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I'll just continue translating this for now. I'll post the start of the next arc in a few days.

I changed drachen nicht gra.s.s to dragon nicht gra.s.s since I kept making that mistake. I kinda like the word 'nicht' though so that's staying. Also, I feel like I should change the way Renwovurm speaks a bit, maybe turn it into ye olde english or something. I don't know how to do it though plus the way she speaks isn't consistent anyways…

Chaper 21: Defeated! Then the conclusion!

TL: kizen who, like the author, is also inconsistent…
ED: Filip(i consistently get caught up in the story and miss anything wrong, pls help in comments)

AN: Decisive battle for the world's most vulgar monster (´・ω・`) The conclusion

When that concentrated white beam and blazing blue flame clashed, they converged and all the energy acc.u.mulated burst out.

Because of that, every corner of the already rundown cave was burned to a crisp resulting in its collapse.

The torrent of magic power brought forth a glaring white flash that was so bright it made me close my eyes.

Then, as that flash gradually disappeared, I opened my eyes to look around the cave that has fallen silent and saw the figure of the dragon with black smoke rising from its body.

Its big boulder-like body was wobbling.

「GUROOO…… (I, lost……)」

The blue dragon Renwovurm collapsed causing the ground to shake.
Her long neck reaching to my side.

The dragon who was gasping while covered in wounds, opened her mouth and said.

「GAROOO…… (To think that the day I would get defeated would come…… Moreover, it was to this pervert……)」

Don't call me a pervert.
It's a dog's nature to want to lick everything.

「GUROO…… (Oh dear me, I've already lived a long life, didn't I……?)」

The dragon who was lying on the ground silently closed her eyes.

「GUROO…… (Go ahead, finish me off. I have no regrets……)」

「Wan (No, uhm… I feel bad for ruining the mood but I'm not going to do that, okay?)」

In the first place, this fight was just caused by a misunderstanding.
This guy no longer feels like fighting so any more than this is unnecessary.

「GAROOO…… (What? Does this mean you're sparing my life? Don't you want the honor of killing a dragon?)」

「Wan (Don't know, don't care. A pet doesn't need to acquire such a thing)」

I just want to live idly and do nothing but eat and sleep while getting spoiled after all.
I don't want anything more than that.

I'll say it as many times as you want.
A pet's life is the best.

「GAROOO…… (Fuu. Aside from being bold, this boi*is also humble and compa.s.sionate. You'd be a pretty fine specimen if we exclude your perverseness)」 12

It feels like I'm being zealously targeted by this thousand-year-old spinster dragon.

However, I'm not into b.e.s.t.i.a.lity so I would have to refuse.
Also, stop calling me a pervert.

Anyway, is this one going to be alright with all those injuries?
She's filled with cuts and burn marks so she's in a pretty terrible state.

「GUROOOO…… (Fu. No need to worry. I only need to rest a little to recover from wounds of this degree. The fight with you, contrary to my expectations, was pretty fun you know)」

「Wan wan (I don't want to do something like that ever again though. Well, but still, it must be pretty lonely being alone in such a place, right? I'll come back to play with you again some other time)」

If you talk to her like this, you'll understand.
Renwovurm is not a bad dragon.
Since we caused her trouble in a lot of ways, it would probably be good if I brought along some of old man James' cooking as a present when I come back here next time.

「GAROOO…… (This place is in such a terrible state. The reason why my nest is in such a state …… Half of it was your fault, right?) 」

「Wan (……yes… I'm sorry)」

「GAROOO…… (Kuhahaha. 'Twas only a joke. I'll go to sleep already, feel free to take anything that you want from my nest. Acquiring treasures is connected to dragon extermination after all) 」

Renwovurm curled up her body then closed her eyes.

「Wan (Well then, Renwovurm. Let's meet again okay?)」

Renwovurm just lightly swung the tip of her large tail as a reply.
After making a wry smile seeing that lazy stance that resembles closely mine, I went towards Zenovichan to wake her up.

「Ku~n ku~n (Zenovichan, wake up~. It's about time for my licking time you know~?)」

I poked her head and shoulders but there's no sign of Zenovichan waking up.

I already found the briefcase with Dragon Nicht Gra.s.s inside so I just need to wake Zenovichan up then we can go back to the mansion.

