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Chu Li pulled Gu Li Tong and disappeared in a flash from the house.

Gu Li Tong could not open his eyes because the force of the wind was weighing down on his eyelids. Through a small gap between his eyelids, he could only make out distorted lights and shades, he could not see anything else. Only the screaming of wind could be heard. Under the gale, they stop abruptly and charged forward repeatedly, an urge to vomit developed in his chest and that feeling gradually solidified and became more intense.

After a few moments, Chu Li jerked to a stop. Gu Li Tong could no longer hold back the urge to throw up, he bent down and hurled once, then a few more times on the ground.

Chu Li studied the small courtyard in the distance and shook his head.

Hu Ren Public House' Protectors still would not show themselves, they were really patient. They were having wishful thinking—they will wait for the two parties to fight to exhaustion and carry out a sudden attack—it would be easy to overcome those exhausted Protectors.

Gu Li Tong used a handkerchief to wipe his mouth, raised himself and his face turned bitter.

He found himself standing on the roof. The round moon shining brightly and the night breeze blowing gently, the breeze cool and refreshing—what a beautiful night.

Chu Li stood with his hands clasped behind his back, his blue robe blowing in the wind. He gazed off into the distance, lost in thoughts.

Gu Li Tong shook his head mentally.

Chu Li had the t.i.tle of the youth champion. At first, he thought it was ridiculous that a mere Scribe was called the youth champion, but now, it seemed that the rumor was true—his levitation was incredible!

Chu Li activated his Omniscient Mirror and focused his attention on checking out the situation, trying to see if they still had anything up their sleeves so as not to benefit the Hu Ren Public House.

After examining the situation thoroughly, he let out a sigh of relief.

The manpower of Hu Ren Public House was divided into three batches: Gu Li Tong's original four Protectors, 20 Protectors who attacked directly and 20 in the ambush who were just 200 meters from the courtyard.

Chu Li was being very careful, for fear that Lu Yu Zhao Lung divided her manpower into four and he was also afraid that there will be Grandmasters.

Fortunately, everything was under control.

40 people crowded and fought in the small courtyard. Both parties were equally matched, both could not win against each other and ended up in a stalemate. As time pa.s.sed, the strength of the two sides was being worn down, they struggled on with great difficulties. They were both waiting for their backups.

The leader of the 20 Protectors of Hu Ren Public House, who was responsible for the ambush, was a middle-aged rough man. He was like a lion, with a pug nose and big eyes with a piercing gleam.

He squatted in the shadow of a corner of the walls, listening motionlessly and intently.

He counted the time anxiously. He could not let his team suffer significant injury or death, nor can he let his opponents have too much strength. Therefore, he must find the best opportunity to wipe them out in one go and in this way, he would have distinguished himself with a great merit!

If he attacked now, his team will not suffer great damage but the people of Yi Public House would have the strength to escape and this meant failure.

The goal this time was to exterminate the opponents. They went to great trouble to set up this trap, and at last, they got the opportunity but if he were to scare away the opponents, then this was his incompetence. Not only did he not make a contribution, he would have made a big mistake.

If the attack was too late, the Public House's loss would be too great. Those Protectors' fury would burn him to death and Lu Yu Zhao Lung might not be able to keep him alive!

"Big Brother Hu, do we attack now?" the person next to him asked in a low voice.

The middle-aged man shook his head.

"The Lady had planned very carefully with every conceivable possibility taken into account. This time, we will give them the third degree!" someone snickered.

The middle-aged man turned and glared at that person, "Keep your voice down!"

"Big Brother Hu, you are being too cautious. How can the fools from Yi Public House see through the Lady's ploy?"

"Don't underestimate the Yi Public House!"

"I believe they had no idea that this is a trap!"

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