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Chapter 460: The Accident while Gathering
Blending in the sky full of arrows, the crystal ball was like a marble that did not attract anyone’s attention, flying towards the priests’ protective barrier.

Benjamin picked the most saturated part, a band of priests were gathered there healing the holy knights.

In the blink of an eye, the crystal ball smashed onto the barrier, creating a crisp smashing sound.

"What, what’s that?" The head priest noticed and showed a face of disbelief.

The golden barrier was broken, as if bulletproof gla.s.s was broken and it broke into countless shards. The crystal ball still continued on and headed towards the saturated part.


The sound was like a hammer hitting the head priest’s heart. Even though they were not directly at the part the crystal ball hit, the ground under him shook, and his body shuddered, as if there was blade heading for him, making him feel like blacking out.

How could…..how could this barrier be broken?

Thinking of Bishop Cameron’s request, thinking of his responsibilities, he felt the sky spin. They did not want to die here, they….could not die there!

He could not believe his eyes.

What….what was that thing?

The crystal ball smashed onto the ground, and created a giant crater, scattering dirt and dust into the sky. The air was filled with the stench of blood, showing how deadly this ball was.

Facing such a sudden attack, the Church’s squad could not react. Those that were smashed were all dead, those that were not showed faces of shock, and looked at the giant crater, forgetting their tasks.

"That, that thing’s…..is a magical tool! Grab it quick!"

The head priest seemed to have been just struck by lightning, he realized and quickly rushed towards the giant crater. He looked emotional, as if he just found Benjamin’s weak point.

But, another rain of ice arrows came down.

The ice arrows surrounded the priest, but he did not react, fanatically, he still headed towards the landing point of the crystal ball. Sadly, it did have any result---his last Cross of Protection shattered, he was penetrated by an ice arrow through his heart, his hands stretched out, he fell within a meter from the crystal ball.

Benjamin saw this and shook his head calmly.

This guy wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the crystal ball….if you are not that powerful, do not even think of retaliating.

But, the priest’s actions have given an advantage to him.

After killing the head priest, Benjamin did not stop his casting. One after another fields of icy arrows rained down beneath his feet, like a machine gun pointed at the squad below.

This time, the priests had no instructions and could not react in time, they failed to conjure a new barrier.

Thus, the following scene was expected. Under the a.s.sault of the ice arrows, the few hundred holy knights did not last even half a minute, all falling over. The priests were scattered and managed to survive with their remaining crosses of protection, running around in panic.

Benjamin saw this and conjured a circle of icy mist, locking the whole battlefield up, not wanting any of the priests to escape.

Sadly, these priest had many ways to escape. Many of them used their crosses and divine arts to shield themselves, then headed for the outside, but finally still became ice sculptures. Some priests took this opportunity to fly out with their divine arts.

He had many people to deal with, Benjamin could not clone himself, so some of them managed to escape.

But, those that escaped this way were few.

The hundred priests became only eighty-nine was the crystal ball smashed into them. From the eighty-nine only about ten of them escaped

. Those that did not become ice sculptures were chased by Benjamin and murdered, their blood tainting the wilderness.

In short, Benjamin was not satisfied, but still nodded.

To the Church, this horsepower was great enough. They were worried of Benjamin’s power previously, after this….they should probably be even more worried.

This kind of fake name list game should not be played with him.

After cleaning up the battlefield, Benjamin left, leaving the corpses all behind, as a present to the Church. This moment, he had to hurry to the Candela Mountains and give his new plan.

-----Even though he did a great job at ambushing, but do not forget, their positions in Carretas has been all given away. The situation was serious, the tide of battle was about to be turned.

After this, Benjamin believes they would all become wanted men.

With this, he hurried, until evening, he finally reached the gathering point.

"Alright, did anything happen on the way?"

In the secluded forest, Benjamin finally met his followers, he did not care about his exhaustion, and quickly walked up to ask them.

"Nothing much, we took out a few detectives, no one was hurt." Varys nodded and replied," But, some of the bases are further from here, they might need another day before they can reach here."

Benjamin heard this and did not say much.

Them using magical tools to communicate, they would do reports time-to-time, so they could make sure they were safe. If anything happened, and a squad failed to arrive on time, Benjamin would go to the last reported place to search.

In short, all hundred and forty-seven of his mages had to safely gather here.

With this, around the Candela Mountains, Benjamin and co. hid here, patiently waiting for the others to arrive. Until the next noon, everything was considered safe, nothing much happened, the mages all arrived shortly after. But until that afternoon, the base leaving the Candela Mountains the furthest, that group of mages lost contact with them.

That moment, Benjamin sat in the tent, his hand holding onto the silent piece of wood, his heart sank.

…...Were they caught?

"Tony, Andy, Sean, Gwyneth, Linda, the five of them." The System said this in his heart, "What’s interesting is, they were on the fake name list, and therefore not the Church’s real targets. But right now, because they are the furthest, they have been caught in an accident."

Benjamin’s face looked serious.

According to their reports, two hours ago, they were just circling around Amber.

That area was the center of Carretas, so the government had more power there, if they were caught there, their chances of survival were low.

"I have to go look."

Thinking of this, Benjamin stood up and walked out of the tent.

"Don’t you think this is a trap?" The System reminded.

"The Church will not try to ambush me, they will deal with my followers, this proved they are afraid of my power and did not dare to trap me. I have to go save them."

"Why are you like this?" The System was nonchalant, "They chose to follow you, they should have already been prepared for a day like this. Sacrifice is unavoidable. Abandoning a few and saving the rest is the wisest choice here."

Benjamin did not care about the System’s reminder, he jumped up and flew out.

"Sacrifice, logic…..I am clear about these things." He said slowly in his heart," But, screw the rest. I only have a few hundred followers. If I can’t keep a few hundred safe, how am I supposed to fight the Church?"

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