「Ku~n Ku~n (Just licking your sleeping face won't be fun you know~. I want to lick your bitter tears once you wake up. Wake up~ wake up~)」

「Nya~n (That's quite a shocking fetish you have there Routsan……)」

I suddenly heard a cat's cry from behind.
I was so surprised that I jumped up.

「Wafuu!? (Whoa!? NNafra!?)」

「Nya~ (Yes. It is I, Nafra desu. Master guessed that you would have been done by now so I was told to come and meet you. Because of that, I'm here right now)」

Nafra was sitting on my back as if she had been there from the start.
While I was surprised, she was just sitting there carefreely cleaning her face.

「Wan wann ( Does that mean that you chased after us!?)」

「Nya~n (No no. That's not the case. I can't even win a race with Routsan, can I? With spatial magic, it's instantaneous you know? Using Routsan as an anchor, I came here by jumping through s.p.a.ce……nya)」

Magic is amazing.
It can even do something like teleportation.
Also, as usual, she still isn't accustomed to adding "nya" to her sentences.

「Wan wan (Nafra, you, are you actually someone amazing?)」

「Nya~n (That may be too muchー. With my magic power, I can only set coordinates to 3 points at most. Master's atelier, Gandorf-san's mansion and Routsan)」

So the third one was me!?
Can you actually mark individuals with that?

「Wan (……you didn't ask me for permission for that, didn't you……?)」

Is that why you always appear in front of me no matter the time or place?
Even a pet needs his privacy you know!?

「Nya~n (I was only following master's orders so……  forgive me nyan~♪)」

Nafra placed her cat paws by the side of her pace then moved it like a beckoning cat.

So cute~.
I forgive you~.

s.h.i.t. So cunning Nafra, so cunning.

「Nya~n (Well then, shall we go home? Let's go before that scary dragon sleeping over there wakes up)」

「GARROOO…… (I can hear you, you know……)」

「Nyaa! (Hawawa! Hurry hurry!)」

Renwovurm's sleepy groan surprised Nafra that she leaped onto Zenovichan's lap.

「Nya~n (Well then, we're transferring now okay~. You didn't leave anything behind, did youー?)」

A white s.p.a.ce spread out with Nafra at its center. I'm guessing that that's the effective range of her teleportation magic.

I grabbed the case.
I wanted to leave Zenovichan's greatsword there but unfortunately, it fell right by Zenovichan's side.


Together with Nafra's loud cry, the scene started to distort like looking through a heat haze.
The next moment, we're no longer in that dark cave but instead at the mansion's wide courtyard.

Complete with the ever familiar garden, large tree, and the beautiful fountain.
And in the middle of all of that stands a luxurious mansion.
It's the house that I'm used to seeing.

「Wan (It really was just an instant……)」

While we were fighting, it seems like the sun has already risen quite high in the sky.
We suddenly came to a bright place so I was dazzled by the sunlight.

「Hey. Welcome back. It went quite smoothly, didn't it?」

The witch Hecate who was wearing a wide-brimmed hat came out to meet us.

「Wan wan (Are these the Dragon Nicht Gra.s.s? Do we have enough?)」

「That's it. And it's also more than enough you know?」

I handed the case stuffed full of Dragon Nicht Gra.s.s to Hecate.

「Well then, I guess I should get started with refining the miracle drug. Nafra, I'll leave examining Zenovichan to you」

「Nya~n (Ye~s. Roger, nya)」

「Wan wan (I'll entrust it to you Hecate)」

「Leave it to me」

After seeing Hecate off, I immediately went to Ojou-sama's side.

It's absolutely regretable but I'll just have to wait for the next opportunity to lick Zenovichan's crying face.

As I ran through the hallway, I pa.s.sed by a maid who was angry because I'm not allowed to run there but I'm in a hurry to reach Ojou-sama's room so I didn't stop.

「Wan wan! (Ojou-sama! We brought the medicine! With this, you can now get better quickly!)」

I used my forefoot to open the door as I rushed into Ojou-sama's room.

「Ara ara, Routa. Just where did you go? Ojou-sama was worried you know?」

Mirandsan the maid stood up from her seat.

It seems like she has been with Ojou-sama for quite a while nursing her since slight marks of fatigue are showing at the bottom of her eyes.

「Wan (Sorry!)」

While apologizing to Miradsan, I climbed up to Ojou-sama's bed with my forefeet to check her condition.


