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Chapter 754: Preparing to Lay Her Cards on the Table

“Eh, is Qingjiu back?”

At the sight of Gu Qingjiu, Gu Hong revealed the smile of a loving father.

Today, Gu Hong was dressed simply, in a greyish-brown shirt, giving off a refined air. But on his nose, there perched a pair of gold-framed spectacles.

Gu Qingjiu stood up in shock. “Dad, why did you start wearing gla.s.ses?”

“I’m getting old, and my vision’s getting increasingly blurry lately. When I went to the hospital to check, they told me I have short-sightedness, so I started wearing gla.s.ses. It’s normal.”

Gu Hong walked over, and Gu Xiaoxi immediately greeted with a sweet voice, “Uncle!”

Gu Hong stroked Gu Xiaoxi’s little head with a smile, then sat down and gazed gently at Gu Qingjiu. “Is the compet.i.tion over already?”

He knew Gu Qingjiu was away to take part in a compet.i.tion.


Gu Qingjiu said proudly to her father, “Dad, me, and my two teammates won the compet.i.tion. This is our country’s first victory in ten years! We made a big contribution and there will be benefits waiting for us.”

Gu Qingjiu didn’t take all the credit herself, but she couldn’t help telling her father with pride that they won first place.

“Oh, my daughter is rather capable.”

Gu Hong raised his brows, looking proud of his daughter.

They didn’t quite understand the significance of this compet.i.tion. After all, it wasn’t open to the public.

Gu Qingjiu couldn’t talk about certain details as well.

She whipped out her bank card, as though she was presenting a treasure. “This is the prize money from winning the compet.i.tion. Three hundred thousand yuan.”

She kept the remaining bit.

Gu Hong, who was happy for her daughter upon hearing that she won the compet.i.tion, looked shocked to see that there was prize money of three hundred thousand yuan.

“Three hundred thousand yuan?”

Gu Hong took the card from his daughter, feeling like the card weighed a ton in his hand despite its small size.

His daughter only just graduated.

Gu Hong gazed at Gu Qingjiu with a touched look as he held the card. “You’re all grown up now, and you’re really capable.”

To think that back then when Gu Qingjiu decided to join the military, they weren’t too happy about it.

They hadn’t expected that Gu Qingjiu would turn out to be someone so capable, winning glory for her country, and even winning prize money from a compet.i.tion.

It wasn’t that he cared about this money, for the meaning behind it was much more significant than the money itself.

Although Gu Xiaoxi couldn’t quite understand, she could tell that Gu Qingjiu was terrific. She slapped her face and sighed with astonishment. “Sister Qingjiu is terrific. If only I can be as terrific as Sister Qingjiu in the future.”

Gu Qingjiu nearly burst out laughing after she heard the tone of voice she used. She lowered her head and pinched Gu Xiaoxi’s little face. “Xiaoxi is also capable of being able to skip grades in school. In the future, Xiaoxi will go to university with a scholarship, which is a much more incredible feat than what Sister Qingjiu accomplished!”

“Since the compet.i.tion already ended, did your superiors tell you what arrangements they have for you?”

Gu Hong showed concern for Gu Qingjiu’s future.

Gu Qingjiu shook her head. “It hasn’t been decided yet. Under normal circ.u.mstances, I would be a.s.signed to a military zone to be a commanding officer, but due to my involvement in the shooting a.s.sociation, I will be allocated differently. The higher-ups are still in discussion, but I should likely be staying on in the capital.”

Gu Hong nodded. “That’s good. At least you’ll be in the capital. Look at that older brother of yours. He said he would be back in two years, and it’s been three years already and he’s still not back.”

At the mention of this, Gu Hong couldn’t help but sigh.

Gu Qingjiu fell silent for a moment, then said cautiously, “Dad, I need to tell you something important.”

She was prepared to lay her cards on the table.

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