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Chapter 748: Commander

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Zhou Xingbang growled. "How presumptuous!"

Chu Li glared back. "How about we fight it out?"

Zhou Xingbang merely let out a scoff of ignorance.

Qiao Zhenhai laughed. "How strong do you think you are?"

"Infinitely strong!" Chu Li acted like he was pleased with himself as he harrumphed. "a.s.sociation Leader, I'm not bragging but it comes to strength, I'm the strongest now and cannot be rivaled!"

Qiao Zhenhai chuckled. "Haha… You're not humble at all!"

Chu Li spoke confidently, "I've always spoken the truth and won't ever make up false stories. Am I right, Commander Zhou?"

Zhou Xingbang turned to Qiao Zhenhai. "a.s.sociation Leader, Zhao Dahe's really strong."

Qiao Zhenhai smiled. "It seems like Zhao Dahe is not lying then."

Chu Li puffed his chest proudly, giving a believable performance of a smug thug.

Guo Shan shook his head, Zhao Dahe was pleased with himself although they all viewed him as a comical wretch; this fool was truly a headache.

Chu Li continued acting dumb. "a.s.sociation Leader, leave this Feng fellow to me. If I were to catch him, I'd only need one punch to solve the problem!"

Zhou Xingbang uttered coldly, "Feng Changwen is a perfected innate master, his speed is blindingly fast, so it doesn't matter how strong you are if you can't even land a punch on him!"

"I don't believe that I can't hit him, I'm fast too!" Chu Li insisted.

Zhou Xingbang scolded, "Do you think your dumbness can contend his inner energy? You'll be injured once he uses a step technique to go behind you and hit you with a palm and you'll die once the other palm lands! … You really don't know the immensity of heaven and earth to think that you are really unrivaled with just a little strength!"

Chu Li pursed his lips dismissively. "How could he be so powerful, I can definitely defeat him!"

Everyone shook their heads.

Zhao Dahe's apt.i.tude was incredibly bad, he was still his lowest level where his inner energy was barely existent. If it was not for his certain defeat in the fight, no one would have cared about Zhao Dahe at all.

"Dahe, you'll have your revenge." Qiao Zhenhai laughed. "Guo Shan, Commander Wu died during our last fight against Feng Changwen."

Guo Shan was shocked. "No wonder I did not see Commander Wu! How could Commander Wu…"

"It's also our fault, we did not know that Feng Changwen had a hidden palm skill which he struck Commander Wu with. It was an extremely vicious palm force since it could not be inhibited, Commander Wu took his last breath by the time he came back!" Qiao Zhenhai sighed.

Guo Shan gritted out angrily. "Feng… Chang… Wen…! Feng Changwen!"

Qiao Zhenhai exclaimed, "They all said that this fella must have had a fortuitous encounter. I really can't believe that Ferric Blood a.s.sociation would have such a powerful figure!"

"Just like him, I also had a fortuitous encounter, it seems like only I can handle him!" Chu Li immediately piped up.

They all cast a sidelong glance at him and ignored him.

Giving Zhao Dahe attention would only get him more agitated once he got started.

Chu Li got a clearer picture of Zhao Dahe's personality through their minds and managed to imitate Zhao Dahe's actions more.

It was an incredible feeling, it was as if he had truly transformed into Zhao Dahe and totally got rid of his own personality. His every move was Zhao Dahe's, Chu Li had completely immersed himself in another life.

"Guo Shan, because you've gotten hurt for the Chivalry a.s.sociation and also an elder in the a.s.sociation, I've decided to appoint you as Commander."

Guo Shan was momentarily stunned before he frantically waved his hands around. "Commander? No, no, I'm now a cripple, how can I become a Commander?"

Chu Li quickly b.u.t.ted in. "Why not? The a.s.sociation Leader is wise, Elder Guo should be the Commander!"

"You shut up!" Guo Shan quickly shot an angry glare at him.

Chu Li went on. "Elder Guo, are you worried that the others would not be unsatisfied with the decision? Don't worry, leave this to me, I'll fight whoever who isn't unsatisfied until he's satisfied!"