Ojou-sama opened her eyes while still in her feverish state.


Then, tears immediately started to run down those eyes.

「Where did you goo……… You were gone for a long time……… I was really worried……!」

She wrapped her hands around my neck and tightly and pushed her face against it.
Ojou-sama's body was so hot it felt like she was on fire.

I guess this is the limit of Hecate's antipyretic medicine.
It must be really painful for her.
It breaks my heart knowing that I left Ojou-sama for half a day in such a helpless state.

「Kuーn kuーn (I'm sorry, Ojou-sama but I had to go and get some medicine that would make Ojou-sama's condition better)」

「Routa……Routa…… Don't leave me alonee……」

「Kuーn (Yes yes. I won't go away anymore, okayー?)」

Ojou-sama's complain filled hug continued until Hecate brought over the medicine she refined.

After drinking the miracle drug, Ojou-sama's fever quickly came down.
That evening, Ojou-sama was now able to get up so Papsan cried while rubbing his cheeks against her.

「Oohhhhhhhh, Maryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Thank goodness! Seriouslyyyyyy, what a relief!!」

「Ufufu. Father, your mustache is tickling me」

Ojou-sama gently calmed Papsan who was clinging to her.
If it's like this then I'm not sure which one of them is the parent here.


Right there, Zenovichan came in flying.

It seems like she finally regained her consciousness.
Did Nafra treat her I wonder? It seems like even the wound on her back from being thrown by Renwovurm got cured.

「Ah, Zenovisan」

Ojou-sama answered Zenovichan's call with a smile.

「Ojou-sama, how are you feeling……!?」

「Yes. I'm already better. It's all because Zenovisan looked for the ingredients for the medicine. Thank you very much」

「Zenovikun! I also give you my thanks! Really, thank you!」

While shedding a waterfall of tears, Papsan grabbed Zenovichan's hand.

「I was also making preparations to obtain it so I know but the Dragon Nicht gra.s.s is some kind of elusive medicinal plant because it doesn't grow anywhere aside from a dragon's nest, right? You probably ignored the dangers and went to that sort of place knowing that there's a chance to fight a dragon all for the sake of Mary, didn't you?」

「Ha!? No, uhm……!」

A bewildered Zenovichan was being barraged by Papsan's vigorous praises.

「In the middle of the night, I saw a strip of light running towards the sky that was visible all the way over here. I guessed that there was some kind of fierce battle happening in that area. So that was Zenovikun's doing after all. As expected from a former SS3 rank adventurer. I'm really glad that I invited you to this mansion. Obviously, I will give you a reward. You can ask for whatever you want!」

「No! You're mistaken! I didn't do any……!」

As far as Zenovichan was concerned, that was a huge misunderstanding.
If you only look at the result, all that Zenovichan did was rummage the place but even though the last thing she remembers was fainting, she's now being treated as a hero in the mansion.
You would obviously get bewildered by that.

「Mistaken……? However, we do actually have the Drachen Nicht gra.s.s here…… If it wasn't Zenovikun, then who in the world did it……?」

Because of Zenovichan's forceful denial, this time it was Papsan who was bewildered.

Thinking about who was absent from the mansion yesterday, it was only Zenovichan and a certain animal.
That is to say, me.

Because of that, everyone's gazes were focused on me.

「Wafuu (……ah!)」

I was so focused on getting the Dragon Nicht Gra.s.s that I didn't consider a means to deceive them afterwards.

What's worse is that Hecate isn't here to give me a follow-up.
Even though it's far away, they were able to see the battle so they know that somebody was fighting the dragon.
As expected, if a dog is fighting a dragon, everybody would think that there's something weird going on.
As it is, my true character would get exposed.


Miradsan the maid looked down on me with eyes filled with fear.

「Kyuーn kyuーn! (You're wrong Mirandsan! I'm just an ordinary charming white puppy! Don't point those doubtful eyes at me! Seriously! Please! I don't want to part with my current lifestyllllllllleeeeeee!)」

「Routa? Could it be……?」

Even Papsan's voice was trembling as he asked me.
It feels as if there's fear mixed to that voice.

I-it's no good. I'm done for if even Papsan who is the head of the family is doubting me……!
What do I do……! What do I do……!
I can't think of anything at all……!

