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So it was to misdirect?

Benjamin’s heart felt a chill.

Maybe because of the way things happened, it alerted Benjamin------it was a priest here to ambush Benjamin, why did he bring a name list? If he was killed by Benjamin, would the information he had not be exposed?

Why would he purposely come here alone to this secluded area? It was baiting Benjamin to do something to him!

Thus, Benjamin felt that something was not right.

The Church…..was not planning on letting him see this name list right?

He was thinking of this, so he put himself in danger just to have this meeting.

But right now, he has gotten solid proof. The opponent was not trained like a holy knight or priest, the merchant was weak-willed. Thus, he could not be lying. The Church was intent, they set a trap here not to capture Benjamin, but to sacrifice that priest and give Benjamin the wrong information.

How deceitful….

Benjamin did not think that the Church would pull something like this.

"What is the Church’s whole plan? Those people on the list, does the Church really know?" Thus, he asked Tark again.

"I, I don’t know….."

Hearing that, Benjamin waved his hand, tens of needles appeared again, and started pa.s.sing through his fingers again.

"No! Stop! Sir…..I….I really don’t know anything….."

No matter how he begged, Benjamin had no mercy. He was serving the Church, so he had to be ready to die right?

He did not know what Tark was to the Church. But, he had to know everything this merchant knew.

"How much information does the Church know?"

"Si, Sir…..with my ident.i.ty, I have no way of knowing these." Tark was full of sweat, his face pale, and has pa.s.sed out a few times, then he said, "I occasionally hear….the bishop…...already has all the information of the mages other than the ones in Amber.

Hearing that, Benjamin’s heart sank.

"You’re not lying?"

The ice needle pa.s.sed through his fingertips again, a painful scream was let out.

"I…..I really am not lying." After shrieking, he gasped and said," Stop torturing me. I am just a person obeying their orders. Sir mage, please spare me!"

Seeing his painful look, all he said should be true.

But, because they were not lies, Benjamin’s face turned bad.

…..Isn’t this bad?

Other than Amber, all the information on the mages are in their hands, in short, other than Benjamin and the few following him, the others were exposed, and could be in danger any moment.

He felt a shock.

How many of the Church’s people were around? Other than he who has the Water Elemental Sensing Technique, and could avoid those detectives, others….the others have been found out?

Benjamin took a deep breath and tried to calm down.

No matter what, this was serious information.

That moment, he could no longer care that much, he took out the wood and told all of his mages that they have been exposed and to leave their bases quickly to gather at the Candela mountains to prevent being all attacked at once.

If any later, the Church would have begun operating.

As for why the Church used that name list….Benjamin thought for a while, and the answer became obvious.

The Church was employing a distraction.

Using the name list, telling Benjamin ‘they wanted to deal with these people’, but actually, they were dealing with another. But….in response, the Church has started using these tactics, it mean they were worried about Benjamin’s magic.

------They needed the name list to distract Benjamin so they could safely capture his followers.

Thinking of this, Benjamin panicked.

The Church could have started to move.

Thus, he could not idly he here to chit-chat with Tark, he finished him off with an ice blade, and used the water elemental sensing technique to avoid the servants, sneakily leaving through the window.

He jumped out and flew immediately, disappearing into the horizon.

The guards saw this, but, from the moment Benjamin entered and left, it was less than half an hour. Their signal did not appear, what happened in the house, they did not know.

Thus, they could not react, but only try to pursue.

But…..they could never catch up.

After ten minutes, Benjamin’s shadow completely disappeared. This moment, they realized it was useless to chase, they had to report to the bishop.

They had their own methods of communicating, but….no matter what, they could not be faster than Benjamin, maybe around the same speed. Benjamin already did it ten minutes ago, so there was a gap between these two.

Very quickly, the mages received the news and put on their disguises, leaving the cities. When they reached the deserted places, they found that there were detectives following them. Luckily, they were fast, the Church was not prepared so the detectives were only a few in numbers.

They got rid of the detectives, banded together, and hurried to the Candela mountains.

At the north of Galloway, a thousand strong army was ready to be deployed, and headed towards a few other cities.

Three hours later.

"Leila, George, Kenny…..these mages are our targets this time." A holy knight held the name list and said confidently," Their leader has been lured by the fake name list to the south of Carretas, we should not be afraid of b.u.mping into him."

The priests nodded: "That’s right, even bishop Victor was killed by him, and the holy artifact was lost. That man is too powerful, even with our numbers, I’m afraid we can’t damage him."

"But the ones that were sent to ambush him….I’m worried about them."

The priest replied: "Rest a.s.sured, they’ll be fine. Bishop Cameron has a.n.a.lyzed it, that man has some sort of sensing ability and will discover the trap. According to his personality, after finding out, he will kill priest Anderson. Then, he will quickly rush to help his followers and not care about the people in ambush."

The holy knight was astonished: "The bishop is really a great man, he even managed to a.n.a.lyze things to this degree!"

The priest exclaimed, shaking his head, helplessly saying: "If it was not for the Academy of Silence, we would have more people here in Carretas, how could that fellow be as arrogant as he is now?"

The holy knight heard this and nodded with a serious expression.

"Right…..but, he won’t be arrogant for long."

But, at this moment, the messenger cross shone. The priest was shocked, and wanted to check what news it brought, but he noticed a dark shadow looming above his head.

They all looked up.

"Being holy people, have you all not been taught-----don’t gossip behind other people’s back?" A mocking voice came from above the sky.

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