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Seeing the sibling's jaws dropped and Yang Tian was very pleased. He was teased by Yao Ling all this time and couldn't hold it in anymore. If he didn't get her back then he would be very upset.

Yao Ling swallowed her saliva and gave Yang Tian and incomprehensible look:

- You want to sit around and leech off your family?

- Of course not, I've already made my fortune so it's not really leeching. I'm not really sitting around either, I can also lie on my back.

The two were stunned silent. Yao Nan couldn't help but sigh, how could a person like this have that high of medical skill. It was a waste of talent.

Yang Tian mood brightened and waved his hand:

- Alright, let's go see your grandfather. I have an appointment this afternoon.

Yao Nan hastened his steps and they arrived at a large garden. There were many different types of flowers arranged in all manners of style.  In the middle was a large lake and a old man was sitting by the sh.o.r.e and feeding the fishes.

The Yao brother and sisters approached the elder and Yao Ling quickly said:

- Grandpa, I'm home.

The elder smiled kindly:

- So you have. Xiao Nan, didn't you say that you are going to be at the hospital the entire day? Why are you here so early?

- I was fortunate to meet a G.o.dly doctor so I brought him here to look at your illness.

The elder looked at Yang Tian:

- I know you have good intentions but my illness is incurable. You don't have to waste your time.

The two were about say something else before Yang Tian suddenly said:

- Can you two step outside for a moment? I have something private to tell elder Yao.

Yao Nan looked at Yang Tian and couldn't say anything else and dragged Yao Ling outside. Yang Tian then sat opposite the elder and smiled:

- You are a person from the Devil Clan.

The elder was still feeding the fishes when suddenly froze. He looked calmly at Yang Tian:

- What are you talking about? I don't understand.

- No need to hide it. Although you've tried to suppressed it, the devilish qi inside your body is still far too strong and it is slowly eroding your body. If not for your decent cultivation, you would have been long gone.

The elder finally couldn't be calm and said:

- Who the h.e.l.l are you? Are you the person the Dark Society sent to kill me?

Yang Tian shook his head:

- I am from the Dark Society but I'm not here to kill you. However your presence here made me fell unease so you better explain yourself. If you don't, I'm not afraid to make you disappear.

- With just you?

Yang Tian chuckled and didn't retort. If he wasn't enough to handle this guy then n.o.body can.

The elder looked at Yang Tian for a while then resigned to his fate. He was powerful but after suppressing the devilish qi for many years, he had lost much of his fighting powers.

- I can tell you but you must promise not to harm the Yao Clan.

- Not a problem, I'm friends with Yao Nan and his sister so of course I won't harm them.

Elder Yao had a melancholic look, as if he was remembering something. After a while, he finally said:

- I was a Devil Sect Elder and had a backlash while practicing a devilish mantra. My enemies got a hold of this information and came after me. My physical body was shattered but my spirit was able to possessed the body of a young soldier. Although I managed to preserve my life, the devilish qi was still on me and my cultivation rapidly fell. Right now the only thing I can do is prolonging this old life a bit longer.

- So the Yao siblings aren't your actual grandchildren.

- No, it was only after I possessed this body that I achieved many merits. After I came back from the war, I found myself a wife and the Yao Clan was born. The clan as it is was built by my hands.

- Since I achieved so many merits for my country, the Dark Society left me alone but they have kept tabs on me ever since. You appearance made me thought that they had finally decided to act.

Yang Tian shook his head:

- I only have a cooperative relationship with them, they have no control over me. You don't need to worry.

- If your background is fine, I have no interest in where you came from. Since you are the Yao Clan Old Master, I'll help you expel the devilish qi.

Elder Yao shook his head and chuckled dryly:

- There's no need, the devilish qi has grown far too powerful after years of acc.u.mulation. Even a Golden Core cultivator might not be able to expel it. I just hope that when I die, you can bring me back to the Shrouded Continent. Don't let the devilish qi spread into this world.

Yang Tian knew that elder Yao didn't trust him. After all, he was still young and even if he had a high cultivation, how high could it possibly be. Yang Tian didn't try to explain himself and drew the Blood Devil Sword:

- Do you recognize this?

Elder Yao looked at the black sword and a feeling of dread emerged inside him. He didn't know of this sword's background but he felt that it was very dangerous.

- This is?

- It's the Blood Devil Sword.

- What?

Elder Yao couldn't help but yell out. How could the Devil Sect's supreme artifact appeared here.

- Impossible, the Blood Devil  Sword have been missing for a long time. There were even rumors that it was destroyed in battle. Not only that, legend said that the Blood Devil Sword would emit a ma.s.sive amount of devilish qi and blood qi. This sword seems powerful but there is no devilish qi emanating from it.

Yang Tian lifted the sword up and it immediately radiated a frightening amount of blood qi. Even if it was only for a moment, it was enough to make the elder sweat profusely.

Yang Tian had never used the Blood Devil Sword ever since he got it. The reason was that he wanted the Blood Devil Sword the refine the blood devil sword on its own. Now the refinement was complete and it would only emanate the blood devil qi whenever in battle. The Blood Devil Sword already had a blade soul and it was a Dharmic artifact that that could evolve so Yang Tian was quite fond of it. This was why he put so much effort into this sword.

Elder Yao regained his calm after a while:

- It's truly the Blood Devil Sword, how did it fall into your hands?

- No more questions, I'll use the Blood Devil Sword to absorb the remaining devilish qi in your body. You can live up to 10-20 years easily.

Elder Yao nodded as he believed Yang Tian. As the Devil Sect supreme artifact, it can absorb the devilish qi no matter how powerful it was. Yang Tian immediately got to work and the Blood Devil Sword flew above the elder and started to rotate. Scores of black qi flew out from the elder and was absorbed by the blade. Elder Yao had a very painful expression.

Yang Tian saw this and reminded him loudly:

- Stabilize your mind, if not it will be erode by the devilish qi and you will become incompetent.

- No to worry, I have struggled with this for so many years. Just this much pain is nothing.

Yang Tian nodded and cast a Clear Mind spell on the elder, this helped him purify his mind.

After that he had nothing to do and started to wander and enjoy the scenery. Yang Tian really liked the design of this garden and he planned to borrow it to create one similar in his own mansion. The ladies would love it and he can use it to court them.


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