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Today is Monday, the high school's cla.s.swork is heavy, and Song Jimo barely managed to carry her own books to school. However somehow manages to fit it all in her bag and goes out.

   It has been a long time since she had been in high school and it felt odd coming back. She could hear the school talking about her behind her back. Gossip was going everywhere.

"Hey! Hey, the thieves in our cla.s.s dare to come to cla.s.s! Not afraid of shame!"

"Some of the nerds are like this, the thick skin is dying, yesterday was exposed and today there is still courage to come to cla.s.s, really shameless!"

"Hey, look, she actually has a different look today, how disgusting!"


Just opened the door of the cla.s.sroom entrance and already I could hear the annoying voices of the bullies. I still haven't seen what happened, when suddenly a group of people came around the corners like a shadow. These girls had gorgeous hair and heavy makeup. Song Chumo had a very deep negative impression of them.

   The girls took their time and surrounded Song Chumo. She unscrewed her eyebrows and looked at the group of people who were obviously looking for trouble. The look in her eyes was a little bit chilly but no one around her notice.

(They were too busy thinking of new ways to bully our MC. )

   For her Shen Wei, this is just the first day of rebirth. Some troubles should be avoided. After all, the wind will only die faster.

   Without paying attention to these people, Song Chumo turned to the side and wanted to circle around this group of people, but it was obvious that things were not as simple as she had imagined.

   "Hey! Why, want to go? You stole the white silver bracelet yesterday. You want to escape? We will call the police if we don't hand it over!"

   A girl with purple hair claimed, reaching out and trying to push her over. Although, it was a very light push but still no one expected Song Chumo to avoid it.

   This action of the Song Chumo shocked everyone, including those who were just bystanders. After all, normally no one stands up or fight back against these people. After all, many of them came from a wealthy family and no one wants to make an enemy of that. Anyways, everyone was very surprised since it was not the first time Song Chumo has been pushed. However, she never avoided before.

   Was this the beginning of Song chumo actually …. escaping Zhao Xiaohuan?

   The atmosphere in the cla.s.sroom was so different in the next moment, when Song Song walked into the room and sat down. All the attention at this moment was placed on the white condensate sitting in the second row of the cla.s.sroom.

   Bai Ning is a daughter of a provincial governor in China. She is very beautiful, and she always feels extremely gentle and generous. She is afraid that only Song Song knows the truth.

That she was nothing but a ...fake and a liar.

   "Song Chumo! You dare to avoid? You f.u.c.king dare to resist?!" Zhao Xiaohuan sharp voice rang in the cla.s.sroom. Zhao Xiaohuan was obviously shocked by the action of Song Chumo, raising her hand and wanting to give Song chumo a slap in the face.

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