so …"

White Tiger waved his hand: "Don't worry, I'll help you settle it when the time comes."

Chen Xiang said respectfully: "Thank you, senior. When Three Realms Talk is about to begin, I will come and find you!"

"Don't expect me to bring you into the Emperor's Tomb. Qi Shi's grave isn't easy to enter." The White Tiger said.

Qi Shi? This was the name of Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. This was the first time Chen Xiang had heard of this, and even Ji Meixian and Zhao Yiprofound did not know his name. Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was the head disciple of the White Tiger, so the White Tiger definitely knew a lot about him. Although Chen Xiang wanted to know, it was not the time for him to ask.

"Ten Heavens Supreme Lord is really dead? How did he die? Logically speaking, such a strong existence would not have died! " Chen Xiang was confused, although he did not say it out loud, but the White Tiger saw the doubt on his face.

"There are some things that you will know when the time comes! As for that piece of history, I don't want to talk about it anymore. In short, when the next era arrives, that piece of history will once again surface. "

The piece of history that the White Tiger spoke of was the piece of history that the Duan Clan had been digging up for many years. It was the details of the fall of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and the collapse of Di Tian.

After Chen Xiang bid farewell to the White Tiger, he jumped down from the tree hole. The mischievous Bai Zhenzhen rode on the big leaf and flew over, catching Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang really liked this beautiful little girl. Although she was a little naughty and gluttonous, she was still a little cute.

He chatted with Bai Zhenzhen for a while before realizing that the big tree was obtained by the White Tiger. It provided the entire White Tiger profound Realm with a large amount of life force, and was the lifeline of this profound Realm.

White Tiger Fighting Race's reproductive ability was very weak, so a little guy like Bai Zhenzhen was very precious and received great love from the White Tiger Fighting Race.

Bai Zhenzhen could not leave the area covered by the big tree, so she could not send Chen Xiang too far away.

Bai Zhan came to pick Chen Xiang up. Although Chen Xiang's strength was considered the weakest in the entire White Tiger Fighting Race, Bai Zhan knew very well how difficult it was to get his hands on the White Tiger Divine Weapon. There were many powerful white tigers in the White Tiger Fighting Race who tried to challenge the White Tiger but failed in the end.

The White Tiger Fighting Race respected the strong, so Bai Zhan was very courteous to Chen Xiang, and he even told Chen Xiang to stay for a bit longer, to wait for the young white tigers that had gone out to come back, then exchange pointers with him.

"Uncle clan leader, how did your prophets find out about what happened outside?" Does he go out often? " Chen Xiang asked, the White Tiger seemed to be very familiar with what was happening outside.

"This is mainly what we sent people to investigate and then report back to him. But even if we don't, he will know. Otherwise, we wouldn't call him a prophet." Bai Zhan laughed: "Brat, what a big commotion you are causing outside, all of us brats want to fight with you."

Chen Xiang said: "Hehe, if there's a chance, I also want to fight with them. Oh right, I have something to ask you. If the White Tiger wants to see your Prophet, will you accept it? "

"I can't wait for more! The Astral White Tiger's bloodline was extremely lost. Many years ago, the Prophet sent his family's experts to the starry sky to search, but there was no news of them at all! Could it be that you have seen the White Tiger? " Bai Zhan asked seriously.

"I have, in Sacred Dan Realm, his name is Bai Xing, he is very strong, and helped me summon a star." Chen Xiang said.

"Really? I will immediately report it to the Prophet and let him think of a way to contact Sacred Dan Realm's White Tiger. " Bai Zhan became excited and left in a flash.

Chen Xiang took out the Luotian Gate, opened a spatial door, and left the White Tiger profound Realm.

----- "Prophet, logically, for the White Tiger to awaken, there should be a very complicated ceremony. Only you or the elders and patriarchs of the Starry Sky White Tiger Race would know about the ceremony, does the Starry Sky White Tiger Race still have patriarchs and elders? During the battle against Di Tian, the entire Star Domain was destroyed, and the Starry Sky White Tiger Race still had a legacy! " Bai Zhan said as he frowned, "I also felt that it was strange. I had almost despaired for many years, I never thought that it would be in Sacred Dan Realm, and as for the Awakening Ceremony, everyone knows about it. It was probably the little white dragon that told the little kid to help him Awaken."

"Inform the Sacred Dan Realm immediately and have them investigate thoroughly. I will personally go see her when the time comes." For example, the current Bai Zhenzhen could get personal guidance from him. Many of the young generation of White Tiger Fighting Race were taught by him to grow up.

After Chen Xiang left the White Tiger profound Realm, he had to quickly return to Dan City. Right now, he had to find Li Baojun, he did not know whether Li Baojun had flown up, or else he would have to find a reliable Dan King.

"Looks like I can only try to use high-grade medicinal ingredients to lure this old fellow out." Chen Xiang came to the place where the bounty was placed. It was a tall tower built by the Dan Alliance.

"Let's use the Longevity fruit. I finally copied one of these." Su Meiyao said. Longevity fruit were immortal fruits, and required a lot of them.

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