Qiao Zhenhai smiled as he shook his head.

Zhou Xing's face darkened. "Zhao Dahe, get lost. Why do you have to have a say in everything?"

Chu Li glared at him. "Are you unhappy with the decision?"

The silent Su Qinghe suddenly spoke in a soft tone, "Zhao Dahe, if you keep messing with things, a.s.sociation Leader might just change his mind!"

He was a handsome man who stood among the crowd and since he was a man of few words and barely spoke, his words were powerful and carried weight.

Chu Li sulkily huffed. "Alright, I'll stay quiet!"

Guo Shan finally let out a sigh of relief and returned to explain himself. "a.s.sociation Leader, I'm just a cripple, I'm really not suitable to be the Commander."

"You were crippled for the sake of the Chivalry a.s.sociation. Plus, with your existing cultivation, how can you call yourself a cripple? If you start training with hidden weapons, I'm sure your formidable power will be similarly fantastic!" Qiao Zhenhai shook his head.

"That's enough, Elder Guo, stop trying to decline. You've worked hard and performed a valuable service, you deserve to be a Commander!" Zhou Xingbang grunted.

Another Commander nodded in agreement. "That's right!"

Chu Li scanned the crowed and silently scoffed.

These people really had made their own plans.

The appointment of Guo Shan as Commander was merely a show to let others know that there was no fault in risking their lives for the Chivalry a.s.sociation and that they would be treated well. Guo Shan would be an example of how the a.s.sociation would not give up on them—he could become a Commander even though he was already a cripple.

They were also certain that with Guo Shan's personality, he would not last long as a Commander and would quit in no time.

Such a happy ending would just be a pa.s.sing formality.

Chu Li silently decided to wreck their smug calculations and support Guo Shan fully. He would put Guo Shan before himself and help Guo Shan build a stable position so that he too would gain a firm backing while having a reputation for being loyal.

Guo Shan shook his head bitterly. "a.s.sociation Leader, I really can't do it."

Qiao Zhenhai argued, "You already have a name for yourself within the a.s.sociation and should've been a Commander long time ago, you were just lacking one great merit. But now the time has come for you to be a Commander, you'll take Commander Wu's position!"

"But…" Guo Shan was still trying to decline the offer.

Zhou Xingbang injected. "Elder Guo, are you trying to defy a.s.sociation Leader?"

"Of course not, but I…" Guo Shan tried to explain.

Zhou Xingbang harrumphed. "a.s.sociation Leader has made his decision, it doesn't matter if you want it or not, you must take up this position!"

"…Ah, then I must regretfully accept!" Guo Shan hesitated for a while before sighing in defeat.

Qiao Zhenhai let out a smile. "That's more like it, return to the a.s.sociation tomorrow then, Commander Guo."

"Yes." Guo Shan did a fist salute.

Qiao Zhenhai returned the gesture. "Then we shall take our leave now."

The others did a fist salute before leaving.

After they all disappeared, Chu Li pursed his lips. "Hypocrites!"

"What nonsense are you spouting!" Guo Shan shot him an angry glare.

Chu Li replied, "What a bunch of useless people, they can't even fight against Feng Changwen!"

Guo Shan retorted in a seething manner, "You know how cunning Feng Changwen is! a.s.sociation Leader is already very merciful for treating me so well, I am ready to blow my brains out to repay him!"

Chu Li shot back with a similar tone. "I wonder if you're really dumb, they are waiting for you to give up the Commander position so that they can gain a good name for themselves while not losing anything, but here you are, being blindly grateful to them!"

Guo Shan glared at him angrily. "Nonsense!"

Chu Li scoffed. "Think about it and you'll figure out if it's nonsense."

"When did you get so smart?" Guo Shan was trying to figure him out.

Chu Li brushed it off with a smug pretense. "I don't even need to be smart to figure out a small trick like this!"

Guo Shan shook his head. "Seems like you're really enlightened! The red fruit did not just increase your strength, it even boosted your intelligence. Not bad, not bad at all!"

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