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All in all, after Baiyi's modification, the staff finally became powerful. Apart from that, it synchronized very well with Mia's current level too. After going through a hard period of training, she had managed to see some results in both Fire and Wind offense spells. Coupled with the Ice spells that were enchanted on the staff, there were a variety of offense spells that she could use to deal with her opponents.

Before Mia started her training, she had already asked Baiyi regarding which element would be more suitable for her. At that time, Baiyi did not give her a clear answer but instead, he let her tried almost every elements all by herself.

Actually, that was the most common and clever approach. A sorcerer who was in the Primary and Intermediate Level does not posses much Mana in his body so it was not too difficult for him to switch around between elements. When the sorcerer entered the higher levels, the Mana in the body would increase and the effectiveness of the element conversion would begin to decrease. Coupled with the limited energy and resources that a normal person possessed, along with the subject of patent rights and academia knowledges that was seldom made known to the public, the chances of obtaining a high-grade spell was not high at all. For that reason, most sorcerer would usually pick one to two elements that were suitable for them to further cultivate and train before they finally pick one element that worked the best for them.

To most sorcerers, the situation was always like this--- the more one learned about magic, the less spells one mastered and the more one trained, the more refined one's power would get. Or at least, that was the case before one became a supernatural being.

Like Baiyi who had shown mastery over five different elements during the Appraisal, it was something that could be done only when one reached the Legendary Level. It was only then that one have plenty of time and resources to expand one's knowledges. That was also why Baiyi had managed to amaze everyone when he was showing his skills during the Appraisal.

Just like that, Mia finally managed to learn four different types of elements--- Water, Fire, Wind and Light. However, the spells that she learned from Baiyi were only simple magic. As for the future, she seemed to be quite interested in Water and Light elements and would probably consider to study it in depth later.

"Just choose anything that you like," Baiyi told her. After all, be it him, or the rest of the sorcerer Walkers, all of them were well-versed in every single element. It was possible for Mia to choose whatever element that she liked.

After he handed the staff to Mia, he encouraged her to try and practice with it but she did not dare to use the spells that were enchanted on it indiscriminately. Although Baiyi had added on an extra Mana Crystal on the staff to provide it with extra energy but during each release of the spell, it would still deplete the energy of the Everfrost Crystal and unfortunately, that was the only Everfrost Crystal that they had in hand.

"That's why you must use more scrolls because those are cheaper. Oh, and you can use your accessories as well!" Mia's hairpins, bracelets and necklaces had also been modified by Baiyi and some defense spells were enchanted on them too.

"Remember, if you're in a dire situation, use this! " Baiyi took out the hammerhead doll from his storage pouch that he had packed in the morning.

"Eh? M-My doll?" Mia immediatey took the doll and snuggled it without a word. Puzzled, she tilted her head and looked at Baiyi as she asked, "B-But Mr. Hope? This is just an ordinary plushie, isn't it?"

"It will help you at crucial moments," Baiyi just brushed it off casually.

The day of the final exam of the Celestial Fortress Academy had finally arrived. The academy which was still quite lively a day before suddenly became quiet this morning. Oh you asked why? Well, it was the written test of the students' theoretical knowledge today.

After the end of the written exam in the afternoon, the academy once again regained its festive atmosphere and although there was still the battle that has yet to come, many of the students felt that the semester was already over and what was waiting for them ahead was the long-awaited summer vacation.

Sure enough, Mia was affected by the relaxed atmosphere as well. Trying on the sorcerer robe that she would be wearing tomorrow, she started packing her luggage while humming a little tune at the same time. She appeared to be in quite a good mood, it was probably because she had done quite well in the early test. After all, the test was not that hard and she did put a lot of efforts into studying before this. Coupled with Tisdale's tutorial cla.s.ses, it was almost certain that she would get a good grade.

Just like that, the practical exam finally kicked off during the second day. Mia joyfully put on the sorcerer robe that Undine had given to her and once again played the role of a magnificent and beautiful 'light fairy', there was no doubt that such an attire would attract the attention of many students. On her way to the battle arena, she was even stopped by multiple boys trying to make small talks with her. But of course, all of those oys were driven away by her conservative old-fashioned 'father'.

"This is the first time I'm being watched by so many people..." Mia seemed to be a bit nervous and kept sticking close to Baiyi. From time to time, she would reach a hand out and pat her chest as if she was trying to calm herself down.

"Well, you do look particularly cute today." Baiyi said with a sense of accomplishment. Even though the attention of the pa.s.sersby were all on Mia and not on him, he felt a sense of pride and pleasure especially when Mia met with her cla.s.smates and was praised and complimented by the group of girls. As she was enjoying the pleasure of being in the spotlight, the glow and satisfaction that Baiyi felt in his heart also grew stronger.