「Routa…… Don't tell me it was……」

「ーha, hahahaha!!」

That cheerful laughter drowned out the silence of that situation.

「Now that you've noticed it, it can't be helped! That's right, it was I who defeated the dragon and brought home the Dragon Nicht Gra.s.s! It was a formidable opponent but by my hands, I defeated it!」

Zenovichan puffed up her chest and began talking proudly.

「Kuーn (No way. You're the one who's sending me a lifeboat in this situation……?)」

She's doing such terrible acting though.
Considering Zenovichan's character, portraying somebody who steals other's achievements should be the thing she hates the most.
But even with that, is she enacting this performance all because of me?

「Oohh, it was as I thought. It was Zenovikun after all!」

「Ha, ha ha ha! That's not all! I also took Routa with me since I thought he might be able to do something but he just got scared and was completely useless in battle! I guess that was to be expected, he's just a normal dog after all! Ha ha ha ha!」

Zenovichan is doing this to hide my true nature after all.
As proof of that is how hard she was grasping her hands to avoid it shaking as she said such lies.

Endure it. Endure it, Zenovichan.
This is for my sake so please put up with it for now……!

Papsan frolicking over Zenovichan calling her AMAZIIIING and such continued for a while longer after that.

「Gafu Gafu! (Tashty! Reely Tashty! As expected, the old man's meals are the best!)」

The first batch of meat from the wild boar, which was just the boar's loin, finished curing and was turned into grilled steak seasoned only with salt and pepper so I was wolfing that down.

The thick meat was thoroughly cooked using an oven at low heat at first before burning the excess fat off with a strong open flame.
Even though it was thoroughly heated to remove the meaty smell, it's still juicy as it is. Biting it causes all sorts of flavor to come out because of all the oozing meat juices.

Ultra tasty! This is a quality you would expect from a master griller!

「Nya~n! (It's true. It really is tasty, isn't it! Routsan!)」

「Wan wan! (d.a.m.n right! It's the greatest! By the way Nafrsan, could you stop stealing my meal from the side?)」

This is mine! Hecate prepared yours, right!?

「Nya~ (Ehhー. Don't say such mean things. Let's just split it in half. Halfsies, okay♪)」

「Wan wan! (You were planning to consume half of it!? I'm appalled by such imprudence!)」

I won't allow you even if you did say that in a cute way!

「Chuー chuー (That's right. Don't you know your place you worthless cat?)」

It feels like this is the first time I heard that strange cry.

「Chuー chuー (Hmm. It's just as you said, this meat is extremely delicious. It's decided. I'll be coming back to have some more)」

When I looked down to where the meat was, there was a small mouse was sitting pretty at the edge of the plate
It was skillfully using its hands to munch on a piece of meat.
It has a pretty unusual looking vivid blue fur.

「Nyaー! (A, a mouseー!? Mice are scary! Routsan, defeat it! Step on it!)」

Nafra jumped while screaming.

「Wafu…… (Why are you scared of a mouse even though you're a cat…… You really do have a lot of quirks, don't you……)」

「Chuー (Good grief. What a noisy one. Right, my dear?) 」

The blue mouse ran on my hand and climbed the top of my head.

「Wafuu (H-hey)」

「Chuー (What is it? Weren't you're the one who said that we should meet again? That's why I went out of my way to come here. Aren't you going to give me a proper welcome?)」

I've heard that shameless way of talking before.

「Wan! (You! Don't tell me… Are you Renwovurm!?)」

「Chuー chuー (Umu. You finally noticed huh. The humans would be frightened by my former appearance after all. Because of that, I had to take this inconspicuous appearance to come here. I'm a smart girl who knows how to properly consider the time, place and occasion)」

I'd like it if you'd also demonstrate a proper TPO for when we meet though.

Or rather, you can freely change your appearance like that?
Is the reason why there's an extremely low amount of dragon sightings is because you guys are transforming into different beings while living your lives……?

No good.
I feel like I just learned one of this world's most important secrets.
And this knowledge was pa.s.sed to a mere dog. I should just forget about it.

