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He reached out his hand as he grabbed hold of the flying blade.

Bai Feng was shocked. "Did you really kill Xu Zhengzong?"

Chu Li looked up and said, "The Single Slice of the Universe is indeed miraculous. I used it to kill Xu Zhengzong."

Bai Feng blinked. "You've learned the Single Slice of the Universe?"

Chu Li nodded. "Fortunately, yes."

"No doubt, you're talented." Bei Feng checked him out as she walked around him a few times.

The Single Slice of the Universe was kept in Tian Luo Sect's Sutra Library and no one was able to learn it until now. This was the reason it was given to Chu Li, because no matter how powerful martial art was, what use could it be if no one could learn it?

She did not expect that Chu Li could learn it.

"Sigh…" Chu Li seemed remorseful. "It's unfortunate that I can only use it once. Otherwise, I wouldn't be afraid of anyone!"

Bei Feng smiled as her eyes brimmed with excitement. "Undefeatable? There's no such thing as an invincible martial art in this world. More so, you can never be stronger than the Enlightened Masters no matter how strong you are."

Chu Li asked, "Why did Senior come over for?"

Bai Feng smiled gently. "That little Yang Ying told me to come here."

Chu Li smiled.

"Looks like that little girl is quite concerned about you." Bai Feng looked at the dried corpse on the ground and loosened herself before she started smiling. "Looks like the White Tiger Sect's seduction plan has turned its tables."

Chu Li laughed. "Where did your chain of thought go? We're just friends."

"From her worry, it seems that you two are more than just friends." Bai Feng laughed too. "Since her Master isn't in Gale City, she had no choice but to come for me. I was shocked as well because Xu Zhengzong is an incredibly skilled character. Even I can't handle him."

Chu Li nodded.

Xu Zhengzong had trained and acquired a very advanced level of b.l.o.o.d.y Garment Divine Power. Its strength was so immense, it was as if he was wearing a treasured armor. If it was not for the Single Slice of the Universe, Chu Li would not have been able to kill him at all.

Bai Feng said. "Since he managed to escape to the Church of the b.l.o.o.d.y Garment from the previous raid, who would have thought that he would die in your hands? He's really unlucky."

"It's only natural that he died in the hands of Tian Luo Sect's martial arts." Chu Li laughed.

Bei Feng pouted and said, "That's true."

Chu Li would not have been able to kill Xu Zhengzong if she did not hand over the Single Slice of the Universe to him. It was only because of t.i.t-for-tat that they were able to take care of one of Tian Luo Sect's biggest worries. So, in the end, Chu Li himself did play a part in this.

Bai Feng snapped off a branch and started to poke at the dry corpse as she tried to remove a ring off Xu Zhengzong's left thumb. She then took out a cloth and carefully placed it in her arms. "This is Xu Zhengzong's bishop ring. It'll prove his ident.i.ty."

Chu Li waved his longsword to dig a hole, in which Xu Zhengzong's corpse was thrown into it after. This would allow him to rest peacefully.


Yang Ying was looking down from the second floor as she held onto the ledge of the window when the two returned to Phoenix G.o.ddess Brothel. She hastily waved her hand as she saw Chu Li entering.

Chu Li nodded and bid goodbye to Bai Feng. After that, he glided to the window and entered the place.

Chu Li laughed as he stepped onto the thick and soft mattress. "Thank you, Miss Yang."

"Is that guy dead?" Yang Ying asked.

Chu Li nodded. "He couldn't be more dead."

Yang Ling let out a long sigh of relief. "It's great that he's dead. It's great that he's dead… Zhao Dahe, you're really a troublesome guy. Nothing good happens when I meet you. I have to go."

Chu Li asked, "Where are you retreating to? Why don't I come and see you when you're done with serving your time?"

Indeed, he would miss this friend of his. After all, he did not have to exhaust any energy talking to her. He was free to speak his mind and did not have to worry about people lying to him.

Yang Ying shook her head. "No can't do. I have to be in this retreat myself."

"At the White Tiger Peak?"

"No… I can't tell you where it is. Master and I are the only ones who know of the place."

