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The middle aged man tried to talk but there was only gibberish coming out of his mouth.

- Why aren't you saying anything. Could it be that you still don't understand?

The middle aged man was reddened and was flailing his arms and legs. Mama Mu couldn't held it in anymore and said on his behalf:

- Yang Tian, please let him go or else you'll kill him.

Yang Tian nodded, since his mother-in-law had said that, how could he not give her face. The middle aged man was release, his face still very red and angrily pointing at Yang Tian:

- What do you want to do? You think I won't call the cops on you?

Yang Tian shrugged:

- You can call them, I actually interested in what the police station looks like.

The middle aged man didn't say anything else, took his phone out and started dialing. Yang Tian didn't stop him as he heard that there was a beauty amongst the police force. He should take this chance and go meet her. However he couldn't let this person keep bothering Mu Wu Han. Yang Tian took out his phone and called Biao Zheng Long:

- Young master, it's me.

- Come to the restaurant from before, it's the same guy. Give him lesson and don't let him come here again.

- Young master, does this guy need to disappear? I can handle this discreetly, no one will know.

- No need, his is still technically my "father-in-law" so I don't need to be that heartless. But remember don't let the ladies know. Oh and if the police arrest me, don't interfere.

Biao Zheng Long was surprised. With Yang Tian's status, were there people daring to arresting him? But this was Yang Tian's idea so he didn't rebut him. Yang Tian turned off his phone and turned to the mother and daughter.

- Everything's fine but I don't think I can have dinner here tonight.

Mu Wu Han was very anxious:

- Yang Tian, you should quickly leave. That man has very good relation with the director of the police force. There will be people here for you soon.

- Is that so? Don't worry, he can't do anything to me. However I will have to miss this dinner, you really should schedule another to make up for it.

Mu Wu Han was silent, this person was about to be arrested yet he was still in the mood to joke with her.

- What's wrong, could it be you want to bail on me, not a chance. At least you need to go on a date with me.

Seeing Yang Tian blabbering on the side, Mu Wu Han started to ignore him, thinking: "Why should I worry about him".

After a while, two policemen came in and the middle aged man said:

- Officers, this man a.s.saulted and threatened me. You must take care of him.

The two looked at Yang Tian and asked:

- Is he telling the truth?

- Truth or not, you can bring me back for questioning, no need to waste time.

The middle aged man and the two cops were taken aback. This person seemed really keen on going to the police station. Did he think it was a resort?

Mu Wu Han angrily stomped her foor. Was this person trying to mess with her?

Yang Tian looked at the middle aged man mockingly while the two policemen escorted him out. If Yang Tian wanted to taste interrogation then let him, after all they were order by the director.

Yang Tian walked to the door then turned and shout:

- Wu Han, I'm being arrested because of you, you should really compensate me.

Mu Wu Han widened her eyes, this person really thought the police station was his personal retreat. However she couldn't help but respond:

- If you make it out in one piece then I'll accept your offer.

Yang Tian's hearing was very good so how could he not hear her. He was overjoyed, this "father-in-law" was an a.s.shole but he had helped him a lot. Yang Tian must remind Biao Zheng Long to "take good care" of him in the future.

- Mu Wu Han, I've heard that so wait for me.

Mu Wu Han sulkingly turned away. However seeing Yang Tian's confidence made her feel very rea.s.sured. The middle aged man was still watching from the side and resolved to aske the director of the police department to teach Yang Tian a lesson. It would be best if he was jailed 10 days to half a month.

The middle aged man saw the police car leaving and was about to get back to threatening Mu Wu Han until he saw a group of people approaching. He recognized the person leading them and rushed over:

- Boss Biao, it's been a while. What brings you here?

 Biao Zheng Long was taken aback:

- Have we met before.

- It's true that famous people are forgetful. We've met at a feast not long ago.

Biao Zheng Long had a mysterious look:

- Is that so, very good. I need you to cooperate with me for a bit.

- If Boss Biao needs help, who am I to say no.

Biao Zheng Long turned to his men:

- Bring him along.

The middle aged man saw something amiss and shouted:

- Boss Biao, we can talk about this. I don't think I have ever offended you.

Biao Zheng Long ignored him and turned to bow at Mu Wu Han and her mother. The two have met Biao Zheng Long before and didn't think that he had that high of a status. It looks like Yang Tian was truly not simple.

Mu Wu Han couldn't help but ask:

- Yang Tian was arrested by the police, you must save him.

- Young miss Mu, you don't need to worry. The police department would not be able to touch a hair on his body.

After that he led the middle aged man out.

Yang Tian was now sitting in the interrogation room and was very disappointed. Could Li Pan's information be wrong? He had use his spiritual sense to examine the entire station and although there were a few that weren't bad, there was no one as pretty as Li Pan had described.

A police officer holding a few doc.u.ments arrived and sat opposite of Yang Tian. He started asking:

- Name?

- Hang on, it's not fair if you do all the asking. How about this, you can ask one question and I can ask one, how about that?

The policeman didn't know whether to laugh or cry, this was his first time encountering something like this. He kept a straight face:

- I demand your cooperation, this is not a place to mess around.

- If you don't agree then I won't answer a single on of your question.

- If you don't answer then you'll add to your crimes.

Seeing that policeman's insistance, Yang Tian didn't make it harder on him:

- How about this, I'll answer all your question, then you answer 3 of mine, yes?

The policeman saw that Yang Tian was cooperative and nodded:

- Fine, as long as it's not top secret, I can answer you.

- Name?

- Yang Tian.

- Age?

- 20


- Reason for a.s.saulting him?

- He threatened my girlfriend so I had to hit him.

- You don't know that a.s.saulting and threathing someone is a crime?

- That can be settled later, you really should answer some of my questions.

The policeman closed his file and nodded:

- You can ask your question, make it quick, I've other things to do.

- Alright, I've heard that your police department have a very famous beauty, why haven't I seen her yet?

The policeman was taken aback, was he here for women? Didn't he say he had a girlfriend?

- Don't you already have a girlfriend.

- That's none of your concern, just answer my 3 questions.

- You mean Liu Li, she's not on the night shift so of course she's not her.

Yang Tian slapped his head:

- That's right, why didn't I think of that. So does she have a boyfriend? What's her personality like?

- If you have any intention on her, I would advise you to drop it.

- Don't worry about that, just answer my question.

- She's still single but I've heard that she's on very close witht the captain of the cybersecurity unit. Her personality is relaxed and very calm but she's very serious and a bit rash when it comes to work.

Yang Tian nodded, it was not far off from Li Pan's report. This person was very good, when Li Pan returns to the Li Clan, he should help him out even more.

After answering Yang Tian's question, the policemen walked out. Yang Tian also took out his cellphone and started dialing. If the beauty wasn't here then he didn't intend on staying.


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