「Chuー chuー (Well, that's that. I'll be troubling you for a while, my dear)」

「Wafuu!? (HAA!? Why!? Can't you just go home!?)」

「Chuー (I wonder whose fault it is that my nest was destroyed?)」

「……kuーn (It was me……)」

「Chuー (It's fine if you understand. Umu. Your fur is really comfortable to sleep in. It's settled. I'll make this my new nest!)」

Nest you say? Are you planning to live in my fur!?
I can't strongly refute that though since we're the reason why her house broke.
This kinda feels like I just decided to keep a tick……

「Chuー (Also, I've decided. Since I was defeated by you, I have no problems with you being my partner. I'm worried about your perverseness but, well, I guess love is blind. You'll eventually be my husband so you should be thankful)」4

This stupid mouse just said such outrageous bulls.h.i.t.

I immediately replied.

「Wan (I refuse)」

「Chuー! (W-whyー!? I'll have you know that I'm the most beautiful maiden among all the dragons!)」

「Wan wan! (Like I said, I'm not into furrieeeeeesssssssss!!)」

Since the blue mouse shouted in my ear, I shouted back in reply.

「Nya~n (The meat was really tasty, wasn't itー?)」

Reacting to Nafra's voice, I looked at the plate in front of me and saw that there was nothing left.

「Wan! (Ah! While we were busy with that, this guy kept eating the meat all by herself!)」

「Chuー! (What!? You greedy cat! Punish her my dear!)」

「Wan wan! (Nafra! I'll teach you one thing. There's nothing worse than a grudge because of foooooood! HEYYYY! Give me back my meat! MEEEEAAAAT!!!)」

「Gi-ginyaー! (N-noooooooooooooooooo!)」

It is at this point where the start of a long relationship between a stupid dog, a stupid cat, and a stupid mouse was established.

A week has pa.s.sed since we brought home the Dragon Nicht Gra.s.s.
The miracle drug worked properly so Ojou-sama is now already back to full health.

The mansion has now returned to its usual hustle and bustle and I'm now fully enjoying my mutt life once again.
Today as well, after eating lots of the old man's cooking for lunch, I decided to go to the shade of the tree to take a nap.

Well, there's also the fact that there's a blue mouse living in my back and above my head on a tree branch is a snoring red cat.
I'll just ignore them though. They won't leave even if I tell them off anyway.

Although Ojou-sama just got cured of her illness, she back to clinging to me as usual and is currently hugging me while sleeping.

「Oi. You owe me for this」

From the other side of the tree, I heard Zenovichan's voice.

「Because I was unconscious, I have no idea what happened. However, I'm sure that you did everything by yourself, right?」

I didn't answer Zenovichan's question.
If you want to know why, it's because I'm just an ordinary pet dog after all.

「Good grief. Blowing my own horn like that, it was so embarra.s.sing beyond belief. However, even if I did you a favor, I'm still greatly indebted to you. If I was alone, I wouldn't have been able to do anything. Thank you for saving Ojou-sama」

Did I really just hear Zenovichan thanking me?
It's not going to hail tomorrow, is it?

「That's all. Don't misunderstand, okay? That doesn't mean that I trust you. If ever you regain your wickedness, I'll be the one to finish you off at that time」

After giving me that final threat, Zenovichan left.

Come on. Geez, why can't you just be honest with yourself?
I really want to lick her.

The rays from the early summer's sun was gradually getting stronger but it's still pretty cool under the shade of the tree.
I want to enjoy my nap a bit more so I crossed my front paws and placed my chin on top of it.

At that time, a strong gust of wind blew which caused Ojou-sama to wake up.


「Wan wan (Oh. Are you awake now, Ojou-sama? Since you're still on break from studying, do you want to play catch?)」

When I asked that to Ojou-sama who still had a sleepy look, she immediately snapped out of it and hugged me tightly.

「What a relief. Routa, you're really here…… Don't leave me alone anymore, okay?」

「Wan wan (Yeah yeah. I, Routa, will always stay by Ojou-sama's side. I promise)」

Ojou-sama looked into my eyes. Then, like a large flower blooming, she let out a big smile.

「Routa, I love you very much!」

All the troubles I experienced until now was worth it just to see that face.

I'll say it again and again and again.

A pet's life is the beeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssttttttttttttttttt!!

AN: With this, Woof Woof Story's 1st arc is done (´・ω・`)

Thank you very much for the usual bookmark, rating, impression, and review!
Thanks to you guys, the inconsistent me was able to finish writing the first volume.
Although the story will still continue, I just wanted to take the time to show you my grat.i.tude here.
I sincerely thank you very much for your feedback!

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