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The Three Realms Talk had already obtained the truth, but the exact time had not been determined yet. The information Chen Xiang had gathered was not very reliable.

In the Devil-subduing College, many young students were sparring in the square. All kinds of noisy fighting sounds gathered together, creating a shocking scene, which made the whole school full of energy.

Chen Xiang came to the Devil-subduing College. He had an old friend here, who was the Princ.i.p.al of the Devil-subduing College, Zuo Zhenxuan.

If it wasn't for Chen Xiang messing with the Devil-subduing College back then, that old man Zuo Zhenxuan would still be trapped in the dungeon, and the Devil-subduing College wouldn't have such a huge change.

"Kid, you're always sneaking around every time you come looking for me."

When Zuo Zhenxuan returned to his own residence, he saw Chen Xiang sitting in the pavilion in his courtyard. Although there were a lot of array formations arranged at the place he lived, Chen Xiang still entered very easily.

Although Zuo Zhenxuan had a head full of white hair, he still looked spirited. If his hair was dyed black, he would be a middle-aged man filled with the vitality of dragons and tigers.

"Old Zuo, have you pa.s.sed the Nine Nirvana Tribulations?" Chen Xiang picked up the fruits on the table and started to eat them, treating this place as his own home.

"He's survived. It's a nine out of ten chance of survival." Zuo Zhenxuan recalled the danger he faced during the tribulation and felt a lingering fear. "If you have something to ask me, just say it."

Rumor has it that Chen Xiang had already died in the Lion Mountain, and yet he was still sitting here full of energy, but Zuo Zhenxuan was not surprised at all.

Previously, there were White Sea Imperial Land s and Feng Clan s, and a portion of the Peach Blossom Imperial Land s wanted to capture Chen Xiang. This was because Chen Xiang had killed their Son of Heaven, and that Son of Heaven's origins were not small. Furthermore, the chief of the Dan Alliance, Chen Xiang, had killed his disciple.

Other than that, there were also the immortals who had died in the Transmission array, or those who had been injured because of Chen Xiang's destruction of the Transmission array.

Chen Xiang possessed the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and Heaven Earth Killing Method, and had even used many precious Heaven level s and spirit medicines. Just with these, it already made people think of him, but he looked very relaxed now.

"I would like to inquire about the matters of the Three Realms Talk. I would like to know the time and venue for the meeting." Chen Xiang asked. As the princ.i.p.al of the Devil-subduing College, Zuo Zhenxuan had learned the tenth floor of the Devil Subduing Method. He was strong, the strongest person in the entire Devil-subduing College.

Zuo Zhenxuan was instantly shocked: "You brat, you want to go and cause trouble?"

"Nah, I just think that when the time comes, these guys will work together to plot against me." Chen Xiang said.

"That's right, I also know a bit of the Three Realms Talk's details. The Green dragon demon-slain broadsword are too much of a threat to Demon Realm, and if you want peace, they would like for the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword to appear, or for the three parties to join hands to capture you, and seize the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and seal you." Zuo Zhenxuan nodded.

"Am I not dead? Why are they still thinking about this blade? " Chen Xiang curled his lips.

"There are many ancient powers in the Three Realms Talk. They calculated this using some ancient methods and they know that you are not dead yet." Zuo Zhenxuan said.

Chen Xiang's face was filled with unhappiness: How can they be like this? My Green dragon demon-slain broadsword never threatened them. On the contrary, they often threatened me, persecuted me, and even tried to stab themselves in the face of my blade. What does that have to do with me? "

"Who doesn't know about this? But you need to know about the ways of these big powers. Everything they say is correct, everything they do is reasonable. Even if they do something that the heavens cannot accept, they would still call it acting on behalf of the heavens." It was not like Zuo Zhenxuan had never been at such a disadvantage before.

"These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!" Chen Xiang clenched his fists.

"They will begin preparations for the Three Realms Talk in half a year. Now, let's start a complete truce and call all the demons back! It will take them at least a year to truly start the Three Realms Talk. On one hand, they have to catch you and find the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword! "

"What if they can't find the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword?" Chen Xiang was very sure that they would not be able to find that group of people.

"As scheduled. However, they will sign an agreement that the three of them will join hands to capture you." Zuo Zhenxuan said.

Chen Xiang took a big bite of the fruit, chewed for a bit, and said: "Then what Three Realms Talk are they carrying out? Now we all know what's going on. "

"Knowing the content of the talks does not mean that I will agree to those agreements. At the very least, I will not sign them! If you want my Devil-subduing College's students to capture you, that would simply be sending them to their deaths, and p.i.s.sing you off, the Devil-subduing College might just get torn apart by you, it's not like you've been tormented by the Devil-subduing College twice before. " Zuo Zhenxuan laughed.

When the time comes, there will be a grand gathering. When the time comes, you can go and cause a huge ruckus, but you must not underestimate the talents of the three realms. The formidable ones are not only the heavenly sons and daughters, many of the great powers' successors will be very strong.

Chen Xiang frowned as he thought about something, and asked: "What level of power does one usually need to be in order to partic.i.p.ate in Three Realms Talk?"

"We need to have a Dan King, an immortal equipment, a trillion Spar, ten large mines, a large medicine store, and two experts who have just crossed the Nine Nirvana Tribulations..." Zuo Zhenxuan thought for a while, then said: "And also a very famous Leader."

Chen Xiang scratched his chin and thought, if it was his Dragon Subduing School, he didn't know if he could qualify to partic.i.p.ate. He had the immortal equipment, and the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword was fine. It was not difficult for him to gather billions of Spar, so he had quite a few on him. It was not hard to find ten large mines. He had Imperial Crystal. He could be considered to have a large pill shop. As for the Dan King … Hua Xiangyue was the Dan King that he knew, but she was a Leader of the Dan Fragrance Pure Land, so he could not bring her here. For two experts who had survived the Nine Tribulations, this was a bit difficult.

As for the famous Leader, he was very famous. In terms of fame, he was number two, and no one dared to say he was number one.

"Then I can join the Three Realms Talk?" Chen Xiang asked, he suddenly wanted to partic.i.p.ate in the Three Realms Talk's compet.i.tion as a Leader.

"There are people who would like to recommend me. For example, if I am invited, I can recommend you." Zuo Zhenxuan saw that Chen Xiang was thinking about something, and asked: "You can't be thinking of letting me recommend some people to partic.i.p.ate, right?"

Chen Xiang spread out his hands and said: "Of course not, I no longer have any relationship with the Super Martial School. But I might join a sect in the future, and if necessary, Elder Zuo can help me recommend our Leader s to join that whatever Three Realms Talk. "

"No problem." Zuo Zhenxuan agreed very quickly. He did not stop Chen Xiang from causing trouble and liked to watch the show.

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