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After a while, all the devilish qi was flushed out. Elder Yao's face regained some color so he didn't look as pale as before. Yang Tian retrieved the Blood Devil Sword and felt that the devilish qi has increased a bit. He couldn't help but shook his head:

- You can't even handle this weak devilish qi and yet you call yourself a Devil Sect Elder. Could the current Devil Sect really be that weak?

Elder Yao's eyes widened, his previous cultivation was mid Golden Core stage and even amongst the Elders, he was at the top. Yet he was called weak by Yang Tian. But there was a truth that couldn't be denied, the current Devil Sect was far worst than before.

- I am not aware of the current situation of the Devil Sect, but it has truly weakened before I left.

There were no Nascent Soul cultivators left so we had been suppressed by the Heaven Mountain Sacred Peak for many years.

Yang Tian nodded, more than 1000 years ago, when he left Earth for the Cultivation World, the Devil Sect was very strong. There were 2 mid and 1 early Nascent Soul cultivators and their strength far surpa.s.sed the other powers. The Heavenly Mountain Sacred Peak was very secretive at the time no one knew their true power.

Elder Yao asked inquisitively:

- You knew of the Devil Sect from before?

He wanted to do a bit of poking since in his opinions, Yang Tian was definitely an old monsters that had cultivated for hundreds of years and cultivated a youth preservation technique to look so young. Yang Tian smiled:

- It was simply pa.s.sed down by my ancestors.

- Then your ancestors must be very powerful.

- They weren't that powerful but destroying a couple of Devil Sects is a simple matter.

Elder Yao was silent, he had never heard of such powers in the Shrouded Continent. Yang Tian continued:

- My clan has existed for eons with the mission to safeguard the Shrouded Continent and we rarely expose ourselves. I'm the only one left of my clan so now I'm here. I don't really want to shoulder the clan's mission anymore.

Elder Yao was shocked, this was truly unbelievable for him:

- Was there truly such a power?

- Yes, my clan's cultivation can be preserved generation by generation. Since I'm the last member of clan, all the predecessor's cultivation fell to me. But I've decided not to safeguard to Shrouded Continent anymore. It's time to rest.

Yang Tian lied without blinking an eye. He made all of this up. He knew that there would be a lot of people interested in his background. Old man Yao was a Devil Clan Elder and it was a lie if he said he had no contact with the Devil Clan. Yang Tian wanted to use him to broadcast his "background".
He didn't want himself and the people around him be bothered further by this. Elder Yao was trustworthy enough and this was the only way to explain how Yang Tian was the master of Blood Devil Sword despite being so young and how Elder Yao couldn't see through his cultivation. Although his cultivation has dropped significantly, his senses were still there. In his eyes, Yang Tian was definitely not weaker than him in his prime.

Elder Yao looked had a stern look:

- Don't worry, I won't tell this to anyone.

- Whatever, I'm not currently watching over the Shrouded Continent anymore. It's not a secret anymore so tell whoever you like.

Seeing elder Yao was about to say something, Yang Tian ignored him and went in to call the Yao siblings.

Seeing Yang Tian walked inside, Yao Ling rushed to him:

- Yang Tian, how is my grandfather? Can he be cured?

Yao Nan didn't say anything but his eyes were looking at Yang Tian pa.s.sionately, like looking at a beauty. This made Yang Tian shuddered and tough: "Does this guy have a special preference? This won't do, I only like women so his affection would go nowhere".

- It's alright, he is completely fine now. He just need to revitalize his const.i.tution and everything will be good.

- Truly?

- I don't need to lie to you guys, you can go out and see for yourself.

The siblings didn't say anything and rushed outside. Yang Tian shook his head, he was once again ignored by a beauty. He didn't want to ruin their moment so he turned and left. It wasn't early anymore and it was time to head to Mu Wu Han's house.

As Yang Tian arrived at Mu Wu Han's house, he saw an expensive car parked outside. The car was very familiar, wasn't this the "father-in-law's" car? It looked like trouble was brewing.

Yang Tian entered and saw mama Mu and Mu Wu Han sitting uncomfortably in front of a middle aged man - her father. The middle aged man had a sycophantic face:

- Wu Han, you should consider this carefully. Young master Li is a member of the Li Clan and he is very rich. As long as you agree to be his girlfriend, you're future life will be very happy.

Mu Wu Han was enraged, if not for her mother stopping her, she had already driven this man out:

- You think money is everything? I'll tell you what, don't even dream about getting any benefits from me. Tell this young master Li that he can dream on.

The middle aged had been holding back all this time started to shout at her:

- Don't think that you are high and mighty just because I'm giving you some face. I'll tell you what, you can agree to this or you cannot, you will still have to go and meet young master Li. If not, I will not be responsible if anything happens to you.

- You are threatening us?

- So what if I am. In this day and age, power lies with the wealthy. Even if I kill you right here, no one would dare do a thing. You think this world have any justice? Justice is in the hands of people like me.

As he finished, an applause resonate behind him. Yang Tian agreed with he said, even though his skin is thick, he was right. There is no justice in the world, it was in the hands of the strong. If that person said it's justice then it's justice.

- Well said, you are absolutely right.

The middle aged man was startled and turned to see Yang Tian. His face was full of disdain:

- So it was you. Do you think you are rich just because you came into some money? I'll let you know that you should stay away from Wu Han. Young master Li is not someone you can go up against.

Yang Tian feigned surprised:

- Young master Li, is he very powerful?

The middle aged man's disdain was amplified:

- You don't even know of young master Li. Do you the Li Clan that is the head of the three great clans? Young master Li is the young master of the Li Clan.

Yang Tian pretended to be frightened:

- He's that powerful?

Mu Wu Han saw that Yang Tian was frightened and was very disappointed. Her man didn't need to be rich but he needed to be able to protect her. Yang Tian had only heard a name and was frightened, how could that not worry her. Mama Mu was still silent and observing, no one knew what she was thinking.

Yang Tian wanted provoke Mu Wu Han's father as entertainment before dinner.

- I wonder which of the Li Clan's young master it is? Do I have the privileged of knowing?

- It's young master Li Jiang, he is on a flight returning here. He hoped to meet Wu Han tomorrow.

Yang Tian was surprised, he was very fate with this guy. There are many women in the world so how did that guy always pick his women. It was very sad indeed.

- Alright, tell Li Jiang I am Yang Tian and if he wanted to meet Wu Han, he needs to come see me first.

The middle aged man erupted in anger:

- Yang Tian, don't be too full of yourself. What makes you think young master Li would come and see you?

Yang Tian smiled, approached and lifted the man by his collar.

- It's simple, because I am Yang Tian.


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