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Chapter 7.0

Song Chumo was in so mood to answer him. After all, it’s just an 18-year-old kid, why should she care about this? In the end, she did live two lives and was way older than him.

(the author is trying to say that she should not argue with a child in case you have not caught on) - s...o...b..ll’s comment ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

   Ignoring Gu Xicheng, she settled down and prepared for cla.s.s. Gu Xicheng, who was on the sidelines, looked at Song Chumo and continued to sleep.

   Some things can't be rushed.


   It was already 10 pm when Song Chumo returned from school. Because She lived alone and had to pay the bills, the past Song Chumo had to go to the bar to do odd jobs to earn living expenses. All of the past Song Chumo’s savings was barely enough to last a week.  She will have to work in the meantime. However, she can’t help but imagine.

A week later, the "The Old Dream of Beijing", as long as she was successful, then this nearly nothing life and all her tuition fees will be settled and paid for. she will once again step into the entertainment circle and stand at the peak position!

   The bar where Song Chumo worked at was very dark but magnificent cash was constantly changing hands. There were people everywhere, however, due to Song Chumo’s appearance, she was only able to clean and even then she had to wear something to cover her face as to not disgust the clients.

  If only they knew about what was under the fake skin mask. However, by that time, I am afraid the bar would not be safe, in fact, I am afraid that even in the school I will cause a sensation!

   After school over, Song Mo ink took a deep breath and walked toward the hotel. After all, she has no other choice.

   All the way through the crowded bar lobby, Song began to breathe in the bathroom, after all, she did not like this place in the last life, the same in this life. However, to survive she still had to do it.

   "Today, you are responsible for cleaning up the work in Area A. Remember to be careful. The person who comes today must be kept secret."

   The supervisor on the side looked at Song Chumo and carefully instructed her. It really made Song Chumo a little curiosity.

   Confidentiality? Is it safe to keep a secret ident.i.ty in a hotel bar? What is the ident.i.ty of this person?

   "Thank you, Miss Liu, I will be careful."

   The supervisor nodded and carefully walked toward the hall.

   At the moment when the intoxicating music and the intoxicating men and women came face to face, the brow of Song Chumo was also subconsciously twisted.

   I have never been to such a place in my life. I am still too unaccustomed to what this world has. I bite my teeth and went into the crowd.

 Wondering around the hall cleaning different rooms, Song Chumo felt deep relieved when she reached the last remaining room to clean, after this, she will be able to go back and sleep.

   Reaching out, preparing to knock on the door, but the words she heard from behind the door made Song Chumo frozen in place.

   "You don't want to be too sad about Jiang Yan. There are still many trips tomorrow. You should drink less!"

   Jiang Yan... Jiang Yan!

   Jiang Yan, who kept saying that he wanted to commit suicide!

   Song Chumo really wanted to hear what these people are saying, but the sound insulation in the night bar is really good, even if I put my ear on the door, I can’t hear it very clearly. Jiang Yan’s words.

   The brow is dead.

   If she was to guess, the content of the conversation should also be related to her death. This content, she absolutely must know!

   Deeply sighing, the look at the bottom of her eyes was dark. Song Chumo turned and entered the bathroom, and locked the bathroom. After confirming that there were no more people inside, she slowly reached out and put her hands on her face. The mask was taken off.

   A thin layer of the mask is separate two very extreme faces, one mediocre, ordinary and ugly, yet the other is beautiful, perfect and gorgeous.

   Now she only has this method.

Can you guess the method ??? (๑°⌓°๑) - s...o...b..ll's comment

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