Chu Li had already found out where she was retreating herself in. So, he smiled. "Fine. I won't go there. You're free to look for me at the Small Light Peak."

"No problem," Yang Ying said. "If that's not possible, I'll look for you at the Radiance Clan."

"Sure thing." Chu Li nodded.

Yang Ying waved her little hand as she glided gently out of the window to the first floor like a sparrow before she left Phoenix G.o.ddess Brothel.

Chu Li let a long sigh of relief as he motionlessly held onto the window for some time.

Yue Ru came in softly. "Big Brother Zhao…"

Without turning around, Chu Li said, "Yes."

"I'll be away with Master for a few days," Yue Ru said softly.

Chu Li turned his head around.

Yue Ru whispered, "Master said that the death of Xu Zhengzong is of great importance. She has to personally report it and I'll be accompanying her."

Chu Li nodded. "Okay."

"I've already informed them to help Big Brother Zhao with your cultivation."

"There's no need for that. I can do it on my own."

"Big Brother Zhao…"

Chu Li laughed. "I've been wanting to train the Single Slice of the Universe lately."

"...Alright." Yue Ru nodded softly.

Chu Li continued, "Don't worry about me, but what about you? Why are you going back?"

Yue Ru sighed. "Master said that it's my time to go into Isolated Cultivation and train hard."

"This is big news," Chu Li said.

Yue Ru looked at him. "I don't know what will happen by the time I come out."

Chu Li laughed. "You might not be able to see me anymore by the time you come out."

Yue Ru nodded softly with a disappointed look on her face.

Chu Li continued, "But since the Radiance Clan will be here, I'll be back often."

Yue Ru revealed a smile.

Chu Li took out a jade from his chest pocket and handed it to her. "Take this. Shatter it if you're ever in danger. Then I'll know and rush over to you."

Yue Ru's smile widened. "Is this Big Brother Zhao's personal item?'

"You can see it that way." Chu Li nodded.

Since he always had some jades on him, they had been fused with his aura. If they were to shatter, he would be able to sense it through s.p.a.cetime in an instant. Then, he could rush to help instantly via G.o.d's Limb.

He was inspired by the Sarira prayer beads from the t.i.tanium Temple. Xiao Si used to carry both jades and Sarira with her, but since the latter was much tougher, it was hard to shatter sometimes. On the other hand, the jades would shatter the moment they were thrown to the ground.

Yue Ru carefully received it and smiled beautifully. "Thank you, Big Brother Zhao."

Chu Li shook his head, smiling back at her. "No need to thank me."

"Big Brother Zhao, you have to come back often," Yue Ru said.

Chu Li nodded.

After that, Yue Ru left excitedly. Since she was in a good mood, her footsteps were soft and agile.

Chu Li laughed.

He took two cups and a pot of alcohol as he left Phoenix G.o.ddess Brothel. He then stopped at a gazebo not far away from the east entrance of Gale City.

Not long after he arrived, two horses were seen leaving the east entrance. One was clad in an emerald green gown, while the other was in a light green gown. Their faces were covered in a white veil and they looked extremely elegant as they rode the horses. At first, they left the city slowly before they hushed the horses to pace up afterward.

"Miss Yang!" Chu Li shouted.

The two arrived at the gazebo.

Chu Li immediately bowed down at Yang Ying's Master, Weng Hua. "Hi Senior."

Weng Hua smiled gently and nodded her head.

Yang Ying in the emerald green gown leaped onto the gazebo and stood in front of him. "Why are you here?"

"I'm here to send you off!" Chu Li poured a cup of alcohol and pa.s.sed it to her. "Drink this."

Yang Ying took off her veil which revealed her exquisite face before she finished off the drink in one mouth.

Chu Li then poured himself a cup and drank everything as well.

Yang Ying reached out her fair little hand and patted his shoulder. "I'll have some fun with you when I'm done with my Isolated Cultivation!"

"Alright, I'll wait for you." Chu Li smiled.

"I'll be off then!" Yang Ying gave a fist salute before she leaped back up onto the horse. With a whip of the rope, she went on her way.

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