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I hope you enjoy this update. Good guessing skills everyone :) If you enjoyed that tell me :P.  I am busy with my summer school but I still enjoy hearing from you guys. Thank you for visiting my page it means a lot to me.

"White flower, if I don't say something, it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Don't touch my bottom line."

  Taking Bai Ning’s stationery backpack on the table, when Bai Ning hasn't fully recovered yet. When she finally came to her senses looking at Song Chumo. She freaked out.

   "What are you doing?! You don't want to switch seats with me at the beginning of Song Chumo! You are this..."

   The sharp voice has not yet finished her sentence when, Song Chumo has already pulled out a necklace from inside the bag, a string of gold with rhinestones. The fabulous necklace appeared in front of everyone.

   Everyone squinted at the scene in front of them, and there was no sound in an instant.

   "I... I just found it yesterday, I accidentally lost it! You should have given it to me at the beginning of the Song Chumo !"

The angry and ruined hands robbed the necklace from the hands of the Song Chumo, Bai Ning’s little face was pale and ugly. She quickly squeezed out of the crowd.

   The people around her have changed their faces, just as ugly as if they have eaten flies.

   When they first bullied Song, when they laughed at her, they partic.i.p.ated more or less. Now, this situation is self-evident.

   "Cough, I have to go to cla.s.s, everyone is scattered !"

The squad leader Qi Ming patted the table, which awakened a bunch of people watching the movie. Some gave complicated look at Song Chumo, and returned to their seats. Everyone was full of shock.

   Some things, even if they are clear in their hearts, they can't stand on the right side, because Bai Ning, they can't afford offending.  

   They just didn't expect that Song Chumo, who had always been accustomed to their bullying, would actually resist. It was really unexpected for everyone.

   "Welcome back."

   The group of people scattered, Song Chumo put the things in their hands on the desk, Gu Xicheng, who has been resting moments ago, finally opened his eyes, perhaps just woke up.  The eyes were like The deepest black in the night sky. It actually let the heart of the Song Chumo jump!

(This is how I would imagine Gu Xicheng's backpack would look like since he is always staring darkly (∩`ω´)⊃)))

   "Gu Xicheng, you succeeded."

Song Chumo rolled her eyes and sat down.

   Successfully pushed her into the heat again, making her the number one enemy of Bai Ning again. I have to say that this Gu Xicheng succeeded, and it also caused her to be in trouble again...

   What is the origin of this Gu Xicheng?

   "In the beginning Song Chumo you looked at me so highly. I was just bored. That woman was too noisy. Although you are ugly but quiet, I like it."

   This is a straightforward statement!

  Song Chumo "..."

The fingers were stiff.  Song Chumo, resisted the urge to throw the pen in her hand!

   Let me not say if she is really ugly, this Gu Xicheng is too poisonous to talk to!

   Is this the common problem of children nowadays?

no... this university student never has time to bully others. I have so much school work to deal with :P. Recently I went to Eaton Center Disney Store and saw these Ufufy characters selling for 3 for $10 I saw so happy. They are so cute and worth buying! (I am not advertising just expressing my love for them.)

They are so cute _(┐「ε:)_❤

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