Hmmm, it looks like I really do need to let her wear more beautiful clothes in the future. En, as long as she doesn't expose too much skin then it'll be fine... Baiyi told himself just as the battle was about to begin in the midst of the spectators' loud cheers.

The battle was intended only for soph.o.m.ores. Due to the fact that the students had only acquired the powers recently, the battle was separated into two different categories--- magical and physical combat.

The first battle was from the physical combat category. Two boys who looked arrogant were battling it out on the ring with their custom-designed light-weight armors and they were waving their weapons around clashing with each other. From time to time, sounds like " Ola ola ola! Oh Oh Oh!" could be heard coming from the two boys, it made them look debonair with an air of bravado and it won them the cheers from the boys and ' kyaaaaaa ' from the girls.

Truthfully speaking, Baiyi was not interested in the showy movements of those boys at all, after all, the two boys were slightly too childish for his liking. Their innate capabilities were not even as good as the opponents that he met in the arena last time. After waving their swords around for a long time, the two kids finally threw their swords down at the same time and suddenly engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Finally, one of the boy who was defeated lay on the ground while gasping breath, "I really do have to admit that you're much stronger now!"

Unlike Baiyi, there were some Walkers who were actually interested in watching the showdown. Some disappointed voices could even be heard coming from the Void, "E-Er what? That's it? And here I thought both sides would have some flashbacks and recall their memories and then things end up exploding and so on..."

What the h.e.l.l? What exactly are you expecting? How can this kind of thing possibly happen in reality?

Compared to the kids' chaotic battle, the next battle between sorcerers appeared to be more professional. The two boys who entered the ring were both wearing custom-made sorcerer robes with a variety of tools in hand. It was apparent that those two were well prepared for the battle. During the battle, the speed of both parties were quick and no mistakes could be seen at all, both sides showing high innate abilities in their every move. The spells that they used were low leveled, such as the Fireball, Icemissiles spells that had no need for long incantations. For that reason, the combat was accompanied by flashes of ice and fire everywhere, giving off a very impressive visual effect.

However, the battle did not pique the interest of the Voidwalkers at all. One voice even be heard asking the Apprentice, "You all are not very good at arranging the battles! Who would like to watch two males playing with fireb.a.l.l.s in the ring? Even if you must put male students in the ring, at least ask them to put on a dress or something!"

W-Wait what? So why did you guys look so excited during the battle between the two boys just now? Don't you think you're being a little unfair right here?

Inexplicably, the academy seemed to have heard the voices of the dissatisfaction coming from the Void because for the next two rounds, the contestants were all beautiful girls. Be it their attires or their body development, it seemed like they met the public's ideal beauty standards. There were two female warriors in particular who were so bold that they actually wore their miniskirts to battle. There was no anti-gravity or light spell enchanted on those skirts at all so with every movement, their skirts would flare up and cheers could be heard coming from the boys sitting below the ring.

Even the Hentai Paladin was cheering loudly in the Void along with the students, "WOOOHOOOO! The girls here are all so talented and beautiful! And listen to how sweet their voices are! I love it so much over here!"

The performance from the Warrior Faculty was daring but the two girls from the Magical Faculty seemed to be equally as bold as well. The two young sorcerers were both wearing white tulle-style sorcerer robes that was slightly translucent. On top of that, both of them used the Water element as their main attack…

Ahem! The scene was too breathtaking that it was kind of hard to describe in words. The tulle that turned wet from their opponent's attacks stuck onto the their bodies and it displayed their beautiful curves. Even Mia who was sitting by the side watching could not help but blush in embarra.s.sment. She was not even looking at the battle that was being fought but instead, her huge eyes were trained on the two mounds of both of the girls in the ring. From time to time, she even looked down at her own chest and let out a sad groan  "Huuuuuu..."

Where the h.e.l.l are you looking? Is this the time to care about that kind of thing? And what's wrong with this academy? Who the h.e.l.l arranged this sort of program? Don't you think it's a little indecent? Baiyi questioned the Apprentice.

"Sir Hope! I think you're mistaken." Perplexed, the Apprentice asked, "Over here, the age of marriage for girls are 16 years old. Our academy also allows the freedom to love among the students so there's absolutely nothing wrong in letting the girls show off their natural beauty, right? What do you expect these beautiful girls to do if you don't allow them to show off their beauty? Do you want them to cover up and keep it hidden for the rest of their lives?"

... Baiyi was at a loss for words for a moment after listening to the Apprentice.

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