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Yelling slogans is easy and fun, but when the plans are actually executed, any missed detail would make the whole process exceptionally troublesome.

Just like Benjamin now.

During the meeting, he had tons of courage as though a bright future awaited them. But back in reality, the things that he had to do were many. Just like the city in front of him was still a stranger to them.

No matter what, firstly, he had to go look for the friend that Ricky recommended to understand the way things worked here – where did they sell the magical creature ingredients, where can he contact the other mages, where is the more dangerous region... if not they will be no different from a blind man.

And so, after he left the hotel, he found Ricky near the Mercenary a.s.sociation.

After he told Ricky of his intentions, Ricky showed him a warm and friendly face, and explained to him the customs of the people of Rayleigh as he took Benjamin through the long avenue to a deserted, dirty and small alley.

"Your friend...is he reliable?" when he looked around, Benjamin could not help but ask.

"Relax, I grew up with him. Every street and alley in Rayleigh, he knows it like the back of his hand, anyone who looks for him has no problem." Ricky said confidently.

"Alright then..."

Benjamin put aside his doubt, and followed Ricky into an old and worn out house.

As they walked in the door, they saw something black flying towards them.

Benjamin jumped in fright. But for people who have been in countless battles, both their reflexes were good, so they dodged sideways and hid.

-- only to see that it was a shoe.


Benjamin was speechless.

At the same time, a noise was coming from deep within the house. When he heard this he felt regret and thought that he should not have come here.

Ricky looked confused as though this was an accident. With suspicion, the two of them walk through the narrow hallway and came to the living room of the house.

There were a few people there. At a glance, it looked like a few huge men were surrounding a small guy. They were both fighting and the situation was very tense.

"Will, what’s going on?" Ricky immediately rushed over, pulled the little guy up, and asked him.

His friend did not open his mouth. One of the men raised a fist, and with a threatening voice he said, "You are his friend? Good, this thief stole our boss’ things, if he does not hand it to us, you are really going to get it!"

The situation became even tenser.

Suddenly, Ricky took the crossbow off his back, held it in his hand, and with his mercenary voice he said, "Who are you people, why do you think you can defame my friend?"

Benjamin put his hands on his waist, watching from the side with a cold gaze.

Ricky, who wanted to protect his friend, raised the weapon in his hand, and confronted the men. Those men did not back away at all. After they spoke, the whole situation became clearer.

To summarize, this was a dispute within the mafia. The few men came from some "crow" crew and believed that Rick’s friend stole their things. And so, they came looking for him to reclaim their lost goods.

Benjamin helplessly shook his head.

He never thought that on the first day to the city of Rayleigh, he would meet the mafia.

But...even though he was speechless, but he thought positively, at least he could see what it was like in the city, then he would be more familiar with it.

And so, he did not turn away.

"Will, you... how could you get caught up with these people?" After hearing the name of the mafia, Ricky was shocked. His grip on the crossbow was not as firm anymore.

"How would I know? They randomly appeared at my door, wanting me to give them back the invitations, but... I didn’t do anything!" Will was a little panicked, and he did not look like he was lying.

"Enough! You still want to quibble!"

"No...I didn’t..."

Under the angry gaze of the men, Ricky could not take the pressure, in the end, he looked towards Benjamin.

"You are a mage, you...can you help us?"

At that moment, everyone’s gaze fell on Benjamin.

Benjamin helplessly blew out a breath.

When he did not understand the situation, he did not want to cause more trouble. Because of that, he hesitated, and did not open his mouth at the first available moment.

"Mage?" then, Benjamin still did not say anything, the men had shocked looks on their face. They glanced at Benjamin, and with a careful tone one of them said, "Excuse me...but are you really a mage?"

Seeing this, Benjamin raised his eyebrows.

After giving it some thought, he did not answer. He only conjured a water ball, casually controlled it and let it float in his hand to prove that he was a mage.

"He really is a mage..."

At that moment, the men had bewildered looks on their faces.

Feeling their eyes on him, Benjamin felt doubt in his heart. So what if he was a mage? Is that very special? There are definitely plenty of mages in this town, why were they acting like foreigners seeing a panda bear for the first time?

Before this when they were in Icor, the strangers on the road were much calmer than them.

"Master Mage, we misplaced our manners." The men’s att.i.tude took a hundred and eighty turn, "If these two people really are your friends, then I think that we must have misunderstood them. I apologize, please don’t be angry.


Benjamin’s mind was full of questions.

Was this person possessed? The way the face changed, compared to before, it was like two different people!

Even though it felt weird, looking at the other guy’s att.i.tude, it proved that they were afraid of mages. If they can be afraid, then Benjamin did not have to worry that they will cause trouble.

And so, he let the water ball dissipate. With a look like a boss, he expressionlessly nodded his head.

"Just as long as you’re not mad," A few of the men came over to him, bowing and nodding, "Our boss especially worships mages. You see, it is really fate that we can meet in a place like this! If you have time you can visit our boss, our boss will definitely prepare gold or money to welcome you."

What the h.e.l.l?

They were as fierce as tigers before, and with one look from Benjamin, they were no different from an a.s.s-kissing eunuch.

Invite him over? What kind of thing is this?

"Master Mages, you see..."

"...I’m busy now, if I have time I’ll go." He was annoyed and disgusted by the flattery, so he made up excuses.

At that moment, the men were so grateful, even if Benjamin killed their wife’s father, if the culture matched, they would have kowtowed many times.

"Thank you Master Mage! Thank you!"

Benjamin had nothing to say.

While he was still confused, suddenly, the man took out a weird black feather, placed it in Benjamin’s hands, and told Benjamin an address. They told him to look for his boss when he was not so busy. Benjamin looked at Ricky and Will. In the end, he did not let the disgust show on his face, but kept the feather and nodded his head.

And so, the men quietly left.

Following the soft sound of the door closing...

"What is going on? You better have a good explanation for me," Benjamin turned, and with a sour face, he looked coldly at the two men left behind.

"Hmm...that, it’s a little too complicated to be explained," Will had an embarra.s.sed smile on his face, scratched his head and said.

"You talk, I’ll listen." Benjamin smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes.

Suddenly having to face Benjamin’s anger, Will became nervous and opened his mouth to explain, "It’s like this, they are from one of the more powerful mafias in the city of Rayleigh – the "crow" members. I had a small incident with them, and then, I accidently stole invitations from their boss. I don’t know how they found out where I lived, and in the end they came here."

"...so, you really did steal their things?" Benjamin was kind of speechless.

Then he really did act the part.

"Don’t be angry, Master Mage, I was just trying to get revenge on them," Will was fl.u.s.tered, quickly retrieved a small piece of paper from his hand, and pa.s.sed it to Benjamin, "Look, this is the thing, they kept calling it an invitation, but I am illiterate, there was no use in taking it, I should just give it to you, please don’t be angry."


He has never been kissed on the a.s.s so many times in a day, Benjamin felt a little ill.

But since the thing was already in front of him, he took the small piece of paper and nonchalantly gave it a glance. But what he did not expect was to see the first sentence that shocked him. He could not help but raise his eyebrows.

"Respected Lord Mage, we here, cordially invite you to the city of Rayleigh’s Mage’s Gathering..."

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