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Qin Zheng looked at Yang Tian's serious face and guessed that what he wanted to do wasn't ordinary. He anxiously responded:

- So what is it and do you need my help?

Yang Tian shook his head:

- Just prepare me a room with good soundproofing, I want to heal Xue-er.

Qin Zheng was greatly shocked and excitedly asked:

- Can you really heal her? The Patriarch took a looked at her once but he couldn't do anything.

- He couldn't doesn't mean I can't.

After hearing that, Qin Zheng was so joyful that his tears could've came out. Letting Qin Xue be harmed was the worst mistake of his life and still felt that he failed her. He immediately stood up:

- I'll prepare immediately.

He then headed into the house while Yang Tian waited. Qin Xue's illness was much easier to cure than w.a.n.g Yun. He only needed to use a low grade spiritual qi to completely remove the residual poison and repaired the organs and nerves that were damaged. w.a.n.g Yun, on the other hand, needed high grade spiritual qi to entire her body to suppress the frigid qi. Normal people couldn't even withstand even tiniest pressure emitted by high grade spiritual qi let alone it entering their body. Only Cultivators who had cultivated to Foundation Establishment can withstand the pressure of high grade spiritual qi.

There were many type of cultivational energies but they are split into 3 main categories: low grade spiritual qi, high grade spiritual qi and immortal qi. Low grade spiritual Qi included stuff like: Fire Spiritual Qi, Water Spiritual Qi,... High grade spiritual qi included: Frigid Ice Spiritual Qi, Nine Solar Spiritual Qi,... There were also special types of forces like: Berserker's Force, Dimensional Force, Destiny Force,... All included as high grade spiritual qi. There were only 10 types of Immortal Qi and each of them can only be controlled by 1 person and no one else. That's why there were only 10 True Immortal in the entire universe.

Immortal Qi included: Life, Destruction,Yin Qi, Yang Qi, the Five Primordial Elements (Primordial Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth) and Chaos.

Cultivators would absorb low-grade spiritual qi when starting out and continually refine it throughout their cultivation. That's why even though it's the same type of low-grade spiritual qi, one belonging to a Mahayana cultivator would be overwhelmingly stronger than that of a Qi Refining disciple. When reaching the Heavenly Tribulation ream, one can use the Lightning Tribulation to refine their qi and after completing 9 tribulations, their body will undergo a metamorphosis and can absorve high-grade spiritual qi, stepping into the Divine Avatar realm.

The process would continue until reaching the Half-Immortal realm. At this stage one would use immortal qi to refine the body but this would require the permission of a True Immortal. Because he was in control of the Chaos Immortal Qi, anyone who wanted to use it to refine their body would need his permission. Because of this, virtually all Half-Immortal can be considered subordinates of True Immortal.

 Yang Tian had never been fond of being anyone's subordinate so se he set out into the void to find Chaos Immortal Qi to refine his body. This process was extremely dangerous and since the Chaos Immortal Qi was virtually owner-less making it was very fierce. This made the process many times more difficult than that of refining other Immortal Qi.

But luck was on his side as this decision led to his ascension to True Immortal while the other people can only ever reach Half-Immortal.

After a moment, Qin Zheng heartily returned:

- Yang Tian, I've prepared the room, you can begin.

Yang Tian said:

- No need to rush, the healing process could take a long time and it's already noon. We should get some lunch before starting.

Qin Zheng slapped his head, he was a bit impatient:

- My apologies, I'll have someone serve up lunch.

With lunch served, Qin Xue and her mother also joined in. However everyone seemed like they were in a hurry. They were all focused on eating and not saying anything. Yang Tian saw that and didn't make any conversation. He thuoght: "What's the rush, I'm not going anywhere".

After lunch, Qin Zheng brought Yang Tian and Qin Xue to the room. It was very clean inside and have been sterillized. There was a sick bed and a cabinet containing a lot of tools for doctor.
Laying Qin Xue on the bed, Yang Tian looked at Qin Zheng. He understood and left. Qin Xue was a bit excited:

- Yang Tian, can you really heal me?

Yang Tian smiled a.s.suredly at her:

- Of course, have I ever tricked you before?

Qin Xue looked at Yang Tian with a dazed look:

- I trust you.

Yang Tian was gleeful inside, according to a "love expert" on the Internet, if a woman had this look then 9/10 she had fallen for you. Yang Tian still remained cool:

- The treatment could cause a bit of pain, you have to endure it.

Yang Tian was telling the truth, he would have to sc.r.a.pe all the poison seeped in her bones before he could treat her. Although it was not too painful, he still reminded her.

Qin Xue nodded:

- Just do it.

Yang Tian was a bit shy:

- Firstly, lift up your skirt a bit. No need to take it off, just very high up.

Qin Xue's face reddened, Yang Tian never mentioned this earlier. After lifting up her skirt, she lied down again with her hands covering her face. Yang Tian's throat felt dry. He had live for more than a thousand years yet he had very limited contact with women. Qin Xue had revealed her white as snow thighs and was revealing a bit of white undergarment. This was far too stimulating.

Yang Tian tried to contain himself since treating her was more important. He reagained his composure:

- I will now heal you two legs, if you feel any pain the speak up.

Qin Xue, who was still covering her face, said a slight "Yes". Her face was so red you could pinch blood out of it and her heart was beating very fast.

 Yang Tian touced Qin Xue's feet and let spiritual qi entered her body to start expelling the poison. After a while, his hands made their way up to her thighs, pa.s.sing through her entire legs. Qin Xue couldn't held it in and let out a slight moan. There was heat coming from Yang Tian's hands into her body making her feel uncomfortable.

Hearing her moans, Yang Tian was getting excited. He smiled bitterly, after his rebirth, his temperament was that of a 20 years old and couldn't handle all the stimulant. It was the power of youth. He once again forcefully calmed himself and looked at Qin Xue:

- Don't temp me anymore, my heart can only take so much.

Qin Xue heard that and used a pillow to cover her face. She cursed Yang Tian in her heart, her embarra.s.sment all stemmed from him.

The treatment went on until the afternoon and although it was long, it was not boring at all. Qin Xue occasionally couldn't hold it in and would slightly moaned making Yang Tian excited and uncomfortable at the same time. This made him feel stifled. It was easier to go 300 rounds with his archenemy then going through this.

At last, Yang Tian breath a sigh of relief and pulled Qin Xue's dress down. He said lightly:

- Xue-er, it's done. Try sitting up for a bit.

Qin Xue took off the pillow but her face was still red from the excitement. She originally thought that she was going to be wheelchair-bound her entire life but now she was going to walk normally, how could she not be excited?

Looking at Yang Tian, she ask with a quivering voice:

- Can I really walk like before?

Yang Tian nodded:

- Try it out, I'll hold you.

After that he provided support so Qin Xue and get off the bed. Her feet touched the ground and trying to move about. It was a bit unfamiliar and she walked slowly. After more than 10 minutes, Qin Xue could walk normally. Her eyes watered as she looked at Yang Tian:

- Yang Tian, thank you.

Yang Tian crossed his arms:

- It's not a problem, we are good friends. Me helping you was the obvious thing to do.



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