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Chapter 16 — Dragon Ascension Scroll

The Genesis of Chaosfire

Those three words suddenly flashed in Yun Wu's mind, but before she could react….. With a whoosh, her consciousness was swept into a queer s.p.a.ce.

Caught off guard for a brief moment, she quickly recovered and began to survey her surroundings. Through a blanket of white fog, she saw an imposing but majestic palace. When she was able to discern the ancient-looking words engraved on the palace’s grand doors, she was struck with a touch of fear.

"Pandemonium Palace?"

The dawn of the world marked the dawn of chaos. The world itself essentially hailed from chaos…

Just what is going on? Why am I here?

Suddenly, a towering voice boomed, "Spirit of the dead, you dare trespa.s.s the Pandemonium Palace? Impudence!" A wave of powerful oppressive force rushed forth to repress Yun Wu. Yun Wu, still utterly confused, was forcibly brought down to one knee.

She was slightly angered and indignant—When did she ever trespa.s.s? She didn't even know how she got here.

"Who are you? Reveal yourself." She looked around but couldn’t find anything aside from the palace in the fog.

"Hmph, I am none other than the Guardian General of the Pandemonium Palace—I am not someone the likes of you, audacious lowlife, can lay their eyes on. I suggest you scurry back to wherever you came from before I lose my patience.”

The oppressive force increased in pressure, eagerly trying to press her entire body to the ground.

At this point, Yun Wu was truly enraged.

For this 'Guardian General' to want her to kneel was already barely acceptable, but now he also wants her to prostrate before him? That was going too far.

She took a breath and clenched her teeth, resisting the oppressive force as she once again regained a straight standing position.

"You… don't push it, and don't think you have the right to hara.s.s others just because you're some sort of great general. Even a rabbit, when forced into a corner, is capable of delivering a vicious bite."

"Hmph, you have naught but a wisp of your soul remaining, yet you dare contend with me? You simply don't know your limits!"A whip manifested from thin air and swished towards Yun Wu.

Coldness flashed in her eyes. She immediately wanted to dodge but was abruptly stunned by the realization that she had been rendered immobile.

Crash! The attack landed and mercilessly struck her feet, bringing her to both knees.


She, Yun Wu, had never suffered such grievance before. She coldly snorted and dragged her body up again.

"You are quite firm, aren’t you? Very well. Then, let's see if your bones are firmer or if my whip is firmer!" Two more whips appeared in the air, and together, all three whips struck at Yun Wu.

Pah! Pah! Pah! The combined attack of three whips sent Yun Wu flying.

"Do you submit? If you have chosen to submit, then kneel for this general and kowtow. Only then will I spare your pitiable life." The domineering voice rumbled. Yun Wu clutched her chest and spat out a mouthful of blood, her entire body racked by pain.

When she heard the Guardian General’s arrogant words, she lifted her head, stared into the empty expanse and gave a cold laugh.

"You little lowlife, what are you laughing about?" The voice carried with it a tinge of rage.

"Laughing at you, desperate son of a b.i.t.c.h, you want someone to kneel before you that badly? Then why don't you go erect a stele, gather some puppies, and allow them to worship you day and night? Instead, you're here hara.s.sing me, a mere maiden. Why haven’t you started blushing from shame? Don’t you think you’re losing face for eighteen generations of your ancestors?" Yun Wu mocked and cursed angrily, slowly rising from the ground.

An area of the vast expanse shook as an aura of rage pervaded the air. Clearly, her words had angered the Guardian General.

"What a sharp tongue… Good, very good."

The fog around Yun Wu thickened and a round of oppressive force charged at Yun Wu from all four directions. Her expression changed slightly. Heavy pressure, comparable to over ten million bars of gold, caused her internal organs to feel as though they were being crushed. Her body collapsed to the ground.

"Well? Submit or not?"

"Submit…. Submit my a.s.s." He wanted her to submit? In his dreams.

"Hmph!" The oppressive force increased once again. A mouthful of blood sprayed from Yun Wu's mouth. And then, at this moment, a ray of golden light shot out. A golden scroll suddenly materialized from between Yun Wu's brows.

Once that golden scroll fully came to view, within the empty s.p.a.ce, there came a thudding sound, followed by an astonished exclamation, "The Dragon Ascension Scroll? Why do you have the Dragon Ascension Scroll? You, you even got its approval?"

Dragon Ascension Scroll?

Yun Wu looked at the golden scroll floating before her, feeling great shock in her heart. Before her demise in her previous life, wasn't this the scroll that dog couple wanted to take from her? In that life, the last mission she had received was to obtain this 'Dragon Ascension Scroll'.

According to legends, the Dragon Ascension Scroll contained records of all the events and treasures dating back to the dawn of chaos. The master of this scroll could become the master of the world.

The original customer had paid a hefty price to get her to s.n.a.t.c.h the scroll from someone else, but both she and that customer would've imagined that that dog couple would betray her and that the scroll had exploded with her body.

Could it be that the reason she was able to traverse to this world was due to the Dragon Ascension Scroll? Every time her mind flashed with information, that information was provided by the Dragon Ascension Scroll?

Before she could finish making out her suspicions, the Dragon Ascension Scroll shone and lifted the oppression on her body. Then, the originally closed doors of the palace sw.a.n.g open. The scroll immediately turned into a ray of golden light and entered the Pandemonium Palace.

In but a split second, Yun Wu was filled with a strange feeling. It was as if her appearance in this place was matter-of-fact, and she was naturally here to claim ownership over the palace.

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