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That moment, the Church’s whole squad looked upwards, but did not see the shadow of that demon-like being, but a giant iceberg that towered above them.

Under the bright sun, the icicles shone like countless diamonds, shining with great intensity above their heads. They looked at it, they were almost tens of thousands of icicles, and was even about to cover the sky…..

"How, how?"

The holy knight holding the real name list was stunned.

This kind of soundless casting was perfect for a situation like this….these people have never seen Benjamin, but being the vanguard of the Church in Carretas, they have heard news.

"c.r.a.p! It’s that fellow!" The priest panicked and shouted," Quick! Put up the shields and block this attack! We have numbers, he will not be able to do anything!"

The thousand strong army was mostly holy knights, the remaining hundreds were priests. Facing the concentrated amount of ice cones, these few hundred priests quickly chanted. As for the holy knight, other than using their shields, they could not do much.

Under the panic, the tens of thousands of icicles rained down on them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As if a fighter jet just flew past and dropped missiles, the amount of icicles were enough to shake a mountain. If not for the secluded area, the people around might have thought it was an earthquake going on.

The priests could not bring their barriers up in time.

They could only rely on their Crosses of Protection.

But, the icicles came down, broken ice and blood splattered all over.

In the blink of an eye, the uniform squad was turned into a mess. The priests were fine, all of them wore a cross of protection, and they brought up barriers after that, so they did not receive much wounds. As for the holy knights…..as the icicles came down, nothing could protect them.

Even though their armors were enchanted, but on average, one of them had to tank at least ten icicles. Thus, the hardened armor would not be able to hold!

All the holy knights were injured. Some were lucky, and agile, they only sustained light injuries to their back and arms. Some were less lucky, after their armor broke, the icicles pa.s.sed through them, from the top of their skull and down to their bottom part of their body, the gory scene was like out of a horror film.

It was hard to see such unfortunate holy knights, but this time, the whole squad, at least half of them were taken out of commission.

The remaining half looked up at the sky with rage and helplessness.

"You….you actually appeared here."

Seeing the shadow floating in the sky, the holy knight captain pulled out his sword and said so while grinding his teeth.

Benjamin shrugged, saying: "I think you lot are not meant to play mind games, why not go find more followers in your free time instead of tricking me."

In reality, him ambushing this squad was a coincidence.

He was heading for the Candela mountains to meet the other mages. But, pa.s.sing through Galloway, he got news from the King----the Church secretly sent out a squad and was ready to catch the few mages at the northern cities!

His mages have all left, but…..with the Church toying with him like this, he had to return the favor.

Thus, this scene happened.

You could only saw this happened because of communication.

When the priests looked at Benjamin angrily, the leading priest wearing the communication cross heard the news-----the news that was left on hold was broadcasted now:

"The plan is cancelled, the enemy has noticed something’s wrong, come back. Be careful as the enemy might ambush you!"

It was the voice of the bishop, coming out from the cross. Under these circ.u.mstances, the two faced each other, but the sound echoed in the silent air, making it awkward.

Benjamin could not help but laugh.

This news…...it came just a little late.

"You should tell your bishop, something has happened, and you can’t return. The bishop can hear your last words before you die, he should feel calmed." He said.

The head priest heard this but calmed down.

"You’re bluffing." He opened his mouth, "I have a hundred casters with me, no matter what, you can’t take us all on, you saying all this is just to break our morale."

"Really?" Benjamin kept away his smile," We shall see."

Following that, another field of ice arrows were condensed. Benjamin clapped his hands, the ice arrows were like a meteor shower heading towards the Church’s squad.

As for the priest, they started chanting.

The holy light gathered together and formed a giant golden barrier, shielding their heads. The ice arrows. .h.i.t it and waves of magic clashing were released, the barrier shook from the attacks. But ultimately, the barrier did not break.

-----Hundreds of people banding together were not that easy to defeat.

The other holy knights and priests saw this and was relieved.

So….this infamous mage was not as strong as they thought.

"One squad, start the counterattack, use the divine arts to slow him down. The other one, heal the holy knights, and get ready to retreat." The head priest ordered. The priests reacted quickly and started a new wave of chanting.

Benjamin could not help but raise his eyebrow.

Tsk…..his trash talk failed, and could not make the priests fight him without thinking.

His opponents were logical, and were trained.

The priests’ counterattack soon came----hundreds of holy bolts came flying at him, the light was bright enough to make people close their eyes, the heat did not need any further description.

But, Benjamin was not intimidated by their magic.

Before being hit, he used water vapor to dodge most of the holy bolts, then he conjured a giant wall to block off the remaining ones, and even reflect a lot.

Those holy bolts that were reflected, together with the new ice arrows Benjamin conjured, managed to break the golden barrier.

But, a new barrier was put up immediately.

"How troublesome…."

Benjamin was helpless.

Like they said, his power was not that great. A hundred people casting magic could not be broken by just a wave of his hand.

These few hundred priests could not take him down, but he could not do anything to them either.

But…..these priests should not be happy too quickly.

He still had more tricks up his sleeve.

He conjured another field of arrows and used it as a smoke grenade tactic to distract them, Benjamin took out a crystal ball and activated it secretly behind it.

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