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"Alright, I will come back."

When Chen Xiang left the Devil-subduing College, he thought about how he could raise the Dragon Subduing School to the level where he could partic.i.p.ate.

He used his Luotian Gate to come to the outskirts of the Pill City and asked Long Xueyi while walking in the forest, "I say, Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, as the Great Clan Elder of the Dragon Subduing School, do you have any way to make me qualified to partic.i.p.ate in the Three Realms Talk? "You're not allowed to brag."

"The disciples of the Dragon Subduing School are either seedlings or people who cannot bear to see the light of day! For example, you, me, Zhao Yiprofound, and Ji Meixian. Who knows how long it will take a rookie like Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong to grow up. This is a little difficult, let me think about it again. " This time, Long Xueyi did not brag. She seriously thought of a way, because she also wanted to join the Three Realms Talk.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were also thinking of a way. Chen Xiang did not enter the city. He sat under a tree outside the city and thought of a way to enter.

"Alright, looks like I can only find Li Baojun. This guy should have pa.s.sed through the Nine Nirvana Tribulations and become a Dan King!" Chen Xiang said. Li Baojun was trustworthy, but it was difficult to find him.

"If we can find Li Baojun, who is also a Dan King and an expert who has undergone the Nine Nirvana Tribulations, then we need to get another expert who has undergone the Nine Nirvana Tribulations." Su Meiyao said.

However, there were no suitable candidates, although Chen Xiang knew many strong warriors, he could not pull them over.

"It's only temporary, so there's no need to waste the experts' time. Where are we going to find them?" Using high-level elixirs could be replaced by others, but it wasn't worth it. Furthermore, it is very hard to trust someone who has randomly found me. If he were to be able to see through my ident.i.ty, he would definitely make a move against me. Or a battle and you suddenly run away. " Chen Xiang shook his head.

"If only I could go to the Sacred Dan Realm. I can get a boat from the Immortal and the Dan King."

Long Xueyi said: "I do, do you still remember White Tiger profound Realm? Let's go ask the big white cat to come out! "

The big white cat that she was talking about was the White Tiger that had reincarnated from the G.o.d of Slaughter. Previously, Chen Xiang was still confused as to why the White Tiger was hiding in the Mortal Realm.

"Can you think of a more reliable method?" Do you think I'm an Azure Dragon or a Black Tortoise when you invite a White Tiger out of the mountain? Besides, isn't it just dealing with a bunch of kids? Is there a need to invite the G.o.d of Slaughter out? This is bullying. " Chen Xiang shook his head. His thoughts were good, but it was not realistic.

"Why don't you think of a way to raise your strength within a year, overcome the five Nirvana Tribulations, and release the great lion of You Ming Deep Abyss. Long Xueyi said.

"I've only just crossed the Second Nirvana tribulation, and I've been raised by three levels in a year? "Impossible!" Chen Xiang shook his head. Saving the Super Old Fire Beast was not very realistic.

"Where is Super Old Sacred Land's little Blue Dragon?" Long Xueyi said again.

A little basketball dragon? If Lan Cang knew, he would definitely spurt out a mouthful of blood.

"I don't dare see him for a short period of time. He must know that I've tricked a group of people to disturb him. Many old fellows have been rendered half-dead by Brother Lan. If he goes, he'll only draw even more hatred."

Chen Xiang thought for a while, "I will still go to White Tiger profound Realm to take a look, there should be many powerful tigers there! Furthermore, we haven't seen Zhenzhen for a long time, we can go and see how this little tiger has changed. "

Bai Zhenzhen had taken Chen Xiang to tame the little white tiger that day, and gave it her name before bringing it back to the White Tiger Fighting Race.

"I miss her too." Long Xueyi laughed.

Chen Xiang snorted lightly. Long Xueyi and Bai Zhenzhen, the two big gluttons, had eaten quite a lot of his food.

thought that they should be acquainted. He wanted to ask the White Tiger if he could find out anything.

The White Tiger profound Realm was at the bottom of the ocean near the Leisurely Immortal Sea. Chen Xiang had entered from there with a large group of people the last time.

But since Chen Xiang came out, the entrance had been closed. If he wanted to go in again, he would have to use the Luotian Gate.

After many short teleports, he finally reached the Chen Martial Continent after a few days. The change wasn't too great, it was just that the strength of the various large sects had increased by a lot.

He had originally wanted to return to the Super Martial School, but after sensing how many powerful auras there were inside the city, he felt that it was better to let it go. If he got too close to the Super Martial School and was discovered, everything that Huang Jintian had planned for would be for naught.

He had even made a trip to the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country. He had originally wanted to look for Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue, but they were not in the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country. He went to the Dan Fragrance Pure Land to look for Hua Xiangyue, but found out that the three women were travelling together.

"Divine Weapons Heavenly Country and Dan Fragrance Pure Land might have also been invited, because this could also be considered a huge battlefield. There have been many great wars between human and demon beasts before this. " Chen Xiang had only partic.i.p.ated in this one time, and he had killed many Rankers in the Devil Race.

Chen Xiang suddenly remembered that both the Devil Race and the Blood Wolf King had a feud with him. The Blood Wolf King of the Blood Wolf Demonic Clan had died in the Rough and Random profound Land, if not it would be a huge enemy to him.

After returning to the Chen Martial Continent, Chen Xiang found out that the hundred thousand demons had become a super dangerous place because there were many Magical corruption gas floating inside. They formed a barrier, and one could only fly through from the high alt.i.tude if they wanted to.

When Chen Xiang arrived near the Lotus Island, the ocean had already disappeared, but there were many mines buried underground.

"It should be here!" Chen Xiang took out the Luotian Gate to confirm the location. Even though the place he was at was a huge mountain, it was the place he entered the White Tiger profound Realm back then.

Activating the Luotian Gate, Chen Xiang successfully opened the dimensional door, and after he entered, he appeared beside a small river. Standing by the river side, he watched as the small river slowly flowed by, sucking in the enchanting fragrance of the flowers. He really wanted to stay here for a period of time before leaving, the environment here was simply too good.

This was the White Tiger profound Realm, but it was different from what he saw when he first entered. At that time, the surroundings were ice and snow, but now, the place was filled with the fragrance of flowers and birds.

Just as Chen Xiang entered, he saw an old man coming out of nowhere. He had a kind smile on his face.

This old man was the patriarch of the White Tiger Fighting Race, Bai Zhan!

"Little brother, you're finally here. The little girl, Zhenzhen, has been wanting to look for you all day." Bai Zhan laughed and said. Although he looked kind, this old fellow was the patriarch of the White Tiger Fighting Race, his strength was unfathomable.

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