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Chapter 753: Be the Flower Girl

Catching a glimpse of Qi Yuefeng pushing her luggage into another room, Gu Qingjiu said in a lowered voice, “Xiaoxi, have you ever been a flower girl?”

Gu Xiaoxi widened her eyes. “Are flower girls the children who follow behind the bride at a wedding and scatter flowers? I’ve seen it on television before.”

It seems like Gu Xiaoxi knew what ‘flower girl’ was.

“Yes, yes. Sister is going to tell you something. You are not to tell Aunt and the rest.”

Gu Xiaoxi’s aunt was Gu Qingjiu’s mother.

“Okay, okay.”

Of course, Gu Xiaoxi nodded her head obediently.

“It’s like this. Can you be my flower girl at my wedding? When the time comes, you’ll be able to go overseas, to Penalan!”

“Wah, Sister is getting married…”

Gu Xiaoxi had just finished speaking when Qi Yuefeng came out after placing her luggage correctly.

Gu Qingjiu wanted to cover Gu Xiaoxi’s mouth, but the smart young la.s.s had already cleverly shut her mouth before she could do that.

The duo gazed at Qi Yuefeng with smiles on their faces in a sheepish manner.

Qi Yuefeng, who found it strange, asked with a smile, “What are you two doing? Be good and stay at home. Qingjiu, now that you’re back, Mom will go out to buy some groceries to cook some stew for you. Why do you seem thinner than half a year ago?”

As she spoke, a hint of heartache could be seen in Qi Yuefeng’s eyes.

“Is it?”

Gu Qingjiu touched her face. “I don’t think I’ve gone thinner, though!”

Strictly speaking, because of her intensive training, Gu Qingjiu didn’t often eat small amounts.

It was just that her body now had firm muscles.

Womens’ muscles weren’t as apparent as mens, but it was also a strong-looking figure.

Especially for someone like Gu Qingjiu, who had an excellent figure.

“I feel that you have gotten thinner.”

Perhaps this was common among all mothers after not seeing their children for an extended period of time.

So long as the daughter didn’t look very obviously fatter, then she must have gotten thinner.

Unsure whether to laugh or to cry, Gu Qingjiu watched as Qi Yuefeng went out the door to buy groceries.

She then sat on the sofa and sized up this house.

Gu Hong had splurged on this more than two-hundred square meters apartment.

There was plenty of s.p.a.ce for small gatherings in the living room.

A tens-of-inch huge television hung on the wall.

On the right-hand sight, there was even a mini-bar.

There seemed to be several bedrooms.

The interior decor was also pretty tastefully done.

Near the dining area, there was a row of wooden cabinets that gave off an air of antiquity, on top of which, a lot of little trinkets that Gu Hong was fond of were placed.

They weren’t expensive stuff, but comparatively speaking, they had a specific value to them.

The curious Gu Xiaoxi started asking Gu Qingjiu right after she sat down. “Sister Qingjiu, you’re getting married soon. Who is your boyfriend?”

Despite her young age, Gu Xiaoxi was a naughty one. Kids nowadays knew more, to begin with.

Speaking of which, even though she had been dating Helian Niancheng for so long, other than her parents, her Great Aunt and the rest had no idea of this.

Moreover, Helian Niancheng didn’t frequently come as well.

At the thought of her husband, Gu Qingjiu couldn’t help but smile vibrantly. “Sister doesn’t know how to put it. But Sister’s husband is very handsome!”

“Eh, shame shame!”

Even Gu Xiaoxi knew to tease Gu Qingjiu. Gu Qingjiu a.s.sumed a posture of tickling Gu Xiaoxi. “How dare you tease Sister. Watch how I deal with you.”

Gu Xiaoxi shrieked and giggled as she fell backward, and the duo started tickling each other on the sofa.

Shortly after, Qi Yuefeng had yet to return, but Gu Hong came back first.

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