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Chapter 544: Invisible Barrier
Benjamin leaned on the stone wall, on tipped toe and carefully crept over there. Probably because the mages were too focused on what was happening on the other side of the barrier, they did not notice Benjamin who was sneaking in.
He finally got to see clearly what was happening on the other side of the barrier.
Dazzling white light flashing like fireflies surrounded and danced around the Queen. The Queen had her eyes wide open, with a hint of fanaticism and excitement. She stood on a rock-like stage with both of her hands in stretched out and gently touched a strange object which had risen from the ground.
As she came into contact with it, was it a… sculpture? Or a plant? Benjamin was confused.
It looked a little like a rotten wood, it had a dark brown trunk which was twisted in a strange angle and diverged into some sharp branches. The white light flying around the Queen seemed to be released from those twigs slowly.
"What is that? Can you detect it?" Benjamin asked the System.
"No, that barrier is very weird, even I'm stuck outside." The System replied after a moment of silence, "But you can try attacking this barrier."

Benjamin was not stupid enough to make a move in front of so many enemy mages.
He hid behind the shadow of a wall, quietly put away the fluorescent moss and then secretly observed any changes. These mages seemed to be very uneasy about

the Queen’s actions, some even started to move and begin to attack the barrier.
Several large fireb.a.l.l.s was thrown onto the invisible barrier and the barrier flashed. Subsequently, the fireb.a.l.l.s disappeared.
When the mages saw that, they got even more anxious.
"s.h.i.t, this thing cannot be broken. Your Majesty's mind has been hypnotized, we must rescue Your Majesty!"
Many people started attacking one after another, fireball, fire blades... all kinds of attacks were launched at the invisible barrier. Nearly a hundred mages gathered here, when they attacked at the same time, their power must not be underestimated. The narrow cave was shining brightly at the moment.
However, the barrier just flashed like previously, then silently blocked all the attacks.
Whereas on the other side of the barrier, the Queen's hand clutched the rotten trunk tightly. The light started shining even brighter on her body, after looking at it closely, some of the light even entered into her body, the scene looked as though the Queen was a Saint worshiping G.o.d.
However, the Queen who was within the barrier started trembling.
"Your Majesty, maybe she can’t hear us. The force might kill her!" A mage saw this, got to the barrier, knocked on the barrier and shouted.
However, the Queen who was inside the barrier seemed to have not heard anything.
"Your Majesty ... She may not even hear our voices." Another elderly looking mage shook his head, took a deep breath and said, "There’s no way, and we cannot stop

stop her. Let’s just hope… what was written in the book is true."
Someone retorted: "Even if it is true, what if Your Majesty cannot withstand it?"
"Then we have no other options." The elder mage closed his eyes as though he was a prisoner awaiting for a sentence. "No one can stop this."
The mages heard it and had an unwilling look.
The Queen's life was linked to them, and it was also related to the fate of Icor. If it was possible, they hoped that they can block off all dangers, not giving the Queen the chance to get injured. But... they cannot do that.
However, at this moment.
"It seems that all of you want to break this barrier?"
A voice came from behind them. The group of mages turned around and saw a familiar face smiling under the fluorescent and white light.
"It’s... it's you!"
They immediately recognized Benjamin.
"Amazed? We've also fallen into this place too." Benjamin shook his head and said, "Do not be so quick to attack, you won’t want something to happen to the Queen in the barrier."
"Can you break open this barrier?" The elder mage asked after a moment in silence.
"Of course I can."
When the elder mage heard this, he was energized and he wanted to say something. But at that moment, a few mages at the side immediately interrupted him and stared at Benjamin with a hostile look.
"Do not believe this man," said the other mages, "Be

mages, "Be it death or birth, it is Your Majesty’s will. We cannot stop it and will not let an outsider intervene."
After saying that, a few mages nodded along.
Seeing their reaction, Benjamin sneered coldly.
These mages... ... they were probably the so-called die-hard fans of the Queen, right?
"Then do what you wish to." Benjamin shrugged innocently and said, "If the Queen dies, all of you will die along one by one. But rest a.s.sured, we will take over Icor and take good care of it."
Apparently, the mages were enraged by Benjamin's words and was left speechless.
However, Benjamin smiled while he looked at them.
Regardless of what the Queen was doing inside, his intuition told him that he better not let her complete it. Either the Queen fails and dies together with most of the mages in Icor. Or, the Queen succeed and Benjamin suffers. No matter what was the outcome, it did not seem to benefit him.
Therefore, he said that to enrage the mages.
"Enough!" However, the elder mage took a deep breath and said, "This guy is our enemy, of course his intentions were bad. Take him down! He’s alone, there’s no way that he can be our opponent!"

Benjamin was speechless.
s.h.i.t... it seemed like he went overboard.
"We are all mages, let’s calm down and talk. The church is waiting outside of the Crusader Gateway, we need to talk." He tried to ease the atmosphere, but the other mages did not mages did not want to give him the chance.
They started casting a spell, a large amount of elements gathered in the cave and caused an extremely large magic fluctuation.
Benjamin was getting a headache.
When Benjamin saw that, he kept quiet and began casting a spell.
While facing the wrath of nearly one hundred mages, he will definitely need to defend himself, so he alternated his attack and defense. Therefore, he immediately summoned hundreds of water birds and gave them a command to fly towards the crowd.
Then, he drank a bottle of agility potion, just by moving slightly, he successfully dodged a flood of magic launched towards him.
"This guy..."
Benjamin’s extremely fast speed frightened the mages. Immediately after that, the water birds rushed toward them, forcing them to divert their attention, then they summoned a shield to defend against these low intellectual "living" water elements.
However, Benjamin did not stop there.
More water birds were summoned by him and rushed towards the mages. Although this level of attack may not cause any harm, but it will greatly slow down the attack of the mages.
Fire b.a.l.l.s, fire blades... ... these attacks was still being thrown at Benjamin, but its frequency had greatly reduced. Benjamin felt like a lightning bolt, constantly dodging all the bullets despite the hail of bullets as he was extremely flexible.
Soon, he found an opportunity to get close the invisible barrier.
He pulled out a crystal ball from the bag.

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