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The black vortex was now a brilliant multicolored vortex, like a starry whirlpool in the middle of the night sky. The next moment, a hole opened up in the middle of the vortex, slowly expanding until its diameter reached eight meters.

Tianming could feel an ancient aura sweeping out from the vortex, and he saw thousands of stars twinkling within.

“The Kilostar Domain is open?”

But he hadn’t even touched the ultimate tribulation manna. Yet without a doubt, he could tell that a new world was waiting for him beyond. That wasn’t necessarily good news for him, as the opening of the domain could only mean trouble and he couldn’t control it.

Needless to say, the seniors outside were beaming with excitement.

“It really is open,” some of them screamed. Despite having lived for so many years, they could no longer control their thrill after seeing the domain open. They were initially worried that Tianming could use the ultimate tribulation manna against them. Now that would no longer be a point of concern, since the Kilostar Domain was open.

“As much as the ultimate tribulation manna are worth, they’re nothing in comparison to the treasures inside the domain. Now that the gate is open, the barrier and the manna have fulfilled their purposes. d.a.m.n it!” Tianming cursed.

Just moments ago, he had thought he was in a safe place. Now he could see thousands of people charging toward the Kilostar Formation—the five Ghoul Kings, Feng Qingcai, and Li Caiwei included.

“If they destroy the Kilostar Formation, I’m doomed for sure,” Tianming concluded. The only way for him to avoid being caught in the explosion was to hide in the Kilostar Domain.

Without hesitation, Tianming jumped into the starry vortex. The next moment, the thousands of seniors broke into the formation, causing an explosion that shredded the formation apart. If Tianming had been any slower, he would have faced the same fate.

Tianming felt his body sinking once he entered the domain. As he looked up, he could see the beams of light caused by the explosion, as well as hear the commotion caused.

“Time to run!”

Tianming’s top priority was to find a place to hide from the seniors hunting for him. He used the third eye on his palm to keep watch behind him while he observed the domain that had unfolded in front of him.

What used to be a blurry mix of color was now a mixture of shining stars. They were scattered across the sky, with some big enough to fit a dozen Taiji Peak Lakes, meaning they could easily accommodate three million cultivators. There were other stars in the distance that were smaller, and Tianming needed to get closer to properly ascertain their size.

The size of the domain was comparable to an entire Divine Realm. That explained why Li Caiwei needed the starmap to explore the domain. The sight of a thousand stars across the endless void was a grand view, its scenery completely different from the kind one would observe in Archaion.

“Maybe I should hide on one of the stars? What if I just bury the Prime Tower somewhere and stay there for a couple of years?” Tianming sighed.

Due to the explosion of the formation outside, his enemies had yet to enter the domain. Tianming needed to make use of every second he had, or he would be an easy target.

At that instant, Tianming felt a weird sensation. That s.p.a.ce there… something was odd about the domain.

As he looked around, he saw fissures floating around. Grey gas flowed within them, and the notion of s.p.a.ce seemed to be nonexistent inside. The fissures were scattered across the domain, but they were especially concentrated near the stars. Some even formed webs, giving the domain a fragmented look.

“It was said that this is an ancient battlefield in the cosmic aether. Are these perhaps spatial tears? This world looks like it’s been destroyed.”

When he walked past one of the tears, Tianming felt an attractive force. He tried throwing a tribulation artifact in, and it was immediately torn apart.

“d.a.m.n!” Tianming could feel himself sweating. These spatial tears were all over the place, and he even saw new ones forming.

“Could it be that the opening of the Kilostar Domain has caused the tears to manifest even faster? At this speed it’s going, there’s no way the domain survived for two hundred thousand years.” Tianming guessed as he carefully traveled while avoiding the tears. It would be a real tragedy if one of them tore him in half.

Just as he was thinking about it, a fissure opened just three centimeters in front of his abdomen. It was about a meter long, but it was as thin as a hair.

“That was way too close...” Tianming sighed. He wanted to get out of this d.a.m.ned place, but those seniors from the five Divine Realms were already catching up. It was too risky to hide on the nearby stars, so he had no choice but to escape even further in.


Ghoul King Xue Yi was the second person to set foot in the Kilostar Domain. The second he entered, a formation appeared on his body out of nowhere. Five dragon patterns flowed into his body, turning into five fearsome beasts that went straight into his saint palace. Three of the dragons went for his lifespring, while the other two entered his deathspring. He felt the five dragons twisting and turning inside his body, sealing many of his samsara rings.

Ghoul King Xue Yi’s face turned pale immediately. As he turned around, he saw the same colorful formation forming on Feng Qingyu, Li Caiwei, and everyone else that had entered. All of them felt the dragons entering their saint palaces.

“What the h.e.l.l is this?” Ghoul King Xue Yi was stunned.

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